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HELP! i have had a nighmare with HFO


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This is my first post to the site so i apologise if i rabbit on!


I basically had my first encounter with HFO 3 weeks ago with a message left on my mobile to call them (no explanation etc - just an urgent call required) called back an left message for a guy but i never received anything back for around a week....


when he finally called me he explained who he was and that he was there to help (As if) and demanded £3,500 one off payment followed by monthly instalments there after. told him i wouldn't be in this situation if i had spare cash like that and then the harrasment started.


They have pulled stunts like calling my parents (who i no longer live with as i'm married with kids) threatening to black list them and also calling to obtain my address details/ work number etc by pretending to be my boss and saying i hadn't turned up for work. My mother clocked on and told him to do one.


I have since received a letter from the original debtors (morgan Stanley) advising me they had passed the debt over to HFO (as i sent a CCA letter) but it looks shabby and cant work out if its really from MS.


all took its toll when i exploded over the phone requesting a face to face meeting (nasty things were said) and i haven't heard anything since. This company is a crooked as can be and have no problems who they upset and the harass (numerous with held number calling) This Allan (the account manager) has tried everything with me and i did agree to make monthly payment of £100 but he declined and told me its to small.


I'm not proud of my situation but am starting to worry as i dont want a CCJ against my name. I have logged everything and requested they write to me rather than call but have received nothing from them.


They have breached so many covenants set by the OFT its untrue


What should i do?



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;) Hey akas, calm down, we have all been there, who are HFO? they sound awful, are they a debt collection agency? And by the way, I dont regard £100 a month as a "small" payment. I should go to your citizens advice bureau as soon as you can. They are very good and so long as you take their advice then you will not go to court. Take care now Hils
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akas, welcome to CAG, you're on the right site to get all the help you need.


I'd PM a mod if I were you and ask for your thread to be moved to the Debt Ccollectors forum where you'll get all the help and advice you need from people experienced with this company and their tactics.


Good luck. :)

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I would consider a complaint to Trading Standards. They are going against many OFT guidlelines with their behaviour. When i complained about the behaviour of a DCA TS wrote to them, telling them amongst other things to write to me only. It worked.

I'm midway through the tunnel, but getting closer to the light.




Please be aware that i am not an expert in anything!

I may offer an opinion, but the final decision is yours.

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Im looking forward to dealing with these clowns.


They have just bought a debt from my O/H Barclaycard.


Give them hell AKAS I will:)


Click here for great help:razz:

http://www.consumeractiongroup.c o....hat-youre.html


http://www.consumeractiongroup.c o....i-dummies.html


If I have helped please give the scales a press.

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HFO are a nasty bunch. They will apply for a charging order on your property or attachment of earnings in every case even for small amounts. You need to send them a CCA tomorrow and get the ball rolling. You also need to SAR the original creditor.


You really do need to have your wits about you with this lot. Their call centre operators are rude and aggressive and wont take 'no' for an answer. You also need to send them the harrassment by telephone letter found in the template library. It was recently published that a woman successfully prosecuted a creditor for continued harrassment and won substantial compensation.


You definitely need to make a formal complaint to TS. I know they are presently looking into their dubious practices. The more comlplaints they receive the sooner they will lose their license!



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HFO are getting a very bad name, complain about their demands and phone calls to Trading Standards, the more complaints they get the more they will realise the dodgy dealings this company do.


Any correspondence, especially their fake courier cards from First Securities or similar should be taken to Trading Standards.

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am i right in saying that they can only apply for a charge order against your property or a attatchement of earnings , ONLY if they have taken you to court and you have defualted on the payments with the court??!

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Hi all


just started dealing with these clowns......they dont know who they have taken on :)


DONT TALK TO THEM ON THE PHONE......tell them that all communications must be in writing as you are preparing a legal case and you want to document it. Also tell them that all calls WILL be recorded without further confirmation to the caller.


if they do continue to call tell them or send them a letter saying that if they continue this course of action it will be seen as harassment under s.40 of the 1970 justice act and 1997 protection from harassment act.


dont answer ANY of their security questions


then ask THEM the usual security questions..DOB....mothers maiden name...address...phone number, business phone number ....mobile no.


they usually hang up


Play with them :) it drives them mad....have you ever stirred up an ants nest :)






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:D If you think I have helped, informed, or amused you do the clickey scaley thing !! :D

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HFO are getting a bad name for themselves with Wandsworth County Court so if you do receive a summons from them ring the court people and discuss the situation with them.


They can't get a charging order against you that easily, you need to go to court to get a CCJ registered then if you don't pay you get a charging order. If they try to CCJ you state that they have not complied with CCA requests and have not accepted a reasonable offer of payment.


Keep a written record of the attempts to contact you and take it to Trading Standards, they work well outside the OFT guidelines, especially with their fake courier cards.....

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thankyou guys for your help, i was correct in thinking that then..although i have just read up on a site that if a debt company was to make a charging order against your propert y they can then apply for the courts to aqquire the property,in other words repossess your property!!?

we have had a few nasty dealing with this company..harrassment, they guy even called my partner a f*****g git!

the thursday said that a field assessment team officer was coming to our property on satudat at 2pm....and guess what?!.....no one turned up!!! lol

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Hi people,


just a little low down, i haven't heard from HFo for a while now and did all the necessary in sending Harassment/ CCA letter etc......


I did have a call just the other day from Turnbull Rotherford who advised me that they are now in charge of the account and wanted some info from me - i think they were a little suprised when i got out all my notes and exploded on the phone telling them i'll see them in court having recorded all conversation, lies, ilegal remarks and so on.


again, note heard anything as the guy said he'd be calling me back making out i'm obviously 1 of the few who has had a bad experience with HFO (like he doesn't know what these fools get up to) apparently Turnbull Rotherford solicitors are in the same office?


anyway i am quite prepared to see them in court as i have in fact (although you will probably not agree) offered to pay them £100 per month but they just laughed at me. well at least i recorded it....


Did loose my rag a number of times - even started asking for face to face meeting and the DCA's personal address and numbers etc (they didn't like that)


i am as i've already stated well prpared to put right my wrongs but not with a bunch of ******* like these.....


thanks all (probably get home tonight to find court summons)


apologies for the spelling

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