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Please help-I can't ignore the phone calls anymore and need to deal with my debt

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I can't cope with the constant daily phone calls that I am getting at the moment and need to face up to the debt collectors, but i'm so scared.


I just keep ignoring the phone and the calls are coming thick and fast,with them starting at about 0830 and continuing through the day up until about 9pm.

I'm a nervous wreck and it's making me so miserable.


I do have a DMP through the Consumer Credit council which I have been in for the past 3 years,and that's fine, but I have to shamefully admit that I ordered some stuff from Littlewoods and Kays catalogues last Christmas.

I know I shouldn't have, but felt I had no option as the kids needed clothes and I had no spare money as it was all being paid into my DMP.


I managed to pay the monthly payment with help from my mum and my partner, but fell behind when I split from my partner 6 months ago.


At that point I contacted Littlewoods and Kays and told them the situation,hoping to come to some sort of arrangement.

They were so nasty and unsympathetic and told me that interest would be added as well as late payment and admin fees.

I just buried my head in the sand and hoped it would all go away, I suppose.


I'm so stupid and pathetic.

I shouldn't have taken on more debt when I was working to clear what I already had,and I haven't told the consumer credit council as I'm afraid they will cancel my current arangement because I shouldn't have taken on more credit.


The letters I am getting are off Moorcroft LTD, Bryan Carter Solicitors and Phoenix Recoveries, and to be honest I am not even sure of the original balance now as they all seem to be adding charges on .

The latest letter from Bryan Carter sol was at the end of Nov and it said final notice, court proceedings will be issued.

So to top it all looks like I'm going to end up in court.


I want to pay this debt, I really do,but I don't want to pay all the charges that have been added.


Should I take a deep breath and phone them ,or should I write to them .

I'm so confused and miserable.

Please help

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Well the first practical solution is to change your phone number and make it ex directory. That way the incessant phone calls halt and they have to write to you instead which is better.


Then send CCA requests to each creditor enclosing a postal order as payment. Send special delivery as the clock starts from receipt of your letter. After 12 working days no CCA = no pay.

You may receive different advice to your query as people have different experiences and opinions. Please use your own judgement in deciding whose advice to take.


If in doubt seek advice from a qualified insured professional. Any advice I have offered you is done so on an informal basis, without prejudice or liability.


If you think I have been helpful PLEASE click the scales


court bundles for dummies

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Hi Josie,

Do I send the CCA to just Littlewoods and kays, or do I send it to Bryan Carter Solicitors too ?

Should I phone them and tell them that I am disputing how much the debt is as penalty charges have been added on


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Hi ,


its highly unlikely from my experience that littlewoods will have signed credit agreement


Now then, you would need to send the CCA request to whoever is chasing you for the debt. if its Bryan Carter Solicitors then CCA them,


under the Consumer Credit Act they have an obligation to pass this on to the creditor in any case


send the CCA request along with a one pound postal order and do not sign the letter, merely print your name


send it recorded delivery and they have 12 working days from reciept of the request to supply you the info requested


i hope this helps


if you have any questions just ask




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Thank you so much for the replies, I feel so much better already just knowing you wonderful people are out there to offer advice.


I'm not sure who owns what debt etc, but it mentions phoenix recoveries on both the moorcroft and bryan carter letters.

Should I send the CCA letters to phoenix ?


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Hi Scaredy cat - don't be scared you'll find the strength once you start finding your feet and getting the letters detailed above out:)

I was getting the same amount of phone calls lastyear and it can make you start to feel ill.

At the time B.T. offered me a free service called Choose to refuse. It's totally free for the first month and when the debt collectors phone all you do is simply put the phone down and put in a three digit code afterwards n they get an auto mated phone message telling them you do not wish to speak to them - it's like magic PLUS I always think it's best to have everything in writing from these companies and I've learnt along the way that it's mostly the best policy not to talk to them over the phone.

As for your CCA requests I send mine to the company on the top of the letter you'll usually find they hand the debt back to whoever it belongs to in no time at all so you'll soon find out who this is and if they have a legal right to be collecting it - I had one catalogue company bill passed onto 12 different debt collectors until they finally admitted there was no credit agreement :O)

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NatWest : £857.00 won! March/07

Natwest : Witholding my statements & adding defaults etc , S.A.R sent Jan/08

Natwest for my partner : £2,101.00 won! Feb/07

Studio Cards : Refund for admin charges £108 Won! Dec/07

Complaint made to FOS for P.P.I Jan/08

Nationwide: S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) sent for statements Nov/07 ( waiting to see what happens in the OFT test case )

Littlewoods : defaulted on CCA request Feb/07

DCA's that crawled out from the woodwork and have crawled back : 28 so far!!

My favourite link on CAG:

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