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Wkdblueboi V Lloyds Tsb Bank


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Ok 1st thing is i admit iv been very silly with money over the years and now its begining to bite me big time!


I lost my job last year due to the store closing down and myself not accepting a transfer to a store 30 miles away, i was ok until Lloyds bounced a DD and started charging me fees.


I have a LLoyds loan oustanding for 13,248.66 I tried to bury my head an hope it would all go away but reality has kicked in - i made a token payment last month of £2 - not sure what to do now about this..?


Another problem and a more urgent one is my bank account - well lloyds have added £200 in charges and continue to do so..


last week i was £348.96 overdrawn and had a overdraft limit £245 - i made a token payment of £2.


Yesterday i was charged £75 for charges for April - meaning i am now £427.01 (£5.05 overdraft intrest) iv looked and it looks like they will be charging me £165 on the 2nd July and currently £15 a day now for 10 days until sorted.


Today i have received a letter from Lloyds - Enforcement Notice (Consumer Credit Act) They are terminating there agreement concerning overdraft.


Im in a stage of claiming some charges back from them for 6 years -


1st letter 1st May claiming £278 plus 8% intrest total £320

2nd Letter 15th May - said sorry to hear your complaint yada yada... will get customer support to ring me in next 7 days as claimin hardship.

3rd Letter 29th May LBA - threatning legal action if they dont payup - so im now waiting for them to conatact me again


will keep you posted to what they say - ive not included the latest £75 charge on what im claiming do i change this? and futue charges as and when they charge..


Could do with some help on the overdraft situation as thi is the cause at the moment. Eeeek


P.s i have no income at all, i live with my partner who only works part-time.


Help is much appreciated on all - Thanks in advance guys and gals



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Hi there - this is similar to me (your not alone at all), as they are just helping themselves to any money, you need to send them an Account in dispute letter - if it's not in the templates library i'll post a link here later.

This will remind them (not that they will do anything about it) that they shouldn't be adding charges or interest etc to an account in dispute.

I've opened a new account elsewhere for my wages and Payments - without Lloyds helping themselves to the lot!!

As I say I'm in a similar position and I am just in the process of sending a letter back as they have now sent a default notice - with all the constant charges going on, Regardless of letters I have sent !!!


Presently, the charges etc. are pushing it into the excess od situation, so it's like printing your own money (for them anyway).


Where it will end I don't know. It will have reference to the Test case but what they will actually do next ????


I will keep looking on here for better wisdom, as you need to - but that's where I'm at.

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Had a collection alert, immediate payment required from LLoyds for a payment of 1043.80 loan arrears


Had a phone call yesterday saying they are no excepting my £10 a month offer after i filled in a earnigs sheet (which was nothing) but i offered £10 anyway.


Any ideas.. im guessing they will dispatch this to a DCA soon.

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Received letter today sayin there not excepting £10 a month also that they will not freeze intrest or charges etc...


Until they receive money owed says will still receive letters until passed to there central debt recovery department.


Anyone know what these people do??


I made another token payment today of £2 in current account and £2 in loan account.


Any ideas?

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The test case is the problem here, in that they will refuse to deal with any claims relating to overdraft charges until the case is over.


There is the potential that a court may allow a claim to proceed if you state in correspondence to the court at AQ stage that these continued charges whilst the account is in dispute are causing you great hardship.


Enclosing a copy of the draft order along with the completed AQ, stating that if the defendant believes its penalty charges/fees relating to overdrafts to be fair and reasonable they should not hesitate to justify them by providing details of a full breakdown of their pre-estimates.

Advice offered by ENRON is without prejudice and is for your judgement as to whether to take it. You should seek the assistance or hire of a solicitor or other paid professional if in doubt.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Im starting to get a bit confused with everything now.....


1. when i originally sent the prelim i listed the charges and the system added 8% from each charge date, did i do this correctly or should it just b the charge you claim at that stage?


2. they continue to charge me monthly £75 charge plus £5-£6 intrest - they've charged me once or twice since my opening letter can i add these charges on to what im asking for, and when?


3. Ive received my charges for the other 2 Lloyds Tsb closed accounts they total £577 in total - do i ask for my money back seperately for each account or can i just combine all?


Sorry to ask so many questions - you offer to pay what you can and they say no oh and we will not stop charging you or freeze any intrest, just getting a little downhearted. I offered to pay £20 a month a few days ago to start paying of the current account - but they said its not worth it as its being sent to debt recovery and they will be cancelled.

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So far as the current account goes, their collections department is the best place it could be. Those peeps usually set up an agreement with you to increase the overdraft limit to however far you're overdrawn (plus any charges that are due to come out), freeze interest and they usually accept a modest payment to be reviewed in 6 months time.


I've gone through the process a few times now after losing jobs in the past. You'll get the odd person who's really snotty with you but without fail you get another call a few days later from someone who's far more sympathetic.


Anything before the collections department just seems to enjoy bleeding you dry :(


I've no idea how it'd work for the loan account though because I've never been in that situation (at least, not with TSB!).

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Im already with collections and they wont do anything for me as they have already passed it to debt recovery centre, they did say that the min loan payment they would accept is £110 a month which is obviously £100 too much, i apparently have to wait for the debt recovery centre to contact me and they may freeze intrest etc...


Nightmare!! - my charges accumalted this month is already over £200 - they really are idiots, as i said i got nothing you cant have more than £10 and a court will look at my financies and award less, so why continue charging. no one listens!

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Because the more charges they put on you while you can't pay, the more they expect to get back when you can. It's not right, it's not fair, but it's the way they work. Thank god for CAG helping us put things right again ;p

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