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    • If your driving licence had your old address on I assume you never updated the address on your V5C?  It's the Registered Keeper address on the V5C that is normally used for parking notices.  The police officer may have told you that two notices would be sent out, one to each address, but personally, I would never rely on that.  The V5C address of the registered keeper is the address that is important, and must be kept up to date.  (Failure to do so is an offence in itself).   Did you get your mail re-directed by Royal Mail from your old address to the new one?   If you've only just found out about the conviction, I believe you can swear a "Statutory Declaration" and the effect of this will be to re-set the whole process, allowing you to pay just the original fine.  I think you have 21 days to do this from the date of finding out about the conviction.  You can arrange to do this at court or at a solictor's or notary's office.  They will charge a fee.   Others here know more than me about the process.   (PS - just a thought, it is your car and you are the registered keeper?  Not a lease or company car?)   [EDIT: mis-read the original post, I see you had changed your DL address but you had your old DL with you(?).   Had you changed the V5C address too?  Check the physical bit of paper to make sure.]
    • Okay. The first thing you have to realise is that the insurer is in conflict with you in suffer as your interests are concerned. They want to save money and rip you off. You want to get properly compensated for all of your losses. He say the value of the car is approximately £4000. Is this the value that you have given it? Is this the value the insurer has given it? You need to be doing some proper research to find out the cost of a replacement vehicle. The purchase price to you – not a trade price. You can be certain that Admiral will attempt to fob you off with some kind of trade price. How have they informed you that it is a write off? You must take control of this and the first thing you should do is that you should write to them and asked them for the basis of their write off assessment and copies of any evaluations of the damage and assessments of repair costs. At the very least you must make them realise that you won't simply be accepting what they say. Secondly, if you say that you have been injured then have you been to the doctor? If not, then why not? You should have gone to the doctor immediately and get a proper examination with a view eventually to getting a report. If you haven't been to a doctor then do it now. I don't understand that the insurer is only providing you £100 to cover injury. This seems to be a very unlikely situation. Is it not possible that you have misinterpreted the situation and that the hundred pounds is intended to cover immediate expenses of some sort?
    • They will be unlikely to take you to court, they're simply yanking your chain because you keep writing to them. They know you're scared.   As above send them a CCA request, if you're going to send them anything at least make it a legal request for a document.   Otherwise simply ignore them, unless you're confident then keep baiting them.   And the likelihood of these clowns obtaining a CCJ is even more remote, especially as you're already paying them.
    • Don't lose the email!   Did it mention overtime?   Are you happy with the job otherwise?  As Bankfodder says you may not want to rock the boat until you've been employed for two years and you get better employment rights.
    • Depending what was in the email - that could be your offer of employment. 
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