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1st Letter back from Barclays

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It says......' the bank is not under an obligation to present information according to any particular format. Therefore, your request to assemble a schedule of charges is turned aside. You may of course obtain this data from copy statements and these will be supplied to you within the next few weeks and without charge on this occasion'


I guess the next step is to wait for the statemnets to arrive, add the data to the spreadsheet and then send them letter number 2 from the library??


Has anybody else received this letter form Barclays after requesting their charges?




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Tak, did you send the forum's 'Data Protection Act - Subject Access Request letter'? If not, I would suggest that you do and send the required £10 payment. Of course you may get your statements as they wrote ... but the timetable for that would then be their's.


I see that you joined in June and therefore assume that you have gone through the FAQs etc.?



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Yeah I sent them the £10 cheque as well which they returned with this letter.


I will just wait for the statements to arrive and when they do total the charges and then hit them with letter number 2.


For everyone's info the remaining part of the letter said...


'As regards your mention of 'manual intervention', the DPA does not oblige the bank to comment about internal policies and proceudres. Furthermore , in the context of managing day to day transactions arising form out of order accounts, the bank does not hold the info that you have requested in a form that would be covered by the DPA. WHilst aggregated information is retained for statistical purposes (lol) , this would not constitute 'personal data' under the DPA and therefore would not be covered by s.7 DPA subject access request. For the avoidance of doubt, the fact that we do not genrally record info in a way that is caught by the provisions of the DPA, is in no way an admission that there was no such manual intervention.



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Hello... Just letting you know that barclays didnt charge me for my statements when I asked for them back.

I was even really quite honest to the bloke on the phone, telling him I'd left to go to HSBC as barclays were rubbish, and that I'm going to clamin back all the money they stole off me!


The statements turned up within about 3 weeks . :)

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Hi and welcome.


I made the mistake of ringing them and got 2 sets sent out, both of which cost me £5.Your best bet is to wait.


Good luck

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