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    • It isnt a great thing to have to worry about all these things. I am sure someone on this site will offer some great advice.   Priority debts need to be sorted first; Rent/Mortgage, Council Tax, Utility   - Dont quote me as I do not know the legal points around this; but Overdrafts, catalouge, card debts are not priority. I would sit down and work out exactly what your priority debts and living costs are, deduct from your income. Look at all your cards, loans overdrafts etc, list them all, starting from the highest interest charging ones, think what and which ones to work out a realistic monthly payment, dont overpay what you cant afford.  I would consider not using the cards etc, as you will be adding to your debt and problems. I would contact someone Like Stepchange or Citizens advice, they will offer you some very good advice and ways of contacting your companies you have debt with. Dont be afraid of your debt companies, write to the fully explaining situation and what you can realistically offer, do not be preasurised into paying more than you can I personally prefer contact by post or e mail rather than telephone. Ive no idea what Factor, Monzo is, but may well fall in line with what Ive said.   Keep a note in a diary of every call you made or who contacted you, ask for names, keep and copy all letters to and from as this may be helpfull further down the line for record keeping.   Do not ignore contact as this just adds more stress for you and the problem wont go away.   Make sure you make your affordable monthly payments, every month, even if they say we wont accept it, its to low.    As you have a lot of stress going on, I would certainly contact someone like Stepchange or Citizens advice,    Good luck
    • Hy. Caring for family adult learning disability; full time, currently unpaid from work, unpaid carer - receive weekly carers allowance This is what I have searched on so far; - can only receive from employment £132 a week, after Tax, NI, deductions in all about £201.00 a week, but this is taxable and needs to be entered on tax submission, but if less than personal allowance then no tax may be paid? - I believe NI is paid as long as you get the carers allowance, although gap between break in employment and start of carers allowance may not be? -Should employment end due to company not happy in change of hrs and I have to leave, then only the carers allowance would for be the income, If UC is applied for would this allowance be deducted from what UC give or the person I cared for be affected - Savings may affect if you get UC or not - Certainly cant be available for looking for work as full time carer   anyone have any points, help or advice on this issue please
    • hy, In a nutshell; - current contract  work part time Mon to Fri 24 hrs - Unpaid year off break to become family member full time carer - Need to either go back to work at end of next month, start of July or leave - Application for Transfer was turned down   - Letter to go in this week with a application form to request change of contract, hrs, days so that I can look after family member - change requested will be work mon, tues, wed but not more than 13.5hrs or 14, then breaks deducted to stay within legal earnings limit as carers allowance is recieved - it is not possible to work thur, fri sat, sun due to care needs and travelling for adult disabled family member   ok; Ive done a bit of digging, I can send application  for reduction of the hrs and contract which i think the govt said I can legally do. Doesnt mean the company has to be bound legally by it. It may be that it isnt suitible and there for ask me to resign. Or they may agree! Or terminate my employment. But as I am a full time family carer for a family member within the same household, I should have a good case to argue.    Does anyone have any further knowledge or experince of this to advice me, what legal or other rights, but if I quit or asked to quit, would claiming benefits as such be suspended for quiting a job, thanks    
    • I’m looking for some guidance please. I’ve been reading up but am stuck on what I should do and going round in circles now.   Trying to manage my own DMP and making a mess of it I think.   My income is £1015 per month Essential outgoings: factor fee £93 pet insurance £81 (giant breed so quite costly) TV licence £13.37 Groceries for 3 adults and giant breed dog £309 Council Tax £111 Internet £36 Electric £59 No water/gas/car Public transport £30 Gifts £15 Mobiles £6 Debt to family £42 Saving £0 Leftover £220 (for creditors) Actual Original Total Due to Creditors £600 (pro rata started) So I’ve started negotiating pro rata payments while still trying to keep credit cards going for future emergencies (they are maxed now but if I can pay them down it releases credit for me to have as a back Up)   It’s all getting worse, I’m struggling, I have depression, my wife has depression and is unwell. Interest on 3 cards is over £100 so not really paying anything off.   I’ve negotiated pro rata on some and I think I’ve gone in too high because I’m really struggling with it, I forgot that when they ask for income expenses they don’t take into account that the factor bill is 3 monthly and therefore I need £279 by May 31st and not £93 as budgeted so already in trouble for month 2. Partner debts: Starling bank overdraft: £400, 2019. Pro rata £14 arrangement to pay, no default.   Tesco Credit Card: £100  started 1/12/2019; defaulted 7/10/20 £5 mth   Virgin Credit Card: £2700 started 14/5/18; defaulted 30/3/21 £5 mth   Marks and Spencer Credit Card: £850 started 18/10/19; defaulted 13/1/21 £5 mth   Nationwide Credit Card: £1500 started 30/4/19; defaulted 28/12/20 £5 mth   Barclaycard CC: £1400 (PRA group purchased it) started 25/8/18; defaulted 16/7/20 £5 mth.    Aqua Credit Card: £3900 (now with Cabot Financial) started 3/12/18;  defaulted 12/11/20 £5mth   Aqua Loan: £1700 (now with Link Financial) started 28/9/19; defaulted 2/2/2021 £5 mth   My Debts:   Monzo Loan:  £1900 October 2021 – permanent pro rata £39 agreed, not defaulted    Likely Loans: £1500 December 2021 – temp £14 pro rata, not defaulted    Monzo overdraft: varies up to £750  - temp £10 pro rata   Monzo Flex: £900 December 2021 – temp £11 pro rata   Fluid Credit Card: £1500 July 2021 (on a holiday until August) £0    Capital One Credit Card: £700 £40 mth (up to date)   Amazon Credit card: £2450 November 2021 £75 mth (up to date)   Next: £56 December 2021,  £5 mth (up to date)   My dilemma is I can’t pay the factor bill and have maxed my cards.   I wonder about going on a payment holiday with Amazon and Capital One and then negotiate pro rata using a part of the £220 left for creditors in time, so keeping the pro rata proportional.   In August my Fluid holiday ends and they want £80.   I’m not getting hassled by any creditors and prefer an option that keeps it that way but last night seriously thought should I stop paying all of some of them.   Thanks  Stuckfast    
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i would have to get another morgage on the property and he would not agree to this, so i could not borrow the money to pay the creditors off even at 50% reduction

He is making life so difficult here, we live in 60 degrees as he wont turn the heating up, we have no food in the house, so we dont eat and he keeps sorting his money out when i am around, he has about 40k in the bank and keeps going on about his interest on his savings etc so making me very depressed.

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I would get professional advice on your finances asap Littleduck before you make any decision on what to do with your £60k


If you took your £60k and bought a little 2 bed house for about that amount and then went bankrupt you may be allowed to keep your new little house by the OR due to your child at home BUT you would need proper advice from a professional on that one.....just a thought

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Hi Littleduck :)

Thanks for the support, much appreciated. Listen to what advice you are getting on here - and I would make my first port of call to phone one of the national debtlines ASAP..or CAB and make an appointment. I can't advise on property as I am in rented accomodation. But Brent is right, you MUST contact one of these debtlines FIRST.

Try CCCS or CAB there are web addresses I think at the start of my threads from other more knowledgable caggers. Sequenci is very good with advice too, PM him and he will read your thread and give you solid advice, he has helped me in all of this. Good luck and I should be telling you off for highjacking my thread...lol...;)but I won't, glad my story has helped you though. Thanks again and take care.:D

Sugar x x x


P.S I did a lot of my stuff at work as like you couldn't afford the time off work.

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Littleduck - found info for you,please take a good read.


National Debtline –Free,Confidential Debt Advice – Call 0808 808 4000


And Read The Insolvency Service Website


Good luck :)

Sugar x x

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Thanks sugarbabe..I have found the cccs website and will fill in the forms tonight.i think on reflection brent is quite right in what they say, and i will ask the cc companies to take a payment in settlement..as i think he is going to come up with a solution to get me out of the house, and just maybe he will part with some of his money..lol

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Hi all :D


Well it's over a month now that I was declared B/R. I have had a few letters - nothing major. Just advised them of my Bankrupcy and left it at that. I am still paying tax, but not too worried as I understand the Official Receivers are extremely busy ( Not suprised given the economic climate at the mo!)


I have had a WHOLE WEEK with NO post.....now that feels strange, even weird.....lol...but I do feel better for going ahead with my B/R.

However, I do wish that I listened to CAB years ago and went B/R then instead of trying to battle on and on, giving myself ill health and stress, but hey ho, hindsight is a wonderful thing.


To all those going through the B/R route and stressing out, please be kind to yourself and try to stay calm - if I can do this so can YOU!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you ALL on here a very very

peaceful and happy Christmas and I hope 2009 is a better year for ALL.


Love - Luck - Laughter Always:D


Sugar x x x x:D

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Just spent a good few hours reading through this thread. I got a letter from Do Debt this morning saying they wanted to declare me bankrupt for a debt they have bought over from Yes Car Credit. The account was opened in 2003, and they took the car back in Jan 05. this is teh 1st contact I have had from anyone since then. I have spoken to Go debt and they have offered a settlememt of £2k on the balance of £3.9k, but the want it by 31/12/08. there is not a cat in hells chance of me getting that sort of cash. The letter states that an OR would be appointed and my house sold.


I jointly own the house with my wife, and the mortgage and sec loan combined is £134k, with the house value at approx £127. I am very very stressed that I am going to loose my home. I spoke to someone from the national debt line and they advised me to send a CCA letter, which I have done.


Can anyone offer any further advice? When the car was taken back I asked the collection agent if i needed to do anything else. He said no, thats you done, all finished, sign here please.


How can they surface out of the blue like this after 4 years. also i asked Go debt if can could make an arrangement, the refused.. HELP !!!!

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Hi Jokerdisco :) and welcome.

Firstly thanks reading my thread.

Also may I suggest starting your own thread hun, then you will receive the proper answers that you are looking for. My case is different from yours as I do not own property, however my ex hubs did take out finance for a newish car in 2000? I told the company to take the car back and I could not afford the payments. They hounded me for years with threats, but as I do not have property they didn't threaten me with Bankrupcy! I included this company in my own B/R, just so no other debt collection company can chase me for it years down the line. Sorry I cannot assist anymore but if you start your own thread then someone with more knowledge on the subject will pop in and help you. Keep calm and try not to worry - easy for me to say I know, but I have been to hell and back with financial pressures (to the point of suicidal!).

Take care and take care of each other.

Sugar x x :D

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