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Request CCA in name they have me down as??

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Hi, Just a quickie, I'm just preparing CCA request for alledged debt aged 5 years 10 months, which Ruthbridge claim they will be bankrupting me for. They have addressed all their letters to my maiden name (name I had when taking out the agreement 13 years ago). I'm assuming it's ok to send the request in my maiden name? Or am I obliged to explain I'm now marrried with new name (I'm hoping not; why give them any more information)? I don't want to be sued for fraud!!

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Hi Looopyloo,


Yeah it's ok to send them a CCA request in your maiden name. Just another thought for you in two months the debt is 6 years old, and if you haven't made any payment in the 6 years and not spoken to the company that allege you owe this debt then the debt is statute barred. Let us know how things go.

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Thank you. I'll get the letter printed and sent today. I know - nearly 6 years since they say I defaulted, I honestly don't know when last acknowledgement would have been - fairly sure I paid this debt in installments to door step collectors so, depending on how you look at it, they will either have record of payments from collectors (not statute barred, but PAID)! Or no record of the payments, but VERY NEARLY statute barred. So Anyway, with no possibility of proving i paid it off, I'm hoping the CCA request, then SAR might keep them off my back until it's barred. Goodness me. Fingers crossed. I'll be back with an update...

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I would probably have just sent a prove it letter if it is the first communication. Don't forget to start correspondence with "I do not acknowledge any debt to your company".

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