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    • I don't understand the bit about looking after your own being criminal, TJ. Could you expand on that please?
    • A somewhat good result. After more chasing, they've sent me a spreadsheet of the accounts for fire protection, water charges and electric.  Communal Electricity - Estimated £45.00, Actual £241.73 - Revised: £41.63 Communal Water - Estimated £3.66, Actual £234.91 - Revised: £76.96 Fire Protection - Estimated £2.08, Actual £147.65 - Revised: £51.15 Still it seems too high, the total for this estate alone for water charges came to £62,950.07 last year. The thing is, they've listed blocks that don't seem to exist on our estate. Possibly from the new development that has only just been built on the estate, which was finished in the summer this year.     
    • The largest ever amount that went into that account was £500 which was about 7 months before it was blocked.    There was no going forward income as the 1st lockdown came 6 weeks later and I went straight onto universal credit after that and have been on it ever since.    Bottom line, at the time it was the only account I had add and all of my savings of £16500 were in there which I had no access to after it was blocked. Tried to contact the car finance company but no one was available throughout the pandemic likewise many other companies who registered a default
    • so you got the original letter asking for your side of the story and replied by email. post up what you said in your reply by email please and their reply.   you later got a letter stating this will be heard by the simple justice proceedure at xyz court on xyz date but still inviting you comment or plea?   how many time and how many days did you use this for and WHAT EXCATLY (the bit in black) on the letter from the SJP court have you been charged with..??   one specific event on xyz date ,...with other uses being by tickboxes to be taken into consideration and wiped if you agree?   what DATE is the court hearing?
    • A more controversial point is that Johnson has made it illegal to look after your family, requiring you to choose between them.   No one I know doubts or questions that people hosting raves and such like should be prosecuted given the situation, just as those gathering for fox hunts and grouse shoots should be, but effectively making people who are simply trying to safely and sensibly look after their own into criminals while the government pals do whatever they like and are thrown taxpayer money by the BILLION for nothing is obnoxious and abhorrent, especially when you can go to a restaurant or supermarket or transport hub and be in close contact with hundreds of strangers.     Oh look - 6 + 1 in close contact from 14+ households and only one wearing a mask - leading by appallingly bad example.    
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All inclusive "light"?

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I need your help urgently please.

I booked a weeks holiday in Cyprus on Sunday via the internet with UK travel. A week in a 5 star hotel all inclusive for £1200. They e-mailed me the travel docs yesterday and it says "all inclusive light" (I have never heard of this ) No mention was made of this by the advisor when I booked and paid in full on my debit card. I have since found out the holiday is via "youtravel" and they have done this before. The light option hardly includes anything.I rang the hotel this morning and was told I would have to pay another £100 on arrival. I have been duped big time and to say I am mad is an understatement. I have rang them several times today all to no avail. I am gutted as it is the first holiday I have had in years. I was completely mis-sold this holiday. I have looked the hotel up in some holiday brochures and it is no cheaper in them so it isnt as if I have had a bargain by doing it through some internet company. Where do I go from here?

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All Inclusive Rating


youtravel.com has divided its all-inclusive hotels into four different categories which are shown below. These are Light, Standard, Classic, and Premier. Each all-inclusive hotel will display a sign to show you at a glance into which category it comes you can then see very quickly whether or not it is the right type of package for you. However, it is still essential that you then read the detailed all-inclusive description for the hotel of your choice to ensure that it is entirely suitable and that it meets your personal requirements.






The youtravel.com Light All Inclusive programme is the first of the all inclusive packages in our categorization. The Light all inclusive will include three meals per day with free drinks. These drinks include beer, wine, soft drinks and mineral water served during meals and at the bar.






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We booked it with UK travel, they then put it through youtravel which we didnt know about. There is no mention of light on the web page I chose it from. We were told it was all inclusive-no mention of light. The £100 extra is what the hotel manger told us we would have to pay on top to get the full all inclusive deal when we arrive.

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Write to the supplier stating what you were led to expect as "all inclusive" asking them to provide this.


If they do not provide it when you get there, pay the £100 to the hotel, then write again to the supplier on your return asking for a refund.


If no refund, then follow with a Letter Before Action and a Money Claim at the County Court.

British Shoe Corporation - won :) BT - won :) West Lancs Council - lost :-x 02 - won :) British Airways - still fighting :o STOP PRESS - RSPCA - daughter won with letters I wrote :)

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Thanks for that Meldrew 2. I will do as you suggest. As I write this I am still waiting a call back from the guy who sold it to me. This is the third day on the run he has said he will call to sort it and hasnt. I am sick to death of calling them and so angry for being taken for a fool.


I read all the details about it, all the Terms and Conditions etc and no mention of "light" ws ever made.


Do you think a call to Trading Standards will help or do you think they will give the advice as you have?



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There was no sign displayed at all regarding the different deals. I read all the T's and C's before booking. I trust no-one !I have a print out of what the web site advertises so I know what I paid for and what I was led to expect I would receive. I have been ripped off pure and simple.

Trading Standards helping now.


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I never understand why people book holiday packages with companies they don't know that well on the net. Come into retail outlets and talk through everything, then you have someone to see if it goes wrong - net bookings have by far the highest level of complaints - what you see is not always what you get...!

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Yes I already worked that out for myself. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. You obviously work in the industry so advice as to what to do next would be great.

The latest is, they asked me to fax a copy of the web page. I sent it 4 times as they kept saying they hadnt received it. (more delaying tactics). They now promise me a call back on Weds to tell me what they propose to do. The guy who calls himself "Victor" (obviously not his real name if you get my drift) says they may pay for the upgrade as we have been misled. Im not holding my breath.

25 phone calls, 4 faxes,2 e-mails and Im still at square one. My other half is making herself ill with the worry.



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