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    • OK.  So you lent your car to a friend in 2019 and he racked up three parking tickets that he tells you he didn't know anything about(!).  You were the registered keeper (RK) at the time at your family address, but you got chucked out and could not change your RK address with DVLA because you were homeless.  You knew nothing about the parking tickets and enforcement action until you got a bailiffs' letter passed on to you.  You made an Out of Time (OOT) application in respect of one PCN but Birmingham CC objected to it and the traffic court rejected your application.  A solicitor helped you make OOTs in respect of the other two PCNs but you don't yet know the outcome of those two applications.   Is that the situation you are in?   dx100uk thinks you can resubmit the application saying your friend was the driver.  I don't think saying that will help as the driver is irrelevant.  It's the owner who is liable to pay the charge and that is the RK (unless the RK is a car hire firm).  I assume you are not a car hire firm so you are stuck with the liability, not the driver.   Whether you actually can resubmit an OOT once one has been rejected I do not know, but why not try.  What did the solicitor put on the applications they helped you with?  Did you not ask their advice about the rejected application while you were with them?  I think you would have to say something to the effect that you never received any paperwork in relation to the PCNs because you had been chucked out of your home and because you were homeless you did not update your address at DVLA.  That is the truth isn't it?  You don't want to lie on the application.   To me that's a good reason for you not doing anything about the PCNs, but I suspect that Birmingham CC will object again and that the traffic court will reject again.  And, as I said above, I don't even know if you can submit a second OOT application in respect of a PCN if the first has been rejected.   So it looks to me like you might be a bit stuck.   Unless dx100uk, or spaceman61, or another poster with expertise in local authority PCNs comes along I'm not sure what you do.   If you get no more helpful suggestions here you could try on National Consumer Service.  If you do go there, do not register with a hotmail address.  You will also need to provide them with a timeline of everything for all the documents you actually have, and you will need all the facts and dates etc at your fingertips.  And make sure they are accurate.   http://forums.National Consumer Service.com/index.php?showforum=30   And get your friend to contribute to paying off the PCNs.  Do you believe he really knew nothing about them?
    • To enjoy the protection offered by s.75 CCA 1974 for a credit card payment, you must pay over £100 and under £30,000 for the goods or service (even if part payment for a larger total amount).
    • Hi Charlie and welcome to CAG   As an Executor, you have a duty to insure the property and tell the currect insurer of the passing of the deceased.   Most insurers will refuse normal contents cover on a house left unoccupied beyond 60 days. So, unoccupied, the home will not be insured against break-in damage, theft, flood, accidental damage, etc.   You may be able to obtain FLEE insurance covering only Fire, Lightening, Explosion and Earthquake. It may cost more than usual contents cover  because the home is unoccupied, even though the level/amount of cover is less than for an occupied home.   As said here already, an Executor would be wise (or indeed have a duty) to remove valuables from the home if you have somewhere safer to store them pending Probate, distribution, sale, etc.   I hope if you can explain the insurance risks to YB and assure him that you are not taking items just for your own benefit, he may see sense.   Please keep us updated ............
    • yours is not the next move   dx  
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Club La Costa - sound or con?

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As they say in Yorkshire. " You Dont get Owt for Nowt"


We filled in a questionare at the Airoprt to win an all expenses paid family holiday of a lifetime in the costa Del Sol. As we had just ended a great holiday that had taken us a fair while to save up for. we were desperate to go back again. several weeks after coming home i got a phone call on my mobile and told "well done you are a winner of the CLC Resort family holiday ..." Yahoo! ALL we had to do was pick two weeks and we were off. Because i work away a lot i couldent commit there and then so they offerd to call me back. the wife then looked at this Forum and we knew then as suspected. it was a time share or similar so i told the girl when she rang. Thaks but no thanks. Since then i have been pestered on a daily basis.

all i will say to anyone thinking of maybe taking the free holiday and resisting the sales patter. good Luck. if the phone calls are anything to go on, face to fact on there turf is going to be unbearable.

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Hi, we fell for the hard sell with Club La Costa about 8 years ago. We went on the free holiday and signed up on the spot. We handed over the money and felt very pleased with ourselves. Only to find that for each of the holidays we wanted to go, on using our points, there was a very long waiting list (and I am talking years not months). Also at the sale we explained to them that we had a large family (2adults and 4 children) and they reassured us it was not a problem. However, whenever we went to book, the rooms were never big enough. In the end we ended up cancelling and getting our money back (after a huge arguement and solicitors letters regarding false selling). I would not recommend this company to anyone




How did you manage to get your money back, so not happy with paying my loan each month and £1000 maintenance fees. Really broke. Please help with solicitors you used.



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I would be really interested to see if anyone has been successful at claiming back the PPI from GE Money that was missold by CLC at their hardsell presentation? Also we were not offered the 14 day cooling off period - was anyone else? It was sign sign sign in the presentation and nothing about cooling off... any updates would be great as we are going to start looking at the claim in the next few days - thanks


Hi Kaygee. Did you have any luck claiming back the PPI? We used a company and the case went to an adjudicator who said we had to claim from CLC not GE Money. So now I need to pursue it from CLC and then go back to the financial ombudsman. I would be interested to know how you got on. Mallon.

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Hi Kaygee. Did you have any luck claiming back the PPI? We used a company and the case went to an adjudicator who said we had to claim from CLC not GE Money. So now I need to pursue it from CLC and then go back to the financial ombudsman. I would be interested to know how you got on. Mallon.


dump the fleecing claim company and do it yourself for free


lots of successes against GE money for PPI on this forum



please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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Hi Everyone.


I have read quite a few of these comments,

we like many others have fallen on hard times,

but mainly as we were stupid to buy in the first place.


We started in 2008,

we both had good money and bought into the 3 year deal,

we went on the first free week and we were convinced it was a good investment, and subsequently bought 2500 points and got it through GE money,


we wanted something to pass on to our kids and liked the luxury, we surrendered out 3 year deal.


We managed to get in, on the whole, where we wanted the first year, spending the points wisely,

however we couldn't get in everywhere, and


on our next visit, were told that if we bought more points we'd be in a better position.


We bought more, then we bought more and felt very pressurised but still convinced by the lower management fees and better availability.


We ended up with a loan a massive of £38,000 at £555 per month with GE Money

and a loan with further loan of £5,000 with Hitatchi at £79 per month and were told that we are the youngest diamond members.


CLC also advised we could take into your mortgage, which seemed a great idea, until the mortgage company said no.


The other reason we bought in was that we were expecting a financial windfall and thought we would pay a large amount off,

but that didn't happen and were ripped off my a so called financial advisor.


Left with a huge debt and left high and dry, our own fault you may say but you believe what people tell you.


They said you can sell weeks and you will get gold points, and this will pay your maintenance etc.


They are high pressured sellers and you believe it.


We missed the cooling off period.


We regretted it from day one, but yet they convince you.


More recently it is this new system of getting your money back which I can't remember the name now

- we have told them for the last 2 years that we have no money left,

they say will it take food off the table and we said 'yes' and they still insisted.


We have just come back from a week in Cornwall which we love,

but again they started, we made it quite clear, we have no money, we are not happy as we can't get where we want to go, when we want to go.


The fees are too high and we want out.


The sales rep was gob smacked.


Obviously there is more to this as you all know as you have all been there

- promised everything but in reality you can't get in the weeks you want,

the so call advantage of booking years in advance is exactly what you have to do if you want to get in,

but our situation changed and we have cancelled so many holidays due to changes in circumstances

or not being able to get time off work.


We can't even get in now 12 months in advance. it is ridiculous.


We have already booked in Feb for next year but can't use the points up as we can't get in anything in the UK at all next year,

so why should we continue to pay when we can't even get a holiday.


As someone said, you can't fault the property it is lovely, and it was like home from home

but we simply cannot afford it anymore, with increasing bills and lack of pay rises,

we have a leaking house roof, two cars that at the end of their life, and no quality of life anymore

- all through a stupid decision over a charming sales man, a free breakfast and a bottle of bubbly.


We are never normally that stupid.


We took the decision to stop paying GE money in January,

we have gone through Step Change to pay this off and all the other badly advised financial investments

via the financial advisor that has led us to be in so much debt.


We have today received our annual maintenance charge which has gone up from £2145 pa to £2400 - we simply do not have the extra.


We are going to ask to suspend our membership indefinitely.


We are convinced that due to the stresses of this over the recent years and the financial burden,

has caused us to both being recently diagnosed with heart problems and we are only in our 40's.


We are thinking of the following going to write to CLC and ask for our membership to be suspended indefinitely until we can be financially viable.


We are also going to explain that our financial situation has changed, and that we going through Step Change.


We will explain the fact that we are not entirely happy with the fact that we cannot get a holiday when we want,

and feel pressurised when we are away to attend meetings and that the reasons we bought in were entirely true.


We will explain the stress and that the increase in this years maintenance charges has now basically pushed us over the edge.


Not sure whether we are doing right in doing this but we at risk of losing everything by just keeping this holiday club going.


Has anyone got any suggestions at this point??

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Club La Costa is definitely a con. In December 2004 I declared Bankruptcy. I was discharged in November 2005. In the August of 2005, I went to Tenerife for a weeks holiday with my ex partner and we were accosted by Club La Costa in the street. Having been abroad many times I told my ex this was a massive con and to ignore them, but guess what...we ended up at one of Club La Costa's presentations where, after several hours of hard sell, my ex was convinced that this was his opportunity to sign up for years of luxurious holidays....


Needless to say I was not happy, but my ex was not someone to be argued with and the rep was clearly on his side....I figured, no problem, as soon as they run a credit check I'll be off the hook. We even told the rep we did not own our own property and that I had recently been bankrupt and was yet to be discharged, he said this was not a problem and that he would tell us what to write....which he did......He helped us make up a fictitious amount for the value of our 'property' and the outstanding mortgage...To be fair, I didn't imagine for one second it would get past the credit check and was so worn down by the combined pressure of the rep and my ex I would have signed anything to get out of there.....The problem was, it went straight through the credit check, despite me never having lived at my ex's address.... I was gobsmacked, but figured once we got home we would cancel. My ex however had other ideas....


So, reluctantly I began to pay the monthly fee on our trial membership.....this would have been O.K except we took our first week in another Tenerife resort and the pressure sell really began in earnest.....8 hours including a tour of other resorts and a nightmare day of listening to the rep tell us all about the benefits of a 'silver membership' If we redeeemed our trial membership it would 'only' cost another £10,000.....As you can all probably guess, once again the documents were signed....once again I was hoping that a proper credit check would reveal my ,now discharged, bankruptcy....No such luck.....


Subsequently me and the ex went our separate ways....I stopped the d/d to GE money....Presumably the letters were going to my ex partner's address....By chance, when checking into my own credit report, I discovered he had conveniently gone bankrupt a couple of years later.....Leaving me solely responsible for the GE money debt....


The letters started to arrive, then the phonecalls and 6 monthly statements....I ignored them completely....Then in November 2009 Link Financial became involved....I was borwsing this site and decided to ask them for a copy of my original agreement. It cam within the prescribed time and suddenly this debt appeared on my credit report, which it hadn't until this point.....Now the debt has been sold to Mackenzie Hall who bombard me with phonecall and text messages on a daily basis. I have not responded and have blocked them whenever they try with a new number....They even have the ability to make a call using a local area code in a bid to get you to respond to them, but I've become very wise and just block each new number....


I am really hoping the statute of limitations has passed, but I'm guessing because I sent Link financial a request for a copy of my original agreement (wtih the covering letter from here) The clock was rest in 2009 and I will have to wait until November 2013 before the 6 years has passed and it will drop off my credit file. In tottal the debt is now around £26,000 with interest being added every month.....Any advice on what will happen if I continue to ignore it? I figure if Mac Hall have got it, its pretty much unrecoverable but would appreciate some feedback on this as they are known to be complete sharks and only buy unrecoverable debts.


I am of the mind that, if this debt was enforceable then surely someone would have taken me to court by now???? AND, WOULDN'T AT LEAST HALF OF IT BE INCLUDED IN MY EX PARTNERS BANKRUPTCY????? Wish I had stuck to my guns at the outset and stood up to my violent and abusive ex....this has been a millstone around my neck for years and really would like to see an end to it.......

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threads just short of a year old now




please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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