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Red - Text messaging Land Lines

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Despite my written request sent by recorded mail, to be only contacted by letter and my recent request not to be contacted at all unless they could produce statments etc. as alleged debt was in dispute (They failed the CCA request many months ago), I am now being bombarded daily by calls from BT with text messages sent to my land line from Red telling me to contact them. The messages are being picked up by my answer machine and filling it up which is a real issue for me.I know about all the threat letters in respect of harrassment/report to TS etc. but is there an effective deterrent to this. Has anyone in these forums ever taken these people to court under the harrassment statutes? The calls have been every day this week.

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I'm afraid the only recourse i know is to contact TS - however, it might be worth giving OFCOM a shout.

All help is merely my opinion only - please seek legal advice if you need to as I am only qualified in SEN law.

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Debt tracing apparently doesn't come under the jurisdriction of the telephone watchdogs, I have advised by BT of this when my husband was being harrassed by European Collections.


I think you will need to contact Red by letter and state texts, phone calls and any other non written communication needs to cease now or you will report to Red's local police form as you will take it as a form of harrassment.


I don't know of anyone who has taken a DCA to the police over harrassment BUT there could be people and of course, there is always a first time for everything.


Start making a note of ALL the texts to your landlines you receive, maybe buy a little note book and note the date and time these texts are received along with a brief note of the message. This will all weigh in your favour if you have to take this further.


Good Luck,

TF xx

All my knowledge has been gained from personal experience and the sharing of advice from fellow members.

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Write to Red and simply ask for their complaints procedure. As simple as this sounds it often makes them stop and think. I've done it a couple of times with DCAs after exhausting harrrassment letters and so forth. As said previously, log all call and text times.


If not, will it cause problems to change your number? I know you shouldn't have too, but somtimes it's worth it for the peace.

I'm midway through the tunnel, but getting closer to the light.




Please be aware that i am not an expert in anything!

I may offer an opinion, but the final decision is yours.

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Red is a Lowell company and they are the pits at the best of times. Take a read of this Now it's debt collection - by text | Cash | The Observer


DCA practices get worse and worse, if they did what was correct in the first place people wouldn't be so frightened and intimidated. They could quite easily spend a little time before jumping on the telephone researching the debt, obtaining the copy of the Agreement ( not the Application Form!) from the original creditor, presenting their case and then listening to the debtor as to how they planned to repay the debt given their circumstances. Then, if they don't have a satisfactory resolution they will have all the correct paperwork upon which they can follow the law and raise a summons, obtain judgement and seek redress. As it is, they get a 3 line detail of an alleged debt, phone up intimidating the person without any details of the agreement or sight of an agreement to substantiate the debt, waste endless letters and postage and phone calls annoying the person rigid who quite rightly rebels and has to begin the process of CCA requests, court papers etc etc. when it really could be a whole lot easier for everyone. But that wouldn't suit the Debt Collection Industry because harassment is their Unique Selling Point - as the ole croner Dylan sang " well the times they are a changing" The Cabot Fan Clubs on to you - BEWARE

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Had the same thing from Credit Solutions, Traderman. They sent text messages to our landline which caused our BT voicemail to call our phone every twenty minutes or so (it only stops when you delete the message). Not good when you're 76 year-old Mum is babysitting for the evening and has to get up every 20 mins to answer the phone! :(


Am going to OFCOM and TS/OFT with this one, as the debt was clearly disputed and the OC (Barclays) have confirmed this. I contacted Credit Solutions in writing and told them to stop, but (surprise, surprise) they actually increased the number of times they rang from then on.


Good luck with complaint with RED - I didn't even think of taking them to Court. :confused:

WOOLWICH -S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) sent 03/03/07 :cool:

LBA sent for non-compliance with Data Protection Act 28/04/07 :mad:


ABBEY - S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) sent 03/03/07 8)

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