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Firstly, apologies for re-submitting this - still need some help (Tomterm8 - are you out there?). Took an unsecured loan with Nationwide Trust in 1999, then ran into financial difficulties and couldn't afford the repayments (although still working). Nationwide were massively unsympathetic, even demanding that we move money from children's savings accounts to service the debt. The loan was subsequently sold to debt collectors, and although I have paid some amounts off it over the years, it has circled around various companies - but having learn't so much from this site, I started sending the CCA request letter, which none of the DCAs ever complied with. In simple terms, the debt then 'disappeared'. Stupidly, and yes I can hear you all groaning out there, we had stayed with Nationwide as our main bankers. Then, at the beginning of December 07, our Nationwide Flexaccount was frozen. We next received a letter telling us that the account had been frozen and that the money in there would be transferred within 14 days to offset the remaining loan account debt. Obviously, I got straight in touch with Nationwide unsecured debt recovery who demanded £400 per month to reinstate the account (a figure greater than the original loan monthly instalment!), telling me this was less than many other 'agents' would demand. They wrote a short note telling me that we had an 'arrangement' and highlighting not only the amount remaining, but that they had also levied £2,199 in late charges. They have threatened legal action (as they would) if the arrangement is not adhered to. We have now changed banks, and so are clear of any further risk of the account being frozen again. But my question really relates to what sort of action they might consider - given that when our account was frozen, the loan was over 3 years past it's original payment period. Although I don't dispute the debt as such, I sense that morally Nationwide are not on the strongest ground and I feel I would be prepared to highlight that in court as well as the media. I am also minded to challenge the late fees as these seem not only excessive but randomly calculated too! In other words, I am not prepared to be screwed around by Nationwide any more, and would really be grateful for any thoughts on how to move forward with this. As a point of note, I am about to challenge the bank charges on the Flexaccount as well as an old Nationwide credit card debt (yes, we had the lot!). Since the loan was started in December 1999, there are numerous letters from DCAs chasing me for money, but no mention of any assignment or the debt being sold either from, or to, Nationwide. Many thanks from Norfolkboy.

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Start the process with a Subject Access request to Nationwide to get your unlawful charges (???fees for a service as the banks are now calling them:-)??? back.


Might help you to reduce the principal down to a more managable level. There is just one hitch at the moment, your case will likely get stayed pending the outcome of the OFT case. You may get lucky though.


Worth a pop in my honest opinion, to start the process costs you a tenner.


Good Luck

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have they defaulted you on the loan?

Which DCA you using now?

have you sent a CCA request to the DCA yet?


as simon says (no pun intended simon :p) send off SAR so you can see exactly what charges were placed and when. as loan taken out in 99 WHEN did you start having probs paying? I'm asking because you might of lost a lot of charges due to the limitaions act.

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Creditors and DCAs - Letter Templates & Budget Planner (CCA request letter N)and other templates)


Debt Collection Agencies & Statutory Demands, a few strategies


Abbey charges, Won

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B-Card, court for harrasement, failed to defend WON £175 http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt-issues/125554-28-days-later-no.html#post1422508

B-Card charges, partial refund, still fighting

Vanquis-Cabot, GIVEN UP :lol:

HFC & my mum, no brainer, no CCA http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt-issues/133330-hfc-my-mum.html#post1404514


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When did you last make a payment to Nationwide or its agents and when did you last make written correspondance.

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