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    • Homer did say not to contact DR+.   If that's all the paperwork you have, sit tight and see if a letter before claim/action turns up. If you get one - and you may not, come back here and we'll help you to write back.    Or if you get more threatograms, let us know and we'll let you know if you need to take any action. In the meantime don't write to anyone and keep any correspondence for now.    HB
    • Hi DX   That is the only info letter I have we can't locate the first letter or original parking fine notification My wife said there wasn't  anything on the car windscreen. Do I ask the DC for the original notification ?   what shall I do just wait until they pursue through court ?   apologies for lack of info  Cancookwill
    • Hello, I've been following this thread and have some experience to share... Stand by for lots of words.   About 6 weeks ago, the engine seized on my car - 10 days before planning to use it for our 2 week trip around the UK!  I searched the internet for companies who could replace/rebuild the engine and get it back to me in time... One company that came up was 169 UK. I called the number and explained my predicament and the chap on the phone (who called himself Lee - I'm not convinced this was his real name) promised that if the vehicle got to him the next day or so, he'd have it done in time for our holiday!. He gave all kinds of reassurances about the types of vehicles they work on, from Porsches etc, even people from Spain taking their cars to him.. All work came through 3rd party websites (how i'd found them too) so you generally wont find reviews.    I was weary going into this, but you got to put your faith somewhere, right? so off it went on a trailer to Essex. NOW... I'd already asked where it would be going and I also tracked it by leaving a mobile phone hidden in the car. Interestingly, the place i was told i'd be collecting it from was not the same place the recovery guy (called Patrick?) told me he was delivering it to..    Anyway, they get the car and straight away tell me that the sump is full of diesel and that my ECU is faulty and its locked open one bank of injectors - causing the failure. All of this is feasible, but it meant that the car would not be ready in time for my holiday  He also tells me the DPF's (i'm sure it only has one, but he referred to there being more) were also completely blocked solid and needed to be dealt with (in this case, drilled and mapped out - which is also illegal) All of these little extras have now taken the cost from £3500 to nearly £5000  - as he was " putting together a special package for me" I tell him ok, i'm now away for 2 weeks so you have a little more time, i'll collect it when i get back.  I call him on the Friday before we travel home, asking how its going... he says "well, we aven't done it.. you said you were gonna be away for 2 weeks" apparently he marked to dairy wrong. So i call him again on the Monday following, I say I want to collect it that Thursday... not unreasonable. He then starts with the excuses that he has loads of guys off sick at the moment etc.. BUT, The car IS in the workshop and the boys ARE getting on with it. I say, OK.. but keep me updated daily as i need to make arrangements to come and get it. Tuesday passes without a word, so Wednesday morning i txt him asking for an update. He called me back around and hour later to tell me that the ECU they sourced for me is also faulty (they tested it before fitting it as they're nice like that) and it has water damage so he has to get another one, but that isn't going to get to him until the following Tuesday - which brings us up to this week.   Everything up until this point has been feasible if not a little annoying, BUT here is where is gets good...  On Sunday i happened to be in Essex on other business so decided to swing by Basildon and see if i could find my car. Knowing where it had been dropped off before the tracking phone died, i had a good idea where to look. And i also had the address of the garage where i'd be picking it up from. Hoping to not find it too easily - after all, it was being worked on on the Monday; Imagine my surprise to find it in the exact location it had been dropped off 4 weeks previously!  I lifted the bonnet - nothing had been touched.  The amount of dust on the bodywork and distinct lack of any hand prints etc strongly indicated that nothing had been touched and it certainly hadn't been moved in all that time. He may well have taken the ECU out to test but put it back, that's easy to do - but there is now way to tell from there that the DPF is blocked without removing it, or having full access to the ECU - which is faulty, remember?  It had all been LIES.  Now i am annoyed, but informed and he doesn't know that i know he's been lying to me.  I spent the next couple of days talking to various people i know and arranged my own recovery to get the car back - even if that meant effectively stealing it back. Long story short, i had it collected and got it back to me last night.  The guy who collected it went to the garage i'd been told i'd be collecting it from - Unit 28 Noble Square( Essex car and Commercial) and asked for Lee... Low and behold no-one by that name works there and the car (and others parked in the same place) were nothing to do with them! but then one guy did say "oh hang on, i think i know who you mean, let me give him a call"... 10 minutes later, 'Lee' showed up.  My man then had to endure conversation with this charlatan, but did glean some information that might be of interest.  "LEE" doesn't directly do any of this work... he takes on jobs, maybe up to 30 at a time and then farms them out to local garages. This explains why nothing had been done and why so many others get stuck in this net.   I was surprised that he was calm and didn't get the hump about me taking the car back, i still don't really understand what the scam is, but there definitely is one.  I think i've been very lucky that no money has been paid, i owe him nothing and i got out of there.  The amount of mental anguish and anxiety this has caused me has been extreme.  Now i'm back to square one, still with a broken car. But i'm only £500 out of pocket (for the recovery each way) and not £5k that it was supposedly going to cost... at some point, who knows when!     
    • Good luck from me as well Dixon, fingers crossed.    HB
    • Last time, the Judge provided me with, I would say, the most amount of time to speak. She started with HMRC, and they moved on to me. Essentially, since HMRC last responded to me (the original document I scribbled notes on), I feel it's right I should go first and just comment on each of their responses.   I'll leave sending that link to them, just in case HMRC then find something against it. I'll just bring it up, and mention the above quotes.
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Telephone Harassment Letters Not Respected.


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Sent a Stop Harrasment Letter to Debitas (aka Capital One) on 17/7/09. Since then we are still getting calls from them around 3-4 times a day although the letter was recieved and signed for on 18/07/09.


I've logged the Time, number date and duration of the calls and plan to make a complaint to the OFT, OFCOM and Trading Standards.


A few questions...


1. I've heard people say in the thread..complain to the Police. Has anyone done this, what success, if any did you have?


2. Any good template letters to send to OFT etc?

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Here is my call log:


6th August 2009

10:15 Could here someone breathing on the line but they would not speak. After they hung up I 1471 it 01772 220126. Call back, line dead!

10:56 Silent call 01772 220126

11:15 Silent call. 0845 1550456

11:35 Silent call 01772 220126

13:15 Silent call. 0845 1550456

15:55 Silent call. 0845 1550456

16:01 Calls from the above numbers have been barred via choose to refuse costing £3.12 per month.


5th August 2009

Calling from a new number: 0845 1550 456. Called back, same problem as other number.

10:50 Refused to give me his name saying “You don’t need that information.”

13:01 Silent call.

14:12 Told them I had not received any letters, they said they would re send one. I agree to call back when received.

19:04 said I should know who they are, they have sent letters. No letters have been received. Done 14713 and it called them back. It is iQor in Preston.


3rd August 2009

10:41 Work

31st July 2009

08:10 Work (Debbie)

30th June 2009

10:16 Work


29th June 2009

4 calls at work






They wont tell me who is calling because of Data Protection but keep asking for my details. I tell them that is inaccurate, Data Protection doesnt work like that but they just talk over me and want my details. When it has been round in circles a few times I just hang up. All these calls were taken at work even thoug they have my home number, really annoying. I have barred the number now.

I have been on the companies house website and i was going to obtain the names, addresses and phone numbers of the directors so I could phone them every 20 mins and ask for their details but i bet i would be done for harassment in 30 seconds flat if i did.

I remember this when it was all just fields....

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello everyone, I have been getting at least 3 calls a day from robinson way, home and mobile, I have been polite for about 5 months, I dont feel I owe the debt as its a bank one, and I feel abbey owe me for charges, have explained this a million times, also have explained to them that I will deffinateley not be paying and they need to get on and take their next step as its getting really really boring listening to them waffle on about legal action, I have made it clear over the last couple of months that I wont be paying , but they still call every single day!! A couple of days ago I just thought to hell with it, they are not being nice to me so im not being nice to them, they are getting both barrels everytime they call, they dont like it when I swear and threaten to terminate the call!!doh!!!

Im so fed up with them callimg I just swear like a trooper and tell them exactley what I think of them, I dont give a s*&t if they record it and I could not care less if it upsets them. They really ARE BULLIES and try every threat they can, they even threatened to send someone round to visit my house( Good luck ! i'm a black belt in judo and have spent the last 15 years learning no rules fighting!)

I feel its such a shame I have had to resort to showing my worse side to them but they just dont seem to be listening to what im saying and think they can harrass me 3 times a day!!

I know it probably sounds odd but im a really easy going guy and dont really get worked up that often but they have just pushed too many buttons!! why cant they just get on and take me to court!! I have been a member of cag long enough to handle a court case im sure!!


Really sorry about the long rant!!!:)

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Capital One - Sent letter recorded delivery and still calling, even though they replied to my recorded delivery letter..they stated they had a right to call to help their customers. Interestingly I have issued proceedings for non enforceability recently...

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In Nov of last year I complained to Egg about harassment with the standard letter, whilst investigating the harassment paused and then promptly resumed again in Feb:



After a little while of just ignoring it I reported them to OFT, waited for ages only to be told complaint turnaround was 6 - 9 months, so waste of time. Called Police: was told not enough evidence to proceed, but get in touch if it happens again. It did so I called them and they could not be bothered.


Trading standards; after a 6 page letter with all the details (calls sometimes 3 times a day, and calls starting at 08:30 in a Sunday morning, to a house I share with 2 elderly relatives) and explaining the law as per the template, I just got a 2 page reply saying that he did not think there was enough evidence to say they had contravened S40 admin of Justice, no mention of the others and then he quoted more or less the same mantras as Egg do:"they are allowed to make contact to resolve problems concerning a debt."



Everything is useless, none of the official bodies could care less;; I don't know what to do now, cannot change my number either according to Tiscali.

How would I go about a private prosecution? And can I sue the idiot at trading standards for not doing anything?


I would very much appreciate any help with how to proceed.


p.s. in myh contact to both the Police and TS I detailed the times and dates of the calls, and the fact I had verbally and in writing stated I do not wish to discuss the matter over the phone...and that the phone is not mine.

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add extra info
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Hi as I see it this may help you, if you can get a recording device for your phone. Next step (even if you cannot get a recorder) when they ring advise them you are recording the call (even if you are not)then just refuse to answer the security questions they are not allowed to continue with the call as it would breach DPA 1998.


I used this approach it stopped two creditors from ringing, that left one creditor who kept ringing MBNA I then found that I had some phone software with an old modem I had and used this with the computer. When I received any call from MBNA I just had to press a key on keyboard and the call was recorded. A copy was sent to MBNA legal dept head and that stopped the calls.


all the best just remember if you can do nothing else just refuse to answer the security questions. This will drive the phone monkies mad as they are paid basic + commission on any payment they get you to make.


All the best again dpick

cannot find it A to Z





Halifax :D

Paid in full £2295


MBNA:mad: 20/03/2008 settled in full out of court


Capital One:D

07/07/2007 Capital one charges paid in full £1666

19/01/2008 recovered PPI £2216 + costs


Littlewoods :-D

12/08/2007 write off £1176.10 debt.


JD Williams charges refunded in full £640

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I wish I could take your robinson way calls , Robot _ roo, they were the best dca I ever had , you could not beat them for utter stupidity , and their challenged telephone operators were first class material for entertainment , I do miss them and the fun I used to have on the phone . But if you do not want them to call, you can get a device called truecall that will block any unwanted callers , them or anyone else . I have not purchased this item myself but it can record calls , block anyone you don't want calling you . It is something you could investigate .

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I have tried every route that you have. trading standards... said that the creditors had satisfied sec 77/78 of my request and sent what they BELIEVED was a true copy

oft no joy all that bo****x that it is contravening debt collection guidelines but what do they do about it? diddly squat

fos dont want to know

Police. I really thought this was a goer under the protection from harassment act and i have indepth knowledge of this criminal act andcome from that organisation.

the only route is civil harassment case and you will need to colate evidence as above posts suggest. there was a case that you can research from a lady who won from the halifax and it shows the firm of solicitors she used.

unfortunately i now had to change my number i have held for over 20 years


Won Nationwide £900 and £1908 Bank Charges

Lloyds personal account 1,861

Lloyds Bus Account 2k

Abbey bank acc. Stayed 2008


CCA requested Barclaycard Nov 08 - n1 issued - GAVE UP

CCA Mbna Nov 08- n1 issued - GAVE UP

Marks and Spencer Money Nov 08 -lost found 2b enforceable.

Tomson Holiday - WON


if I help you tip my little scales it gives me a thrill. MT

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Marks & Spencer Finance, who repeatedly claim they are licensed by Ofcom to make as many calls to pursue the debt as they want, even though they haven't yet sent an enforceable agreement so are in breach of the Consumer Credit Act and cannot legally pursue the debt at all either by phone or by other methods.


Barclaycard, although they have reduced their calls somewhat are still calling.


I have been recording calls and have told them I will pass copies of the recordings, dates, times etc to Ofcom, TS and OFT with a formal complaint but they still claim they have the right to continue calling. Currently drafting a letter to all 3 as I see little point in telling them I'm going to complain and then not doing so.

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...Currently drafting a letter to all 3 as I see little point in telling them I'm going to complain and then not doing so.
Well done manxcat2206! ;)

Peeps can moan all they like, but until they actually DO something about it, the faceless entities on the other end of the unsolicited phone call will just ignore them, knowing that a large % of peeps will be ground down by their unlawful harrassment + possibly pay up eventually.


The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men.

Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children.

And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers.

And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.

(Jules Winnfield)

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  • 1 month later...

Fairfax Solicitors have ignored a request from me. Received on Monday, twelve calls since (including three batches of three calls in three minutes). Letter to the Solicitors Regulation Authority going off as soon as I've finished scanning the proof of postage. With call log. Have retained at least one answerphone message on my mobile, and if they call again over the weekend, I'm taking the police route, to see if they can do anything.

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I have capital one making my life hell - I am actually up to date with my payments - last one was a little late but by a few days - since then I have them calling my mobile upwards of 10 times a day - early in the morning until nearly 10 00 pm


I sent them the harassment template and they have totally ignored it


Wondering what to do next and how I can stop these people who call from some far distant call centre with a very poor command of the english language and who refuse to understand what they are being told

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  • 2 months later...

The best way to deal with telephone Harassment if letters fail

DCA: Can I speak to Mr. Smith

You: Yeh,sure


(put phone down)


Eventually,they will hang up, trust me.




Waste there time not yours

We live in an unmoderated country why should the net be any different?

Bring back free speech we miss it!

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  • 2 weeks later...

CCS Ltd are still sending text messages and phone calls too,

however I said you have now recieved a letter asking you not to call

Julie from CCS responded no we havent.

I said you have recieved the letter

again Julie replied we havent

I said it was sent on 1/4/10 and recieved 6/4/10

Julie "If that was the letter saying dont callthen you cant do that"

Me So you did recieve the letter then?

SILENCE THEN PHONE HUNG UP that was weds 21/04/10

I called her back hiding id I said is that Julie I think we were cut off can you now accept that you can no longer call me and that you must now correspond via mail

Julie's reponse we are sending people round so f**k off

ohhhhhh did I upset up I appologise if I did please dont swear again at me though

they hung up again so I left it there with a big grin on my face

today friday text message sent to me asking to call them yeah right thats going to happen.

Think the letter about harrassment is going to be sent



I know my rights Mr DCA I'm with the CAG......hello hello where you gone Mr DCA8)

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Is it possible to turn my landline into a premium number, so each time Barclaycard ring me it costs them £1000.00, hehe.:)


I love thinking outside of the box.

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There are two ways to deal with Telephone harassment if letters don't work.


One: put them on hold and leave them there till they hang up.


Two: refuse to do Data protection, then put them on hold.


actually there is three methods


Three: buy a whistle and blow it down the phone everytime DCA calls, eventually everyone in the office will permanently deaf and nobody will be calling anybody

We live in an unmoderated country why should the net be any different?

Bring back free speech we miss it!

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  • 1 month later...

whats the point in sending letters if they clearly dont pay any attention to them? maybe we would be better having a day of action and target one at a time and send the same letter on the same day, if only to inconvenience them. might even get press notice - just a thought

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Is it possible to turn my landline into a premium number, so each time Barclaycard ring me it costs them £1000.00, hehe.:)


I love thinking outside of the box.


I think you'd struggle to get above about £1.50 a minute, and only up to a maximum of £30 per call, from a landline (unless there's more expensive ones I've not seen).


Without any set-up costs on your part, you can get an 0871 number; they cost about 10p a minute to ring from a landline and you get about 30% of that.

Halifax (current accounts, credit card, old mortgage, secured loan)

thread here


MBNA (three credit cards)

thread here

firstdirect (a current account, two mortgage accounts, old loans, old credit card)

they've sold my current account. thread here.


Royal Mail

Claim issued by former employer Royal Mail, thread here.

I counterclaimed and won. They paid in full.

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  • 1 year later...

Vanquis - Harrasment letter sent, they keep phoning saying it is in my contract that I have to provide a telephone number for them to contact me. They refuse to accept my offer and keep banging on charges and interest as well.

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My girlfriend must have had about 50 calls in one week....from various people...now the 'digital' answerphone is full ( not bothered listening to any of them ) and just says 'Thanks for calling...bye'..


Funnily enough it's gone quiet now ( she won't answer phone anyway and i just say no...when they asked for her anyway )





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Is it possible to turn my landline into a premium number, so each time Barclaycard ring me it costs them £1000.00, hehe.:)


I love thinking outside of the box.




Actually that is entirely possible...and seeing as my girlfriends phone is for emergencies only and is hardly ever used ( both ways )......could be a great little earner at the expense of the DCA's.


That would be a nice little earner if you get £1.05 a minute especially if the phones just sat next to you while you are 'getting the person they want to speak to'


Now you've got me thinking!!!!




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My problems with Capital One :evil::evil::evil: I sent an harassment letter off to them after receiving around 8 calls a day for the past month or so and i also informed them I'd be recording their calls from now on. Had a response back today stating that though they are sorry i find the calls harassing they are legally entittled to call and will carrying on doing so. Also if i haven't gained authority from the 'associate' calling me i wont be able to use these calls for any action i may wish to take and will have no right to use the calls for any other purpose than personal use.


So basically there going to keep harassing me!

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