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help info req please thanks


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right hello all

had a car off the internet in july this year peugeot 306 diesel

collected it from near cornwall we live midlands drove it home etc went on holiday to cornwall on way home broke down (fuel pipe metal cracked)


aa put temp repair on to get home


went peugeot get replacement done it myself all's well

week later breaks again back to peugeot again they replaced them

fitted again and suprise suprise yep you guessed it broke again phoned aa they checked i fitted right which i did do they checked engine mountings as peugeot said it might be them causing it to break they was fine strange


so we replaced again then it went again my partner decided to use a local garage to us so we put it in there we told them the problems we was experiencing with it


between 70-80 the car power holds back like its juddering like a blocked injector or something (this problem we had from day 1 with car)


so they said that the pipe is cracked and we explained everything and so on now they put a second hand pipe on charged us about 40 quid didnt give us a reciept we paid cash aswell then i drove it to gatwick the other week no probs then i drove to london then back to gatwick as was staying there for coupe of days then i fired it up drove bout 1/2mile then it cracked i was doing about 29 mph in a 30 when it happened


phoned up the so called garage mechanic who was'nt bothered at all ad even not at the slightest that it had cracked and he said we even paid too little and the price should of been more cheek


well enough of him the muppet i aint reported him yet to anybody as dont know where i stand with that garage so im still in gatwick with the car i call greenflag out i got the car recovered in a few days after to another garage local to me again obviously i wont name any names just yet but this one is part of that good garage scheme now we have only had the car a week paid over 2oo quid for fuel pipes , thermostat, anti freeze

we told the garage we have had the same constant problem before

they said they breifly looked at the pump bracket(whatever that is)


i drove to watford yesterday on the way there it cracked again

i phoned the garage to notify them ill be up asap with car as the garage said they gauranteed the parts etc


we put 30 quid diesel in morning for my trip which should be more than plenty

had to put further 25 when i got to watford for on the way back


then on the way back i got to j11 m40 then it gave up on me (broke down) there was a 1/4 of tank left so never ran out


got it recovered back home to the garage had a little few words with chap in there i was nice as can be and even asked him to valet car as it was covered in diesel oil he said if car not done the following day we would get a courtesy car as partner was working late nights and its cold in mornings to walk with our lad to nursery so no courtesy car results to getting taxis


sorry dont pay tax to use a bus and have a cold 3 yr old and the inconvience


now so far had to cancel night shift as the garage failed to arrange car losing about 60 wages

my partner losing a day wages 12 hours at 6.50 ph


so far we've had 4 taxi's at total cost of 30 quid


then when i did speak to the garage at 4pm tonight they reckon it might be another part at a cost of in exces of 200 quid (that diesel bracket)


the receptionist said that she will get the chap to call me back in 5 mins but no body ever did since that yet i did go into garage after 5 pm to collect some bits out of car that was it the bloke was there in office but never bothered to come and speak to us or even phone


they have had car all day to make a descision just to leave it on the ramp stripped and expect us to pay more money when its us out of pocket

and no courtesy car i did warn them if any taxis i will invoice them the bloke must think i was lying god we are livid


any advice help etc gladly appreciated i will update to as what goes on next thanks all sorry if this goes on a bit

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Hi all


Right, before we start I tried, really I did, to make sense of this. Sadly I failed. Gibberish.


You bought a car of the internet in July and it came from Cornwall. You then went to Cornwall for a holiday and it broke down on way back home, AA attended. Temp repair made to fuel pipe.


You fit new fuel pipe, Peugeot fit a new pipe, local gargae fit new pipe, all broken, can anyone see a theme developing?


Then someone fits used pipe for £40, no receipt :eek: Gatwick and back to London it's OK, but you notice it crack at 29 MPH, that's very observant you even noticed you were in a 30 Zone. So, you are still in Gatwick, fule pipe broke, you call Green Flag, what happened to the AA? You get it recovered to another local garage who fit another pipe + thermostat and anti-freeze, where did they come from?? Cracked on way to Watford, diesel everywhere.


£55 on Diesel and it stopped with 1/4 of tank, did you not observe the deisel pouring out!!


Why did you have to cancel night shift, there are numerous other way's of getting from A to B temporarily. You only get £60 for a night shift, that's slave labour.


The timings all wrong for a car bought in July, now in local garage.


It's not he garages fault, this has been incorrectly diagnosed all along, if it want's £200 to fix it it's not the garages fault.


Go back to Cornwall and find seller, show him all broken pipes and get some money out of him.


Don't buy any more cars off the web.



44 years at the pointy end of the motor trade. :eek:


Linux Mint is an elegant, easy to use, up to date and comfortable desktop operating system.


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hi hammy yes was in gatwick when had to call green flag


as for the aa we cancelled our breakdown with them as the policy was in patners name and covered to drive car hence green flag comes in


yes did notice the diesel pouring out the garage where the car is now advised us to try and see if i could get it back home when i went to watford the other day i got so far then it broke down there was diesel in in it



the part needed if it is is 200 quid but they said thier is no gaurantee its going to be that


we know it aint the garages fault etc but shouldnt they of spotted the signs in beginning when we 1st took it to them ?


we have ben very calm over it all my partner bless her is not just livid but very close to tears as she doesnt earn a lot and with me just been made redundant and all before xmas and we've also not brought prezzies yet as keep getting this car in garage everytime we get level with money this car or something pops up we aint moaning not looking at blaming any body well perhaps that chap onthe internet knew but i asked him he said no who are we to believe like anything afterall its a auction


i suppose its a lesson learnt and looks like a costly one


does anybody want the car lol


but overall times are hard aswell i fell like im a bit like billy mitchel


well any further help etc gladly appreciated as always

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Why continually replace it, didn't you think to find the cause after such a short life?

It is obviously movement doing this, so if it is under the bonnet and between the engine and body then there is not enough slack to take up the engine rocking which would suggest that the mountings are the problem.

Have to agree with the above unfortunately. I don't think you will have any luck submitting a taxi bill and loss of wages to the garage, would you give up work completely if you lost your license for some reason.

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May be I was a little harsh with my first post????????


I'm still not 100% certain which part is being replaced, You mentchion a "diesel bracket" and the "pump" which suggests to me its an injector pipe that keeps cracking???????. But you also say the AA did a "get you home bodge" so it cant be an injector pipe??????


Do you still have the invoice from the dealer that supplied the pipe you fitted? If you do then please post the part number so we can have a go at working out whats going on.


Regards Banks.


P.s. Conniff, are we almost of the same mind for the first time ever?

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well thanks all so far


got car back today finally


the garage didnt charge us ( as a good will gesture)


they said they replaced the diesel pump bracket and put new set of fuel pipes on


and washed the car


but said they wouldnt gaurantee this time as they feel theres more to the car some where that meets the eye they reckon


so at least we get car back for a start to get rid of it


do you think we should contact seller of day 1 a 3 rd party and make them aware and see if the seller would want to buy the car back and cut our losses


the engine mountings nd injectors was checked and all is fine so something else is the cause they said it might need the new injector system which is over a grand and rebuild it all then take it from there


so please santa bring us a porsche for xmas as a trade in lol


as for losing a licence i think the person who does is a idiot to them self ive clean licence in 10 years no points no claims or anything then


the company who i worked for i was driving a boss around coz he got done for drink drive then theres people who go pub and drink and drive and so on

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Well........ pleased to hear you have the car back, if they are not guaranteeing the job then maybe selling the car is a good idea, as for weather you tell any prospective buyer is a matter for your conchens. All I can say is, this is about the worst time of year to be selling a "problem" car as every one is busy buying c**** for people that they don't rely want (Oh the joys of Christmas!) so may be stick with it for a little while and see how it goes?.


Regards Bamks.

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All I can say to that is, I'm glad your not a customer of mine. Good luck you will need it with an attitude like that.


cant u wait untill things warm up b4 you start insulting people or is it in your nature to get in 1st?;)

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Have to agree with the above unfortunately.


May be I was a little harsh with my first post???????

P.s. Conniff, are we almost of the same mind for the first time ever?


I with DttB, maybe i was harsh too.


And I agree with Coniff as well :eek:





my golly gosh, i dont believe what im seeing.....! maybe its coz santas coming youve all had a change of heart......

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cant u wait untill things warm up b4 you start insulting people or is it in your nature to get in 1st?;)


It was an observation based on the original post. But the O/P got me thinking......(witch pipe is causing the problem??????) so I came back to have another look to find that hammy and Conniff had expressed not utterly dissimilar opinions to my self.


It's a public forum! Questions get asked (occasionally they get answered),Opinions get voiced,advise is offered, thats the whole point!!!!


Please feel free to comment on my posts, But please use the "Motor trade off topic" thread in the Bear Garden to do so.


Regards Banks.

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Guest BIGMTJ1975
my golly gosh, i dont believe what im seeing.....! maybe its coz santas coming youve all had a change of heart......

maybe its another time of the month! as in your!

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now now keep it all clean please lol


i was thinking now that the garage has replaced the fuel injector pipe and they also reckon they did the thermostat and diesel fuel pump bracket


well the pipe and bracket the i carnt really tell if it is new when me and my brother was looking at it today and this bracket thingie what on earth is it and where is it located and if i could see it in the engine bay what would i be looking for exactly ?


we didnt get another reciept as they warranteed the parts the 1st time around


but as you will see in my post they arnt if they go again

but surely on day 1 we paid the garage to sort the problem out so surely if we kept our lovely pug and everytime the pipe breaks we keep taking it back to garage would'nt they have to keep replacing it under warranty after all thats what we paid them for


plus all the old parts they claim to of replaced they never offered us to view them so how would i know if they did


after all a selection of them are dodgy charging for work not done ive seen it done as i used to work for one thats why i left them


look forward to the replies

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If you want old parts back, you must ask for them, the average owner don't want old junk so it goes in the bin.

They wouldn't keep replacing time after time, you should have returned to the first repairer and told him that there seems to be some other fault causing the pipe to fracture and could they please rectify it.

Irrespective of the job being done under warranty, you should ask for a receipt or a signed job chit from them.

They wont warrant it again as it is obviously a fault with the car and nothing to do with the pipe.

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Return and ask for the old parts, they are yours.

If the repair you have just had done does not last any longer than the other ones then you will have to find the reason why.

Was the internet seller a dealer or private. If a dealer then try your luck with him and see what he has to say. If private then I'm afraid there is nothing you can do except get it diagnosed at your expense.

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well firstly happy new yr lol i know its nearly april


we did sell the car in end then they encounted problems but did tell them in begining oh well


brought another 1 not so long back then some muppet decided to write it off going in to side of us bumper 2 bumper and 2 doors nice not that we complaing as weve got a very nice courtsey spelling aint right i know im tired


oh well think its breakfast time now

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