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    • Absolutely agree DX.    He was in a bad place at the time. His life was falling apart.    To compound it even more he’s about to complete the house sale.    He’s trying to prove that he never owed them money, he thinks they owe him.   Hopefully the SARS will help him..   And I appreciate your frankness:)
    • Hi all 👋   New here, sadly with problem.   This is B2B, not if this is allowed here.   My business has been contacted by CJCH solicitors (by email), two days ago allegeing use of Solidworks without a license.   Today we have been emailed again by a Maria Vinces of 3DS, with a techincal letter attached which included the mac address of two PC's and products with unauthorised use.   Further to the email we also received a phone call from the above from a Spanish number to discuss this.  I've basically told her to write to us and hung up.   Thing is the two mac addresses detailed in the letter do not appear on our network.   We also have a licensed copy of SW, installed and in use on the PC with a dongle, which we have had since 2012, and updated yearly until 2016 (this was via Solidcam). We have recently renewed our maintenance through Solidcam to the most recent version.   To me this screams of a scam, hence the reson for posting here.   Should I continue to ignore as has been suggested in other posts, or should I respond to their emails.   Thanks SolidScam      
    • Follow the instructions of the court. Also write them and to the other side that you did not attend because you were ill with Covid. The court will be completely understanding of this. You have had a series of phone calls I understand. You've been here since 2018. We have advice plastered all over this forum about recording your calls and how important it is and also our customer services guide. Have you read our customer services guide? Why haven't you been recording your calls because if you had you wouldn't have these gaps in your recollection. We don't post up this kind of advice for a joke
    • here is their supplemental WS Supp WS.pdf from VCS.pdf redacted.pdf
    • Welcome to the forum – and welcome also to a whole group of victims – although that probably won't make you feel any better. Can you please post up the service document in PDF format. Has it got MOT? What was the date of that? Which dealer's name did you actually buy the car from? How much to the car cost, what make, model, mileage, year? How much did you pay through finance – and what finance company did you use? How did you pay the rest of the cash balance. Was the finance on hire purchase or was it simply a loan with which to purchase the vehicle? Whatever the situation – and even if they apparently no longer exist, you must reject the car under the Consumer Rights Act. You are just within 30 days so you must write them a letter to their last known address – send it recorded delivery – in fact special next-day delivery and make it clear that the car which you bought has manifested serious defects and therefore you are asserting your right to reject the vehicle for a refund as it happens within the first 30 days of ownership. Send this letter straightaway. If you bought the car on hire purchase then send an exactly similar letter but addressed to the finance company and make it clear that they are responsible because they are the owners of the car and they have effectively sold to you and therefore you are asserting your rights under the consumer rights act. If it is not hire purchase then send them a copy of the letter which you have sent to the dealer and send a covering letter pointing out to them that under the consumer rights act, the contract is now void and as they, the finance company have provided the finance for it then there's is an ancillary contract which is also void. Tell them that you want to know what arrangements they are proposing to make to unravel the contract. You had better be assertive with them straightaway because believe me, all finance companies will drag their feet. So make it clear to them straightaway that you won't stand for any nonsense and that you're prepared to go to court to unravel the contract and to get any money back from them. Make it clear to them that you are completely familiar with your rights under section 75 of the consumer credit act 1974 which make them, the finance company, equal with the dealership in their obligations towards you Please answer the questions above and also confirm that you have sent the letters I have suggested – straightaway. That means draft the letters, post them up here if you want a quick scan of them from us and then get down to the post office for next day delivery. Don't hang around. This is a serious matter
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Cabot and store card cca return


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Hi there


i wondered if someone would mind helping me? a year ago i came on this site at least once a day and cant even come close to putting a value on the help received.


In December 2006 i sent a CCA request to Cabot with regards to a store card. no reply. Until the post came YESTERDAY with a photocopy of an application form. I need to double check actual dates, but their deadline ran out mid January, LAST YEAR.


Could anyone advise me of the next thing to do please? Sooooo confused!!!


Thank you

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well, after so long nthe debt becomes unenforcable , but since they have finally sent you one, can you scan it and post it on here so that we can check to see if it is enforcable or not.



Lula v Abbey - Settled

Lula v Abbey (2) - Settled

Lula v Abbey (3) - Stayed


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hey thanks for the replies - i dont have a scanner, but i can give u details of everything on it?


personal details - name, sex, DOB, nationality, password. anual income. phone number previous address, time at present address. bank account number and sort code.


small box at bottom - it DOES say Credit agreement regulated by the CCA 1974, but only 4 lines of legal stuff then a signature. no signature from the company. there is an authorised signature box, but its empty.


thats it :s

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OK no problems.

Now to be enforceable the "agreement" MUST have the prescribed terms.



S61(1)(a) CCA provides that, for a regulated agreement to be properly executed, it must contain all the prescribed terms of the agreement and conform to regulations under s60(1) – see Q1.14.


Reg 6(1) provides that the terms specified in Sch 6 to the Agreements Regulations are ‘prescribed terms’ for the purposes of s61(1)(a) and s127(3) – see Q8.2.


8.2 What if prescribed terms are missing or incorrect?


s127(3) provides that the court may not make an enforcement order unless a document containing all the prescribed terms of the agreement was signed by the debtor – see Q1.21.


If therefore any of the prescribed terms is missing, or incorrect, the agreement is not enforceable against the debtor, and the court is precluded from making an enforcement order.



8.3 What are the prescribed terms?


The prescribed terms specified in Sch 6 are as follows:


* amount of credit – see Q8.


* credit limit – see Q8.5

* repayments – see Q8.9.

* rate of interest – see Q8.6


Sch 6 was not amended by the 2004 Regulations.



Also check out Peter Bard's excellent thread on the subject: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general/103383-agreement-enforceability.html

Be VERY careful whose advice you listen too

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The prescribed terms specified in Sch 6 are as follows:


* amount of credit – see Q8. --- no


* credit limit – see Q8.5 ---no

* repayments – see Q8.9. ---no

* rate of interest – see Q8.6 ---no

there we go lol .... that little box basicaly goes over right to cancel, saying u have read the T&C, how we use your information, and your right to see the information held.

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Oh dear what a shame ;)


Right then did Cabot say anything in the letter with the application ?

I would be inclined to ignore them for the moment until they come back with further demands for payment.

Be VERY careful whose advice you listen too

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they said they have now complied, which now means they can continue to pursue for payment. in one way it made me pee myself laughing at the length of time it took them to provide the agreement lol... on the other hand i was so angry they didnt apologise or anything, like they have done nothing wrong - they are DC's... what was a really expecting :rolleyes:

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Yeah a typical nastygram template.

I'd wait and see if they have anything else to say.

They don't have a leg to stand on.

Gives us a shout IF they write again.

Be VERY careful whose advice you listen too

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