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Claiming charges back from day one - Help!


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Hi everyone.


Added up charges. Comes to nearly 3K.

They have not included overdraft interest or fees for stopping a cheque?

Say the fees were advised when the service was provided.


I think this is wrong - can someone confirm so I can write back asking for a list of these.



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that's what i'm asking you - if you don't mind telling - how did you get them to send you a list of charges - i don't know anyone else who got anything other than a massive stack of statements - even though the letter does ask for a list - i'm wondering if they've changed tactics..


so, what gives - did they actually send you a list instead of all the previous 6 years worth of statements?

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They sent a list of unpaid s/o & dd charges for last 6 years.

Covering sheet saying they did not class debit interest, stopped cheques etc as charges.


Basically they were deciding on what to send me, so i rang them for amended letter inc debit interest and stopped cheques.

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Sent schedule of charges to HSBC asking for me money back, nearly £3K.

They have told me to resubmit schedule as "total charges" is insufficient, as this covers various charging components that need to be split and itemised?!


It is down on my statements as "total charges"!


Surely its their job to supply correct information when i submitted SAR?


They also have said i cannot claim for debit interest as this was detailed when the formal overdraft limit was agreed, and is a condition of the borrowing.


Anyone help?

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To claim the interest back you need to proportion it off to the charges that they have charged you. Unfortunately you cannot reclaim all of the interest. As for the stopped cheques, again if you requested them to stop a cheque from your account, you cannot reclaim the charge they charged you for this. The only charges you can claim are for going over your o/d limit (Total charges), and bouncing DD's, cheques and S/O's.

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has anyone else had this? sending off for the statements and getting a list of charges? this is unacceptable - if you ask for your statements - you should get your statements.


you could also access your statements for the last six years on-line.





Click on “My Accounts” choose the account that you wish to deal with and then click on “My Statements” this will give you online access to up to 6 years of statements. (Repeat for each account and use a separate spreadsheet for each account).


Hint: - Watch out for the moving "Prev" button it is replaced by "Next" which takes you back to where you started



when you put the cursor over a particular charge - it will tell you what the charge is for -

you should print out the pages that have charges on them.


then you can start by circling all the charges. you can also include the interest debits (these are interest on your overdraft which you have been charged) but if you want to include the interest debits - you need to use the advanced spreadsheet - it will calculate how much of each charge is due to your charges - so if you are in postitive balance at the time of the interest debit - the advanced s/s will pick up none of the interest - if you are in negative balance at the time of the interest debit - the advanced s/s will pick up some or all of the debit -

on the advanced spreadsheet - the charges go on the left and the interest charges go on the right and depending on the balance - some, none or all of the interest will be picked up. at the end you will have two totals - add them together and that will be how much you are reclaiming in charges and overdraft interest. if the overdraft interest doesn't amount to very much - you are best leaving it off as hsbc are very picky about paying it out - they really balk at it and it must be done spot on to get them to pay it. so be sure you use the advanced s/s and don#t just plonk the interest debits onto the spreadsheet as that would be incorrect.

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best not to ask questions on separate threads as we get totally mixed up - i've tried to answer your issues on your other thread. but poker mad is asking as total charges mean something different on a business claim than they do on a personal current account - so - let's get you back to your other thread - but do tell us if this is a business account... if so - you need to look at the pre-notification you get each month prior to the statement to see exactly how the total charges is broken down - some of it is reclaimable and some of it is not. on a personal current account the term total charges is a reclaimable item.

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ok, let's get you back onto one thread - so - now we know it is a business account - you'll need that notification breakdown - i'm going to put a couple of links here to help you out with business claims -

A guide to Business Claims


Sample letter to your bank - business version


Claiming on a Business account? Lets join forces? (multipage.gif1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page)


and here is what celicaman wrote last week to someone i asked him to look at their thread in exactly the same circumstances (celicaman is who i go to with business questions):



Hi KB, Lattie asked me to pop in.

This is for the business claim.

What you really need is the summary sheet that the bank sends just before the statements each month.

The charges on this sheet appear as 'Total charges' on the statements.Your brother should have these with his statements as with business accounts he must keep all the records for at least 6 years.

On there it lists what various charges are for and debit interest charged etc.

You cant claim for commission charges, ie a charge for items paid in & out of the account, they are usually around 60p per cheque, Credit paid in, SO & DD payments, there may also be a monthly Fee of £2.50 or £3.00. Also you cant claim for stopped cheque items as this is where you have stopped a cheque.

You can claim for overdraft fees, excess overdraft fees and any daily excess fees they charge (usually £4 or £8 per day)


On the main statements it will show charges for 'recall charge' 'SO & DD recall' You Can claim these back.

'arrangement fee' this one is for when they allow you to go over your overdraft limit, and usually get a letter saying ' we have agreed to your request for an overdraft' ( you didnt ask for anything, but they use it to get £25 out of you). They try to disguise this as an informal request for an overdraft !

You can claim these back and are usually £25 per time they 'agreed' to your request.


There is however a Legit 'Arrangement fee' this is when you have actually asked for a new or higher limit, & these can be a one off charge of £50- £200 upwards, depending on the limit you require and you Cant claim this back.


'Unpaid item' This is where somebody has given you a cheque & it has bounced, you get charged £4 for this and to confirm this , your statement should show the item being taken back out the account & represented again. You cant claim this back.


The bank know what charges you can claim back, but you have to prove to them which ones as they arent going to help you.

What you need to ask bank for is a full breakdown of all charges applied to the account or copies of the Summary sheets (not statements) then you can work out what to claim back. You will also then be able to work out how much interest on the charges to claim back. (you need statements & summary to worl this out). HSBC will say they dont pay this but they will if you include it in your claim and file at court.(this is not the same as Stat 8% interest applid at court)

May be worth your brother going to the bank and asking there, he may have to be persuasive there, maybe read up on the SARS stuff so he can explain that they must supply this information, other than that use the SARS template letters, but he may just get a second set of statements !


Anything else needs clarifying just Ask






hope that helps

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You can only claim back a proportion of the debit interest that relates to the charge. eg you are over you limit by £100 but only £30 realtes to charges. You were charged interest on the whole £100 but can only claim back the part that relates to the £30 charge. (i hope that this makes sense).


Now you have your charges you will needd to input all the figures on to a spreadsheet. There are some in the bank template library. If you are going to go for the interest as well you will need to use the advance ones.


Also, I think, if you do go for the debit interest you will not be able to go for the statutory 8% at the court stage (but I may be wrong there)


Here si the link for the spreadsheets:-




Do not delete the info already there as this will delete the formulas. Just type your info over the top and when you are finished, delete the ones that do not relate to you.


If you need any help, just shout.

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You are absolutely right PD. It is when you claim contractual interest that you can't claim the 8% as well. I knew it was some form of interest. thanks for correcting me.:D

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