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    • This is on behalf of my brother in law, a plumber.    He is currently taking his ex employer to tribunal (after they reduced his wages without telling him, and change of contract over hours). As such he left the company and started working privately.   His ex-employer found out that he was using the same plumbers merchants as them and somehow persuaded them to provide them with copies of his invoices (that he has made himself since leaving). We assume they were trying to find evidence that he was 'stealing customers'.  He only found this out after the ex-employees solicitors sent a photo of these invoices to him as part of the bundle! (they took a photograph of the invoices on the plumbing merchants desk (the photo itself also had the date and time on it!)   I am automatically assuming that the plumbers merchant in question is in breach of the data protection act,  I am also assuming, but would like clarity that the ex-employer is also in breach, not sure if the solicitor is also as they were not aware of how it was obtained, although it has since been pointed out to them.  I should also add that I am not 100% sure if the customers details were on the invoice ( as they would have been delivered to their location).   It should also be noted that he also requested a Subject Access Request (in order help track his time sheets for the last year (they were not given duplicates)| and to find out how/ who  authorised the change to his salary).  The Ex-employer stated he was  unable to supply this in the standard time period and also missed the extended three month period, and I believe a complaint was made under GDPR about this, don't think anything was done though).   Any thoughts on this.  
    • Ok my managers know of my asthma. Though never had an asthma attack at work like that. Asthma has got worse - probably had covid a few days before 1st lockdown. No test centres for 40 plus miles at the time.    I have messaged my union rep - also an employee at the store. She is going to put this as a incident and look at any risk assessments done. Plus asked for colleagues that witnessed/helped me during the attack to get their side of the story. As  I was in shock and not fully understanding what was going on.   The refit has been a bit of a shambles imo. No clear plans so literally some rooms needed to be emptied immediately when contractors were told they are there to do the floor, paint the walls etc.  We were told to empty lockers. Then they were taken away with no replacement. Staff not happy with leaving personal stuff in offices. 
    • The country's inability to export its grain has led to food prices rising around the world.View the full article
    • Lots of uncertainties about whether to contact Horizon for an sar or Tesco.    My suggestion to contact Tesco was after finding out if the original PCN was non compliant.  Most of the ones I have checked in the past have been for several different reasons. That means that the liability for the alleged debt cannot be transferred to the keeper.   Once it is confirmed that the PCN is non compliant the OP can write to Tesco as the keeper pointing out that as the keeper he has no responsibility for the debt and has been denied the facility of appealing to POPLA because of the NTK not being received  at all. POPLA may well have cancelled on appeal because of no keeper liability.    In addition  the stoppage in the car park was for less than the consideration period. The keeper could then add if it was true, that the driver was an infrequent patron of this particular car park and the keeper will ensure that a similar occurrence does not happen in the future.   One could point out that if the camera operator had thought that they had not observed any children in the car, from the Court's point of view they would have expected the operator to have attempted to mitigate the situation by explaining to the driver that they should either move the car to avoid a ticket or explain where the children were [ref. Jopson v Homeguard].   Then perhaps it could have  been explained that the wife and children were dropped off at the entrance or the children and their mother were already in the store and the driver was there to collect them.   [They should also have issued a windscreen ticket since they were in the vicinity but of course that would have meant that they would have had to wait several weeks longer to be paid. It is a practice frowned upon but overused by greedy  car parking companies].   The above paragraph obviates the need to  admit parking wrongly and suggesting possible  reasons for parking there without admitting that either scenario actually happened.      
    • Hey everyone I rented some rackspace from a company on a month to month contract but the customer support has been quite poor of late, my services went offline a few times and they advised my servers had gone over the allowed power limit on my account and required an upgrade which I agreed to but I had enough of the reply times taking hours, never any answer on the phones when I needed support I requested to cancel my services on the renewal date, they advise in their terms of service that if there is a open invoice this must be paid before they will allow collection of your hardware and if not paid within a set time the hardware becomes theirs and can be sold off, reused by them ect I have noticed in their terms of service that it does not state at any point the amount of time before the due date the new invoice will be created which I feel should be a important part of any contract on a monthly billing they will pre advise you of the amount of time before the payment is due when they will invoice you   I was also meant to receive IPv6 addresses as part of my package but never had these although I had requested these many times they advised they were not available but are mentioned as part of my overall package on my invoices     They are asking for nearly £700 payment before they will even discuss allowing anyone to collect my hardware (worth about £5000 in total) and if I do not pay this within a set time they will take ownership of all my servers and use or sell them   Thanks   Update I had advised them I will be hiring a man and van service to collect my hardware, they have suddenly advised that I cannot do this and must use a certain type of company who specialist in server transport. I do not feel this is fair as it is my hardware, fully owned and paid for my me but start trying to set out new rules that have never been made aware of until today after making my request to cancel.  
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Employment Difficulties - Urgent Assistance Needed

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I have some serious problems at work. I will not go into the full detail (it might take over the CAG!), but in summary my employer is causing undue stress on me. I have spoken to my doctor already, but am scared to be signed off or take any medication, so I asked if there were other avenues. He said counselling.


However, it has now got to the point at which I am feeling very very ill with all of this, I really don't know which way to turn. I need to know what, if anything. I am thinking about resigning, but am worried about future prospects. I don't think I can do this type of work anymore, they have pushed me so far I hate everything related to the work.


If I get out now, can they take any action that might cause me to have to pay back large sums of money, for example holidays etc? What about the notice period? It is not like I am going to walk out to be spiteful, they have caused this in my mind. Please help

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Instead of walking out, which may seem like a solution, but will only cause you more stress in the long run, why don't you go off sick? For the first week, it's self-cert anyway, and then you can go to your GP to get it prolonged if you are not ready to go back.


I know you're scared of being signed off, but being unemployed with bills to pay is far worse, so use it to take a breather and assess the situation.


If you leave with having taken more holiday than what your accrued entitlement is, then yes they will deduct it from your final salary. When you say "large sums", surely it can't be that much?


If they are causing you to leave through their actions, you may have a case for constructive unfair dismissal, but it will depend on a lot of different factors, and constructive, because of its insidious nature, is a lot harder to prove than straightforward unfair, which doesn't mean it can't be done, far from it!


I would strongly advise you to take the time off sick rather than just walk out, when you are under that much pressure, it is hard to think straight,so give yourself the time to clear the cobwebs. ;-)

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hi Bookworm - thank you for the response. I did have all sorts of people saying that because the work situation has put you in this position you could take action for stress and unfair dismissal. i just dont feel i could. i mean despite the probems these are the people who i have worked with, and to be honest any compensation is not going to cover the true cost (ie having to move into a new field of work) so i see little point.

will a stress related illness look bad on my record though? and if i do go that route who will do my work today?

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Update on this - a of about 15 minutes ago, my remaining respect and loyaly for my employer is gone. how do i assess if they have been neglegent, and if i have a claim.


i think now i have a career change to pay for :(

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TLG - firstly a big hug as from your posts I feelthat you are really feeling pressure.


If you could just give us some details to what has been going on, by bullet point will be fine. It might also help you focus your mind. Then we can support you in any way we can.. There are some fab people on here that really know their stuff. We also are happy to give you as much emotional support as you require.


Take a breath and let us help you.



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SF Thank you, and everyone here thank you for supporting me.


1. No Clear Job definition

2. Project aims / approach constantly changing

3. Unnecessary complications (key persons being available on limited basis)

4. More requirements / aims and approaches changing

5. 1 person to do work of ideally 3 (yes me)

6. Constant harrassment regarding issues which are not my responsibility, but foolishly i have tried t assist with for the benefit of the project


thats a starter!

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OK - I think the basic jist of wht is happening is that basically you are being very badly managed. You probably have come across as increadibly competant and they think "No need to worry about TLG, he will get id done and probably more"


As far as sorting yourself out personally this in my opinion is much more important than any job.


how long have you been with the company?


how many days holiday have you had so far this year and when does your holiday entitlement run from?


why do you think that being signed off for a week or so would be viewed badly by the company?


have you had any other sickness this year/


Sorry for so many questions it just allows us to get a clearer picture.



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