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Failing to comply with red traffic light


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To the OP - n44bbo


If you still need any further help with your problem, it would be useful to know exactly where you and/or the police say they were postioned when they allegedly saw you drive through the red light.


You make mention in previous posts of 'the police car parked nearby' & of them being 'stationary on a slip road'.


By 'slip road' do you mean the road to Lancing College, the one to the airport or somwhere else?

Also, did you actually see them as you approched/passed the lights?

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An amber light also means stop. The offence regarding a red light is complete if any part of the vehicle crosses the stop line whilst the red light is showing (even the back bumper).


Amber lights are set for 3 seconds duration - so if the light went red as you passed it, it is perfectly possible that for at least some of the length of the vehicle you crossed a red light.


The time set for the amber light should be such as to allow a vehicle to stop in a safe manner at the speed limit in force at that place. It is not unknown for the amber light not being on long enough for this. I have known of people getting away with a fine for this reason.

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Nemeses, you obviously have no understanding of the way in which these matters work. Throughtout the UK motorists are convicted in court daily on the evidence of a single Police officer who has used nothing other than his calibrated speedometer.


My understanding of speeding is that the speed that you are/were moving at has to be stated. Otherwise, what is the point of radar guns . It is impossible for a person standing on the edge of a road to say what speed a vehicle is travelling at. In the days before radar guns the police did it over a measured distance. It would seam to me that the police have a very weak case here in that they were stationary at the time, and they had to do means of ascertaining the speed of any vehicle concerned. As the speed limit is 70 MPH, I would like anyone to prove whether a vehicle is travelling at &0 or 80 MPH whilst stand by the road. I think the police in this case are being vexatious.

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In all honesty, I did not see the police car anywhere,as I was looking at the traffic lights in case it changed.

Stand at the PC's statement, they were on the slip road to the Lancing College (because they were to make a U turn within the A27).

I will see if I can scan the two PC's statement and post them in here.


My hearing is set for the 26th of March.

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Below are the two statements.


Now, I must say, in all honesty, that I have at all times saying the truth.

You will read below, that one of the officer says that

I immediately followed the Bentley and illuminated my blue lights, a short distance up the road I was able to signal the driver of this car to stop.
That is a lie !

The police car did not chaise me right away with the lights on, but they took their time.


I know that I am facing an uphill battle and that most probably I will loose.



The issue here is, that I wanted to make a point and to let everyone know of the practice that goes on; and above all, to let the officers (when they will be in court with me) know that I fought for what was a lie.

I also know that that doesn't change anything, but what is the alternative ??!

Just take anything that is thrown at you.




ps.I will post the results in due course.


Date Monday 21st January 2008


About 17:30 hrs on 11th August 2007 I was on duty in Police uniform, in company with......on mobile patrol in a marked Police Vehicle. We were waiting to carry out a 'U' turn from the westbound

carriageway at the Sussex Pad Traffic Lights on the A27 in Lancing.


I observed the traffic lights on the westbound carriageway change to amber and then red before I begun watching the stop line to see if anyone would cross.


After approximately one second from the lights changing to red I saw a Silver Bentley Continental MH04UPY belt past at about 80mph. PC .... then drove off after the Bentley. He stopped the vehicle by means of blue flashing lights and spoke to the driver whilst I checked the vehicle details on the Police Taf. n. Computer.


Date Monday 12th January 2008


At approximatly 17:30 on Saturday 11th August 2007 I was on mobile traffic patrol duty driving a marked police vehicle on the A27 T on the Shoreham flyover (Westbound lane) waiting at a set of automatic traffic lights at the Sussex Pad junction with Coombes road waiting in the right turn lane at the red traffic light.


At this time my observer was......

The A27 at this point has x4 lanes, one for turning right (the lane I was in) and x3 further lanes for westbound traffic which are controlled by the same primary automatic traffic light.

The visibility was good and the traffic using the A27 westbound light.

As I waited at my red light I was the only vehicle waiting to turn right. I saw that for westbound traffic the lights were green.


As I waited I saw that the lights then changed to red for westbound.

I heard from behind and to my left the sound of a powerful engine to accelerate and I saw a Bentley motorcar, silver in color go through the red light westbound on the A27. I immediately followed the Bentley and illuminated my blue lights, a short distance up the road I was able to signal the driver of this car to stop.


Having caught up with it, I saw that the index number was MH04 UPY and that the car contained only the driver.


The vehicle stopped and I spoke to the driver who gave me his name and address as....

I pointed out the offense to him and said "You have just come through a red light" I cautioned him he replied "I saw they had changed but I was there!"

He was then issued a fixed penalty tickets for the offense.

At the time of the offense the traffic lights were clear and unobscured, good visibility and light traffic.

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You might want to remove your VRM.


Nothing in this post constitutes "advice" which I may not, in any event, be qualified to provide.

The only interpretation permitted on this post (or any others I may have made) is that this is what I would personally consider doing in the circumstances discussed. Each and every reader of this post or any other I may have made must take responsibility for forming their own view and making their own decision.

I receive an unwieldy number of private messages. I am happy to respond to messages posted on open forum but am unable to respond to private messages, seeking advice, when the substance of that message should properly be on the open forum.

Many thanks for your assistance and understanding on this.

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I'm sorry to say that on the basis of the latest information you have provided, your defence case appears to be considerably weakened.


The police car was stationary, positioned ahead of you on the same westbound carriageway in the extreme right hand filter lane at the lights as you approached.

It is apparent you failed to notice the presence of the police car as you approached and passed it at the lights.


(I have a photograph of the junction which may help illustrate my point & would appreciate some advice on how to include it in a reply post).


In consideration of all the circumstances, my ultimate advice & opinion (and that's all it is - you don't have to accept it) is that you seek the services of a solicitor specialising in road traffic matters to advise and represent you in this matter.


The red-light camera remains an outstanding 'issue' & one worth exploring as it may turn out to hold the key to your only possible hope of an acquittal.

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Ok guys - hope this works.


Photo shows westbound carriageway of A27 approaching the junction at Sussex Pad.

According to the police evidence, (OP's post #55), their car would have been positioned in the extreme right-hand lane at the lights.

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From the statements, it was def. a traffic car that stopped you, and thus trained traffic officers - not normal 'beat bobbies'. This may prove a bit more difficult again to disprove their version of events!.


I know that junction well, its next to the turn off for Shoreham Airport. The sheer amount of traffic lights (as you can see from the photo) would also I feel draw an inference from the magistrates, and I would be surprised if the prosecution lawyer didnt point out how visible the lights are, and the fact they are also on huge poles as well.


I would park up at the pub for an hour, bring a camcorder, and watch and count the seconds between amber and red. Make sure they are consistant, and as others have said, approx 3 seconds between phases. If they are not, then thats something else to possibly use. If they are, then you will have an even harder time proving you didnt have time to stop !.


What type of car was it that stopped you ?. If it was a traffic merc, they all have hard drive recorded cameras mounted next to the rear view mirror. Were you invited back into the car ?, to sit in the back seat to 'have a chat' ?. Again, they tend to record it, so if you deny anything, its all on tape. Would be worth asking around, to see if they have got a tape / DVD of the event - Although the officers should usually exhibit any tape etc on the statment. Does the statement produce any exhibits ?

All opinions & information are the personal view of the poster, and are not that of any organisation, company or employer. Any information disclosed by the poster is for personal use only. Permission to process this data under the Data Protection act is NOT GIVEN to any company, only personal readers.

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