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    • With regard to your question on post 207 if you bring in the points that I made on the validity of the contract they are supposed to have with Peel holdings then mention that there are already doubts about the validity of the contracts that are being used by the PPCs and the OPS is a classic example. Once you are on there you should then try and get your other point in after that.   if it is in connection with the extra charge of £60 remind the Judge that the charge has been defined by many Court across England that the charge is an abuse of process which was covered in PE v Beavis at point 198    " The charge has to be and is set at a level which enables managers to recover the costs of operating the scheme"  IE the £100 charge covers all their expenses so nothing should be added.   as their WS claims an extra £60 that could be judged as perjurious since it is an additional sum that should be known by VCS and the author of the WS as a double recovery. Especially as they have already lost in Court for the same reason.   Another cause to prove that they do not comply with their Code of Conduct. file:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/CamScanner%2008-05-2020%2016.34.59.pdf  Byelaws are statutory not arbitrary as their WS said on no .42 .   Best of Luck.   The above URL does not work but this one does http://forums.National Consumer Service.com/index.php?showtopic=133001    [20.1 is where  VCS  lost then 20.2 where they appealed and lost again . But read the whole thread as it may help you in other ways too.
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    • stop doing nolans job for them... there are numerous threads here in the same forum yours is in     no DN info to follow   dx    
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    • I came across this discussion recently and just wanted to give my experience of A Shade Greener that may help others regarding their boiler finance agreement.
      We had a 10yr  finance contract for a boiler fitted July 2015.
      After a summer of discontent with ASG I discovered that if you have paid HALF the agreement or more you can legally return the boiler to them at no cost to yourself. I've just returned mine the feeling is liberating.
      It all started mid summer during lockdown when they refused to service our boiler because we didn't have a loft ladder or flooring installed despite the fact AS installed the boiler. and had previosuly serviced it without issue for 4yrs. After consulting with an independent installer I was informed that if this was the case then ASG had breached building regulations,  this was duly reported to Gas Safe to investigate and even then ASG refused to accept blame and repeatedly said it was my problem. Anyway Gas Safe found them in breach of building regs and a compromise was reached.
      A month later and ASG attended to service our boiler but in the process left the boiler unusuable as it kept losing pressure not to mention they had damaged the filling loop in the process which they said was my responsibilty not theres and would charge me to repair, so generous of them! Soon after reporting the fault I got a letter stating it was time we arranged a powerflush on our heating system which they make you do after 5 years even though there's nothing in the contract that states this. Coincidence?
      After a few heated exchanges with ASG (pardon the pun) I decided to pull the plug and cancel our agreement.
      The boiler was removed and replaced by a reputable installer,  and the old boiler was returned to ASG thus ending our contract with them. What's mad is I saved in excess of £1000 in the long run and got a new boiler with a brand new 12yr warranty. 
      You only have to look at TrustPilot to get an idea of what this company is like.
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    • Dazza a few months ago I discovered a good friend of mine who had ten debts with cards and catalogues which he was slavishly paying off at detriment to his own family quality of life, and I mean hardship, not just absence of second holidays or flat screen TV's.
      I wrote to all his creditors asking for supporting documents and not one could provide any material that would allow them to enforce the debt.
      As a result he stopped paying and they have been unable to do anything, one even admitted it was unenforceable.
      If circumstances have got to the point where you are finding it unmanageable you must ask yourself why you feel the need to pay.  I guarantee you that these companies have built bad debt into their business model and no one over there is losing any sleep over your debt to them!  They will see you as a victim and cash cow and they will be reluctant to discuss final offers, only ways to keep you paying with threats of court action or seizing your assets if you have any.
      They are not your friends and you owe them no loyalty or moral duty, that must remain only for yourself and your family.
      If it was me I would send them all a CCA request.   I would bet that not one will provide the correct response and you can quite legally stop paying them until such time as they do provide a response.   Even when they do you should check back here as they mostly send dodgy photo copies or generic rubbish that has no connection with your supposed debt.
      The money you are paying them should, as far as you are able, be put to a savings account for yourself and as a means of paying of one of these fleecers should they ever manage to get to to the point of a successful court judgement.  After six years they will not be able to start court action and that money will then become yours.
      They will of course pursue you for the funds and pass your file around various departments of their business and out to third parties.
      Your response is that you should treat it as a hobby.  I have numerous files of correspondence each faithfully organised showing the various letters from different DCA;s , solicitors etc with a mix of threats, inducements and offers.   It is like my stamp collection and I show it to anyone who is interested!
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SQN/Equidept letter - any advice

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Do you know what the SQN stands for ? Any address ?

PLEASE NOTE - I am not a legal expert, what is stated is my own opinion and from what I have learnt from this forum and my own experiences.


DEBT COLLECTION LETTER/SAR/AGREEMENT TEMPLATES ARE HERE - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/content.php?65-legislation






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no it just says sqn services ltd and it is in warwickshire , i dont know full adress as i through letter away , checked it out on google it just says credit reference checking company , i presume they are being used by a dcca i am in dispute with but which one i dont know as there was no reference no that i recognised , just a short letter saying please contact us over a serious matter

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Application / Licence Details

Licence Number:0593506Licence Status:Current

Current Applicant / Licensee:

Business Name Company Registration Number

Sine Qua Non Services Limited 4255227



Credit brokerage

Credit reference agency

Debt adjusting/counselling

Debt collecting


Right To Canvass Off Trade Premises:No

Trading Name(s) (Current):

SQN Services


Issued Date: 19-Nov-2006 Expiry Date: 18-Nov-2011

Legal Formation:

Body Corporate (incorporated inside UK)


Current Individuals that run the organisation:

Name Position

Phillip Moore OFFICER

Wesley Mulligan OFFICER


Nature of Business:

Investment/Financial Advisers


Current Address(es):

Address Type Address

Principal Place Of Business Equity House, Ettington Road, Wellesbourne, Warwickshire, CV35 9GA

Registered Office Equity House, Ettington Road, Wellesbourne, Warwickshire, CV35 9GA



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Certainly seems like it and I've noticed a few threads today that are mentioning them. Personally I've not come across them yet.



I have no legal training my knowledge comes from my personal life experiences

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I have one too this morning - addressed to me stating that they are trying to contact me about an important matter - We have used the services of external agencies and therefore wish to verify that we are contacting the right person ...please call etc

Every journey begins with a single step :):)


Please note: I have no qualifications in this area - my advice is learned from the wonderful members of this Forum. Thanks to you all for your help.


If you have found my post helpful please leave a short message by clicking the star to the left of my profile - Thank You


The only person entitled to your Personal Finance details is a Judge not a DCA


Move all banking activity to another banking group if you have a dispute - your funds can be used to offset debts within the same group.

Be careful with Banking details (card/account numbers) as these can be used to take unauthorised payments.

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My my haven't they been busy. The company I am working for has had loads of calls from various companies but not this one. It is the time of month this appears to be between the 28th and 5th of a month its obviously the time they take on the temps to get the mail done and for the phone calls to start.:rolleyes:


I most certainly wouldn't be phoning them it may be worth just filing it but I wouldn't be putting it in the bin just yet I would possible think about starting an album.



I have no legal training my knowledge comes from my personal life experiences

Please help keep the forum alive by making a donation

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I've had one of these SQN letters today, has anyone replies or is the general consensus not to reply at all? I've had 2 of these type of letters, one from SQN and another from Apex both pretending to have 'important information' for me.

I just wondered what they'll try if I don't reply, last thing I want is people turning up at my home?!

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They're a craft bunch eh? If they'd just be up front they'd have more chance of people contacting them I'm sure. Pretending to have 'important news on a personal matter' is sneaky and underhand, I won't be ringing them at all, I know who I owe money too and it's neither SQN or Apex unless they prove otherwise

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Add me to the list, I had the same letter waiting for me when I got home from work. The strange thing is I've only just moved house, I haven't even gotten around to registering on the electoral role yet so how they got my new address is a mystery...


Some light googling picked up this tread, I'll glad I'm not on my own with this :D - I certainly won't be giving them a call.


Looking at this http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/206076-equidebt-playing-mind-games.html makes it sound like an old debt Cabot have sold on, which will be six years old (and hopefully off my credit history) in a few months. I'm hoping this isn't some sly trick to try and keep the debt 'alive' for longer... we shall see I suppose.

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They cannot do anything to "keep it alive" as far as Stat Barring is concerned, only you can reset the clock by either acknowledging the debt in writing or making a payment. What they will do, were you to phone them, is to tell you a pack of lies, so ignoring is thye best policy. I only sent the "prove it" letter because mine is already stat barred, or it's not my debt at all, so I have nothing to worry about either way.

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I have just come home to one of these letters..!! :mad:


I do have a few dca after me... sadly NOT stat barred..!! :(


I wont be contacting them... there is NO info on the ''contact urgent'' letter... WHEN they contact me again do I send the ''I do not acknowledge any debt... please send signed contract'' letter..?? :confused:



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We received two of these letters today - one for me and my partner.


Considering we have both been through bankruptcies, I cannot think what we could possibly owe. We of course will not be phoning them, but I am curious as to the details of the so-called debt.


SQN seem to be a part of Equidebt -


Equidebt | Solutions

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... I received a SECOND one... Exactly the same on Wednesday... Just THREE working days later... :rolleyes: I returned it to sender..!! ;)


If they can not have the decency to SAY what it is they want I will not reply..!!


I'm not even on the electrol roll here, after just moving... Nor do I have ANY bills in my name, so not sure HOW they got this address... :confused:


Underhand tactics they have indeed.



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I got one of these yesterday and have filed it for reference anyway. Getting sick of this now, after moving in with my girlfriend. I have had three such claims now, none followed up. If their 'third party' is legit why don't they state who it is...irinically I get one of these everytime I do something like sign-on to the electoral register, buy car tax, change the address on my driving licence, get a credit report!!


Also notice, the envelope return address is in Glamorgan!

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A week later I had a letter from Equidebt demanding immediate payment of an outstanding debt from Cabot Financial, followed a week later by another saying they have set up a payment plan for the next 20 months.


Are Sina Qua Non and Equidebt part of Cabot then?

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Hello i recieved a letter the other day with the exact same layout. After alot of thought I rang the number and give my details. I have never been in debt, have no credit cards etc... for 48 hours I pondered what it could be. one fear was someone had opened up an account in my name and went to town with it. Long story short my debt was council tax from the year 2006 (now four years ago). I found SQN pleasant enought to deal with when I knew they wernt fake.

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