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Redundancy-consultation-beingasked to train others

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Morning, told I was to be made redundant on Wed along with perhaps a dozen others, sat down with HR an hour later to be given the standard speil, a week's consultation and a decision then, in the mean time I coould go home which I did, four months money to be paid so fair enough so far


The very nexy day the chap I work with who has been asked to work his notice asks me for help on the things he doesn;t know how to do ( a supervisor senior to him and junior to me was made redundant two months before so there's a degree of void still) I said sorry but no, this as the employer's problem and they should have thought about this before making me redunadant.


Since then the MD has called me and asked to come and come in to train the ex colleague in using a specific piece of software. I said no, i considered myself redundant and anyway being asked to train someone how to do my job after sending me home was unreasonable, it got a bit nasty with a veiled threat of not paying my redundancy, lawyers and I was sent the part of my contract relating to Intellectual Property Rights (ridiculous)


I've offered to go in and train if they pay me to do it


Being called at 9 this morning, I've had some casual advice from people that should know and they all said tell them to get stuffed and sue if they withhold my redundancy


Any ideas? My consultation letter says I'll effectively be dismissed as of the 8th August should I be made redundant etc etc


I've been told that the way they sent me home after a lip service consultation meeting has destroyed the relationship of trust and confidence and I can consider myself already dismissed, I ran a version of that argument last night and was told that i most certainly was still employed and was bound to come in and work as reasonable



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called an emplyee helpline, chap seemed on the ball, said if they hadn't specificallt told me that i did;t have to work then I must consider myself employed as normal until the 8th, so it's reasonable for them to ask me to train someone else in how to do something because I'm not actually redundant until the 8th and might not be even then


to do otherwise might leave me open to being sacked



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Yep, unfortunately you are effectively employed until 8th August so you have an obliging contract to you employer up to this date. However, in my place of work, most dont work their notice as they feel no loyalty once a new job has been offered to them, plus the turnover of staff is very high.

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ta, spoken to the MD again and we're all good today, I think everyone got a bit over excited, I'll do support over the phone as needed until the 8th, if I have to go in it's only for a few hours around my sudden childcare commitments to sort specific problems, they don't want me in unless essential


works for me

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