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Halifax full offer today (1st May)!!!! But......

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I'm helping my brother with regards to his claims and after sending HBOS an initial LBA was astounded that my brother received a letter straight back advising him that they would be making a full offer of charges of just over £4,000 as they had identified him as a hardship case.


Absolutely brilliant news and I couldn't believe it until my brother showed me a copy of the letter.


HOWEVER, he's spoken to Halifax today about his refund and they have said that they will be using it to offset his overdraft on the account (apprx £2k) which is fair enough but also using the remainder to offset against a separate loan he has with them and his credit card he has with them.


Are they surely allowed to do this as the charges were incurred on his bank account and I'd have thought should be used to clear any overdraft on his current account with the remainder refunded to him.


Would appreciate any advices!!!

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Excellent news--- thats made my day and obviously yours as well!!!




IMO yes, they can do this. My reasons are that they have confirmed him as a hardship case, presumably based on income and outgoings- in the banks case there is OD, loan and credit card. Good news is his outgoings will reduce and there is less chance of future charges or problems with lack of payment.


However, I would now use this to your benefit, as they have identified him as a hardship case. Look for charges on the credit card and the loan and ask to get them returned now. If there are charges on his current account, there will be charges there too.


Someone else may have a different opinion.


Watch how this has to be agreed to by signed letter. Post the conditions here first as interest claim might be affected.


Can you please detail how he was successful with this as it will help others.


Regards, Kenny.

Any advice given by me is based solely on my experience in claiming, my experience in CAG or my opinion. I have no legal background. I want to encourage others to reclaim what is theirs.


Got a DCA breaking OFT guidance. Complain to the OFT about the DCA. Help put an end to these practices-




Register with CAG today, its free, its a great community:







Thankyou Kennythecelt:)

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Brilliant victory, well done.


Good advice from Kenny

Started claim with Halifax on 30/04/08

Sent 1st letter for bank charges and interest


If this has been helpful then please give the Scales a click. Thanks

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I agree, superb victory, and superb advice from Kenny.


Any advice I give is honest and in good faith.:)

If in doubt, you should seek the opinion of a Qualified Professional.

If you can, please donate to this site.

Help keep it up and active, helping people like you.

If you no longer require help, please do what you can to help others

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Thats brilliant news :D



Congratulations :D



A-Z Index








HOW NOT TO CLAIM...Click here!




.please remember that any advice i give is purely my own experience or opinion thankyou

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I agree, I think that this may be the first time I am going to say this, but to me, this looks like for once, a bank is actually going to do responsible lending.


They are totally allowed to offset against his existing debts, and IMO, they are doing absolutely the right thing. I wish I could get £4k of debts and credits written off, it would make such a difference. Ah well. :-)


Fantastic news. :-D

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congratulations :D

i agree bookworm would be great help :)

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