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    • Thanks for the detailed response.  my only question is my claim is against parcel2 go, will that all apply to parcel 2 go as well? 
    • I would never install Alexa or any other device which listened in to conversations so they could target advertising.    And enabling Alexa to accept voice commands to order products from Amazon is a bit daft.
    • Okay so I see that the principal issue is about insurance. In that case read the threads very carefully about what we have to say about the insurance requirement and how unfair it is that you should be required to protect Hermes against their own negligence or the criminality of their employees. Point out that this was a laptop computer and you are well aware that instances of laptop computers disappearing are pretty common with Hermes and that the likelihood is that it was stolen. You will not be responsible for the criminality of their employees. It is for Hermes either to review their employment policies or to insure themselves. If you read up on the pinned topics you will find that have set out a nine or 10 point explanation of why their insurance requirement is unfair. You can tell the mediator that you will be inviting the judge to exercise his or her duty under the consumer rights act to examine the entirety of the Hermes contract and to decide whether the terms are fair or unfair. You can also point out to the mediator that if the judge finds against them that it will put a coach and horses through their entire rip-off insurance scheme and that not only will they not be able to depend upon in future but they will also have to go back and compensate all the people who have accepted their position and have not understood that the insurance is unfair. Point out the mediator as well that once you get a judgement in your favour as you surely will – that this will impact the whole of the courier industry – and Hermes will be even more despised by the competitors than they already are. In terms of your flexibility – tell the mediator that if Hermes does the sensible thing and pays you out then it won't go to court, they won't get a judgement against them, and they will be up to carry on with their rip-off insurance policy as usual and deprive other more innocent and less well-informed people of the compensation to which they are entitled. Tell the mediator that that is the benefit to Hermes and that you won't back down – not even a penny. Read the mediation stories on this forum. You will find that Hermes will probably come to you with their £100 expiration payment. When you refuse that, they will come back to you with a further offer and they will try to avoid paying the cost of the action. Tell the mediator that it is Hermes which had forced this action to occur and therefore you are not going to pay. If Hermes comes back and says right okay they are going to court – then don't worry. Go to court. We will help you – although they will probably settle before court anyway. Stand your ground. It's a reasonable amount of cash but it's not a massive amount so I would suggest simply just go for it.
    • If people don't watch live TV, on the TV Licencing website there is a page (quite well hidden), where there is a declaration that can be filled out stating that a licence is not required because of reasons a,b,c,d etc.     Once this is done, they leave you alone for 2 years, but ask you to notify of any change before the 2 years is up.   If you don't do this, they hassle you.   The inspectors have a sneaky tactic of knocking gently on your front doors, so you think it could be a friend or neighbour. People then up open up the doors and are caught watching live TV.    
    • I had been away as i didnt have any update i had been only waiting for the mediation appointment to be given which is i think processed bit delayed due to their workload. I have been given the appointment last week.  please see below their defence .   “Thank you for your email. Firstly, please allow me to offer your our most sincere apologies for the service you have received on this occasion. As advised by my colleague when booking this order, you are required to enter the value, upon entering this value a pop-up message was provided requesting that you protect your goods fully, you declined this option on more than one occasion and accepted to send this with just the standard £20.00 protection against loss or damage. I am afraid the offer made £100.00 as a matter of goodwill gesture without prejudice is the full and final settlement we would be willing to offer. It is of course your prerogative to take this case further, however, I must advise that should this go forward we will defend the case based on the information provided previously and the following Terms and Conditions which you agreed to when booking this order: https://www.parcel2go.com/content/about-terms.aspx "The Extent of our Liability 6.4 We shall only be liable for damage or loss caused to you if it is caused by our negligence, breach of duty or other wrongful act or omission, and only subject to the limitations set out within this clause 6 and clause 7. 6.5 We shall not be liable to you under any circumstances for: (a) any direct or indirect loss (including, but not limited to loss of profits, or loss of goodwill); or (b) any other special or indirect losses, costs, damages, or claims which do not arise naturally as a result of our negligence, breach of duty, or other wrongful act or omission. 6.6 We shall not be liable to you: (a) under any circumstances where there are any material discrepancies (meaning more than 10% difference) between the declared dimensions and/or weights and the actual dimensions and/or weights; (b) for any damage caused by our negligence, breach of duty, or other wrongful act or omission, which you have, or you have arranged to be, repaired, unless it is agreed by us that the repair work is to be carried out and that a repairer approved by us undertakes this work; or (c) in any circumstances in respect of the items on the Prohibited Items; Damage to Items Protected for Loss Only; or for loss of or damage to the No Protection Items lists, unless otherwise stated by us. The Limitation on the Amount of our Liability 6.7 If we are liable to you for any reason, we shall (subject always to clause 7) only be liable to refund to you the cost paid for the Service(s), unless you have purchased Parcel Protection for your Consignment from us. " Again we do apologise for all the inconvenience
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Again vs. Lloyds TSB


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For those who had fun watching me take on HSBC, you now have the pleasure of seeing the Flip-Flop vs. the Yes Men (who remembers those adverts? :)).


I have my statements, though the staff at the Copy Statement Unit need a brief lesson in English. Having finally (after 2 months) got a response to my DPA request, I was given the information I requested "in accordance with the act." I should have been "in accordance with the Act", as IIRC references to Statute are always capitalised. :p


Got a full set of statements for my U19 account, nothing to report. Then found a list of statement entries containing the charges and overdraft interest levied, only without the actual balances at the time the entries were made, making it impossible to determine whether or not the interest should have been payable. Kind woman at the desk was able to print out the statements, but decided to only print the ones showing the entries, so the "balance at interest date" will be somewhat misleading (e.g. charging £2 o/d interest while the account appears to be £30 in credit)


The charges alone come to £160. At one point I am charged interest and excess fees for being at -£120 (with a £50 limit). By my reckoning, the corrected balance (allowing for prior interest) is around +£45, on which I should not be charged overdraft interest, let alone excess fees. Since some of these go back a good deal longer than the HSBC (charges on that account go to 2004, whereas on this it's 2002), and the LTSB unauthorised overdraft rate is 29.8% rather than 14.8%, the contractual interest should be interesting to see.


Now, on to the spreadsheet!

HSBCLloyds TSBcontractual interestNew Tax Creditscoming for you?NTL/Virgin Media


Never give in ... Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy. Churchill, 1941

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