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    • thank you, apologies if it seems muddled up, I don't really understand it my self tbh.. she called AX and they are trying to contact admiral but haven't received a response from them yet.   she said it wasn't her fault, he shouldn't have pulled out as it was her right of way, he should have waited until she passed.    she has said to AX today, why arent you fighting my corner,  they said "She said its a difficult one because there refusing liability and without evidence were stuck."    what does she do?
    • Well not a law just guidelines...   But...   Complaints Complaints about firms breaching the regulations should be made to the Citizen's Advice national Consumer Helpline on 0345 404 0506** for onward escalation to Trading Standards. **Calls to 03 numbers count towards inclusive allowances on landlines and on mobiles, or are otherwise charged at "geographic rate" - the same as calling an 01 or 02 number.
    • why don't you or she describe how the accident happened carefully here and maybe with a couple of simple but clear diagrams so that we can understand the situation of course it would be much simpler if your sister could get involved in this thread and give us the information first-hand.  
    • Thanks for your help.  So to be clear, they have broken the law by operating a 0871 number for customer services and complaints phone line? As described in post #5 and here..  http://www.fairtelecoms.org.uk/consumer-contracts-regulations.html There is no ombudsman, they aren't budging on their response not to reimburse me..  So what now? Trading standards, small  claims court?   
    • I don't understand your post  so I will try to figure it out as follows.   Your Sister only has Third Party cover with Go Skippy, which does not cover damage to her own car.   Under her Go Skippy policy, they put her in touch with AX who are an accident management and credit hire vehicle provider.    AX only provide the Courtesy (credit hire ) car because they thought the third party driver may be at fault for the accident.   And your Sister did not have a car that was in a roadworthy condition and the car remains unroadworthy because your Sister does not have the savings to pay for the repair.   AX are not providing a courtesy car.  They are providing a fairly expensive hire car on the basis that they hope to recover the cost of this from the third party.    AX are wanting the Bank statements from your Sister, so when they try to recover the Car hire costs from the third party, they can justify continuing to provide the hire car, on the basis that your Sister cannot pay to repair her own car.   At the moment, the third party Insurer Admiral are disputing liability for the accident, so at this point AX are trying to limit the potential debt liablity for the credit hire car that your Sister will owe them.  If Admiral are never held liable to pay for the repairs to your Sisters car and the Credit hire car, then AX will be trying to recover the Credit hire car cost from your Sister.   Based on your description of the accident, it indicates the third party was at fault, but were they 100% at fault ?    I think your Sister needs to speak to AX to ask them why Admiral considers their driver is not 100% liable for the accident.  AX are supposed to be providing an accident management service, so what are they doing to help her.  I think she needs to ask AX this question.    
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    • I sent in the bailiffs to the BBC. They collected £350. It made me smile.
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    • Hi @BankFodder
      Sorry for only updating you now, but after your guidance with submitting the claim it was pretty straight forward and I didn't want to unnecessarily waste your time. Especially with this guide you wrote here, so many thanks for that
      So I issued the claim on day 15 and they requested more time to respond.
      They took until the last day to respond and denied the claim, unsurprisingly saying my contract was with Packlink and not with them.
      I opted for mediation, and it played out very similarly to other people's experiences.
      In the first call I outlined my case, and I referred to the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 as the reason to why I do in fact have a contract with them. 
      In the second call the mediator came back with an offer of the full amount of the phone and postage £146.93, but not the court costs. I said I was not willing to accept this and the mediator came across as a bit irritated that I would not accept this and said I should be flexible. I insisted that the law was on my side and I was willing to take them to court. The mediator went back to Hermes with what I said.
      In the third call the mediator said that they would offer the full amount. However, he said that Hermes still thought that I should have taken the case against Packlink instead, and that they would try to recover the court costs themselves from Packlink.
      To be fair to them, if Packlink wasn't based in Spain I would've made the claim against them instead. But since they are overseas and the law lets me take action against Hermes directly, it's the best way of trying to recover the money.
      So this is a great win. Thank you so much for your help and all of the resources available on this site. It has helped me so much especially as someone who does not know anything about making money claims.
      Many thanks, stay safe and have a good Christmas!
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    • Hermes and mediation hints. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/428981-hermes-and-mediation-hints/&do=findComment&comment=5080003
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    • Natwest Bank Transfer Fraud Call HMRC Please help. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/428951-natwest-bank-transfer-fraud-call-hmrc-please-help/&do=findComment&comment=5079786
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Here we go! updated.again.

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Ok so here we go

statements recieved

charges worked out= 360 pounds :twisted:

interest worked out= 44.02 pounds :twisted:

letter to bank filled in

and just about to be hand delivered

wish me luck :D 8)

18th march recieved letter from barclays stating my letter has been passed on to complaints department and i will be contacted by them by th 24th march

lets hope so hey

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Well done. Keep us posted.

The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.

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Out of interest did you have to pay for the statements etc?


RBOS Charges - £2435 settled in full :)

RBOS Default Removal - Removed :)

Carphone Warehouse Default Removal - Removed :)

Welcome Finance Default Removal - Removed :)

Viking Direct CCJ - Removed :)

Littlewoods Default - Removed :-o



N Hunter SAR

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yes mate i phone the customer services and requested back statements from when i opened my account

and was told there would be a 5 pound charge which would be debited from my account

took about 4 days

they are not the same as a normal statement but if you use your loaf they are pretty easy to understand

good luck

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recieved 2nd letter today from peter dixon customer relations manager

starts off by saying

sorry your unhappy blah blah dissagree with your legal analysis blah blah

customer provided with terms and condition when opening account


putting the above to one side on this occasion as a gesture of good will i can refund 360 pounds please sign blah blah blah



now im not sure what to do next andwould like some ideas i dont want to feel like im bailing out but wht they have offered me is my total charges minus interest which only amounts to 42 pounds anyway.

but am i right in thinking your only entitled to claim the interest if i take it to small claims.

to be honest i think its quite a fair offer

so ideas please


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very big pat on the back to all who set up this site

my account was credited with 360 pounds last friday

many thanks to all involved

and to all who are ummming and ahhhhing about whether to do this

JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congratulations .. when people hear from others who have recieved there money back it inspires them to continue to fight for theirs .Thanks for letting us know

When you want to fool the world, tell the truth. :D

Advice & opinions of Janet-M are offered informally, without prejudice & without liability. Use your own judgment. Seek advice of a qualified insured professional if you have any


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Well done Tarby!! ............Don't forget the BAG book fund!!! (if you haven't donated already!) :-)



Halifax - DPA sent 03/03/06.

Prelim Letter - Sent 27/03/06 ignored.

LBA sent 10/04/06 - Ignored

Moneyclaim filed - 26.04.06

Acknowledgement received 3rd May. Halifax state they intend to defend.

Halifax Settled in Full - 17 May 2006


If you've found this post helpful, I would be grateful if you could click on the 'Scales of Justice' button in the top right corner of this post.

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Please note that this topic has not had any new posts for the last 5453 days.

If you are trying to post a different story then you should start your own new thread. Posting on this thread is likely to mean that you won't get the help and advice that you need.

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