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    • As per my Post 19 above the record has now dropped off my Credit Report and my scores are now as follows:   Clearscore= 357 (up 28) CreditKarma = 554 (no change but another report coming in about 7 days).   About what I expected as my scores will not be great as I am using a high percentage of my available credit but a nice result in the right direction, at least nothing adverse.  
    • Wait didn't you say that you sold the car before the incident happened? That should do the job (although they will bully the next owner), so if you are kind-hearted, I would go to that pub and talk anyways for both of your sakes. Just tell the person you sold the car to about this so they don't park it there again.   If you want to write something, this should be addressed to Parking eye as Creditor NOT DEBT COLLECTION and keep a record of posting, and a signed for delivery and a copy of what you sent, should they ever want to escalate it.  Just be careful what you write.    
    • If it's a no powers Debt Collector then ignore it completely, they have no authority at all and contacting them in any way is a mistake as they'll think they have a new mug to hassle and fleece. Scan up a redacted version of the letter.
    • I suggest that you follow the suggestions I have made here in red and also the earlier suggestions I made in respect of compiling a detailed account of expenses to which you have been put, losses they have suffered and any benefits that you might have received from your parents. Also, if they happen to start a legal action against you then clearly you should defend. Their chances of succeeding are extremely remote, in my view, but I think that you would need a solicitor. I would instruct a solicitor to ask the court in the directions questionnaire to make an order that your parents provide security for costs because you could find that they will end up spending a lot of their money and your money on a fruitless exercise and you will have difficulty recovering any of your costs in the most likely event that you finally win the case. This is not my area of experience at all, but I'm extremely surprised that they have found a solicitor who has been prepared to advise them that they stand some chance of success and therefore it is reasonable for them to incur fees by getting that solicitor to write you these letters.
    • Were you a customer of the pub at the time?  Anyways, go to the pub owner and ask if they are the land owners of the area mentioned in the ticket. If they are, say you don't remember who parked there but surely they must have forgotten to sign in with them. Tell them in a nice jolly conversation some complement and how you'd not want this incident to prevent you from visiting them in the future. See if they could kindly ask them to cancel it if they aren't authorised to bring this claim to the court in the pub owner's name. Kind chat goes a long way.   Reason why I am suggesting this is because these parking management contract often have a clause allowing the land owner to cancel this upon request - this is in interest of for example retail sites like supermarket car parks where customer service is of essence. After all they don't want a 1* review on Google. (but don't tell them that!)   If verbal request is not sufficient, you can do one in writing so there is a paper trail. Come back if you need to write that.   Most important DO NOT SAY WHO THE DRIVER IS.  
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Any one work for whirlpool repairing fridge/freezers

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Here is a difficult one,


i bought a fridge/freezer 2 years ago on the 14 aug 2008. it has stopped working, and i ould like sainsburys to fix it under the sale of good act 1979 as i paid over £800 for it and it is reasonable to expect it to last for more than 2 years.


however service was operated for sainsbury's by drl limited, i keep getting passed to either company to deal with this who shall i pursue this with?


and is it reasonable to expect a 800 quid fridge frezzer to last more than 2 years? under the sale of good act. It was a whirlpool fridge freezer side by side




I work for DRL Limited, and I am sorry to hear about the problems you have been having.


Although we no longer run the white goods side of Sainsbury's business, we do still offer help and advice to any customers who brough through Sainsbury's when this was under our control. If you email the following address, we will offer you all the help and advice we can.




Hope this helps!

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