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    • Hi   I could be wrong here so could @namedisplay please clarify if I am correct or completely wrong?   In your post#1 you mention that due to your health issues and your mental state at the time you rang the Training Room and was told it would cost and initial £200 and then £15 per month until you finished the course.   Then further in post#1 The Training Room told you you were not eligible for an extension because you hadn't completed enough of the course.   With the above I now refer Post#12 which mentions your circumstances are covered by 13 in the TTR Terms and Conditions.   What is mentioned above seems conflicting from TTR for the following:   1. IMO that money of £200 and then £15 per month (on top of original Course Fees) was them at that time agreeing to an extension as per 13 in TTR Terms and Conditions   2. Them stating you can't extend Course as not completed enough of Course is not in TTR Terms and Conditions (that I and others can see) (Note they could be referring to 15 in TTR Terms and Conditions)   Can you clarify the above and were you informed those extra costs were due to an extension of your Course.   Again I will ask did you provide the Training Room with Medical Evidence when you asked the above?   We also still need to see the Letter from Training Room Threatening Legal Action (fully redacted) which you still haven't posted?   You need to send The Training Room a Subject Access Request (SAR) asking for 'ALL DATA' that simple phrase means whatever format they hold that data in whether it be written, email, recorded phone calls etc.   They then have 30 Calendar Days to respond to your SAR Request and that Time Limit only starts once they have acknowledged your SAR Request. They can extend that Time Limit if they need to prove identity before actioning the SAR Request so be aware of that.   A SAR Request is now FREE and make sure you get Free Proof of Posting from the Post Office     Your right of access ICO.ORG.UK   Can you please make sure you answer the questions asked of Caggers to assist you    
    • I've been trying to resolve a issue with 8 PCN issued by Tyne Tunnel 2 (tt2.co.uk). Tyne Tunnel 2 is a gated toll charged tunnel to cross the River Tyne in Newcastle. We moved in recently so all a bit new to us. My dad had been using the tunnel about twice a week and he had been paying cash for the toll fee at the booths. At some point in November 2021 they had done some constructions where the gates had been closed and payments had transitioned to online methods. My dad had been oblivious to this and been on his merry way multiple times thinking that he doesn't need to pay. So he received the first PCN some where end of November which had been issue on the 26th after which point I went on alert and sorted out the online accounts and such. However the current total of fines has amounted to £255.20 and I have appealed explaining that soon as the letters were received we have resolved the issue but they insist on us paying 8 PCN. I feel it's unfair that the fine is for the same offence which we couldn't have rectified or known until we received the first PCN letter and after the first PCN we have rectified it so feel they are being bit draconic. Any advice on this matter? 
    • No need to apologise! I am extremely grateful for both your help   Gosh very good attention to detail going on here   Great thank you, i will put them back as below   Good evening to you   DEFENCE   1.     The Defendant contends that the particulars of claim are vague and generic in nature. The Defendant accordingly sets out its case below and relies on CPR r 16.5 (3) in relation to any particular allegation to which a specific response has not been made.     2.     Paragraph 1 is noted. It is accepted I have in the past had agreements with Lloyds TSB. I do not recall the precise details or agreement nor the claimant either, having failed to provide an agreement/account number within its particulars of claim and have therefore sought verification from the claimant.   3.     Paragraph 2 is noted but until such time the claimant can clarify the agreement account number any breach has yet to be proven.      4.     I am unaware of any legal assignment or Notice of Assignment allegedly served by either the Claimant or Lloyds TSB pursuant to the Law of Property Act 1925.   5. Paragraph 3 is denied. I am unaware of any Notice of default served.   6.     It is denied with regards to the Defendant owing any monies to the Claimant. The Claimant has failed to provide any evidence of the Agreement/Assignment/Default notice or Termination requested by CPR 31. 14.    Therefore the Claimant is put to strict proof to: a) show how the Defendant has entered into an agreement ; and b) show how the Defendant has reached the amount claimed for; and c) Show or evidence a Default Notice /Notice of Sums in Arrears, d) show how the Claimant has the legal right, either under statute or equity to issue a claim;   7.     As per Civil Procedure Rule 16.5(4), it is expected that the Claimant prove the allegation that the money is owed.   8.     On the 5th of January 2022 I requested to The Claimants Solicitors, Mortimer Clarke by way of a CPR 31.14 copies of the documents referred to within the Claimants particulars to establish what the claim is for. Mortimer Clarke have failed to fulfil my CPR 31:14 request.   9.     On the 5th of January 2022 I made a section 78 legal request to the claimant for a copy of the Consumer Credit Agreement. The claimant has as of 27/01/22 failed to comply.   10.  By reason of the facts and matters set out above, it is denied that the Claimant is entitled to the relief claimed or any relief.
    • std letter the court send simply telling you the claimant has 28 days to do 'something' else the claim get autostayed.   go read a goof few 10's of PCN claimform threads.    
    • Update. I get the feeling they will try and take me all the way. Just have to wait and see. court letter..pdf
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Need some help with Redstone Mortgages

Guest DebtWeary

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I am not sure if you can answer my question ? We have been out of our 3 year deal with Redstone sice last October. we are libor plus 2.5% I want to over pay since our payments are low. I phoned redstone and was tols we could pay only £1000 per year. If this is a ' debt ' could we not pay off more . We can't find a descent remortgage deal at present so are going to save in an isa or try to pay more to redstone ??

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It's time the FSA got off their backsides and put a stop to them. It's not the first post I have read where they say people owe them money even though they don't, and have had to go to great lengths to show proof that they don't owe them!

Redstone Mortgages Limited fined £630,000 for unfair treatment of some customers in arrears

Anthrax alert at debt collectors caused by box of doughnuts


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On 15th July 2010, The Financial Services Authority fined Redstone Mortgages £630,000 for unfair treatment of customers in arrears. The FSA identified a number of serious failings including the unnecessary use of litigation to secure arrangements to pay, applying unfair charges to custopmers accounts, sending repetitive, excessive and confusing correspondence, and failing to ensure that the servicing staff acting on Redstone's behalf had adequate understanding of treating mortgage arrears customers fairly. It is estimated that it will cost Redstone up to £500,000 to redress customers who were charged unfair, and/or excessive charges whilst they were in arrears. Brings a warm glow to your heart doesn't it!!

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I usually do not like to see people airing there dirty laundry in public, but i geniunely understand that in the case of Redstone mortgages PLC the only way forward is to help each other by raising awareness. Therefore i have decided to publish this information for other consumers/victims who find themselves in my position at the hands of Redstone. Sadly and as i am sure you are now aware you are not alone.


This was the most recent letter i sent to Redstone following a discussion with the FSA and information ombudsman Service who you should also be speaking to if you have a legitimate complaint about this company.


I write with reference to the above account in an attempt to clarify the current arrears situation.

Sadly I suffered a ligament injury in 2008 while playing rugby which resulted in a total of 7 months loss of earnings and caused me to fall behind on my payments.

Once I had recovered from my injury I managed to secure employment relatively quickly despite the state of the economy and immediately contacted your company to arrange a repayment schedule.

Despite my efforts and my financial advisors (Mr Wilson) best efforts to resolve the matter without litigation (further unnecessary costs/debt on my account) and our more than reasonable offer to your company to repay the arrears at a rate of an extra £300 per month, your company insisted on taking me to court in an attempt to repossess my home.

I was able to prove at that hearing in February 2009, by way of providing bank statements and an employment contract, that I could comfortably afford to pay my mortgage of £1602 per month (at that time) plus £300 per month towards the arrears or a total of £1902 per month, otherwise the court would have granted you possession.

Despite regular increases in how much you were taking from my account, which is irregular because I had a fixed rate mortgage term at that time and you were taking as much as £2002 some months, or £100 more than agreed at the possession hearing and my more than reasonable offer of £300 per month extra you still want to get more blood out of the stone.

I wasn’t too bothered at the time because I was earning lots of money in my profession and foolishly assuming that if you were taking more each month it would simply pay off my arrears faster and these arrears were giving your company justification to charge me £50 per month arrears fee (Since November 2008 or 23 months or a total of £1150) which was just digging me deeper in debt and making me take longer to pay off my arrears.


You must be aware that I have been making extra payments of £300 each month since at least 14th April 2009 towards the arrears in an attempt to bring the account back into order and you have been accepting these payments, initial by debt card and more recently by direct debit.

I do not have a copy of the court order to hand, however I am aware that the total arrears balance including legal/court costs was in the region of £8,000. I have been paying £300 per month since 14th April 2009 which is just over 19 months ago, which should mean that provided I had maintained the agreement and repaid an extra £300 per month, I should have paid £5700 off, leaving only around £2300 of arrears showing on the account. In addition to this, had your company not have been charging me £50 per month arrears fee this would have also reduced my Mortgage account balance by £1150, leaving only £1150 outstanding as arrears, which would take less than 4 months for me to repay at the agreed £300 per month.


I am therefore surprised to receive so much harassment and threatening communication from your credit management team demanding payment of arrears and threatening eviction for debts I do not owe. I am sure you are aware of the Civil Justice Council Mortgage Arrears Protocols whereby lenders are required to extend help and assistance to customers who are experiencing difficulties, and that no action or repossession should be threatened or instigated while the customer is making payments towards such arrears.

Besides the above there are further and more alarming irregularities which I must raise in this complaint as I have done so verbally on many occasions to your credit management team, with no further action being taken once they had put the phone down. I fact there are so many that for the purpose of saving the rainforest I will briefly summaries these factors and you can refer to your own internal records for greater detail, because I insisted that your staff log notes on each occasion.


1) The balance of my Mortgage account at the time of me taking out a mortgage with Beacon homeloans in 2008, (the company you acquired my mortgage account from without my consent) was £282,000. Even if I had not paid any arrears back and only paid interest payments, the balance should be no more than £290,000 including the arrears. However amongst the piles of dozens of threatening letters that I have received from your company over these past few months, you have stated that my mortgage account balance( fluctuates monthly) is between £294,000 and £297,000 and even more at times, some £4000+ more than it should be, which I have been and still am paying interest on. I have raised this matter verbally to your credit management team during June, September and October 2010 and notes are on your system because other staff have referred to them when I have had to defend myself against their accusations of me poorly maintaining my agreement to repair the legitimate arrears from my rugby injury, yet you continue to fail to amend my accounts balance and in doing so cause further suffering and further prevent me from getting my account back into order.

2) Your companies legal representative advised me and my financial advisor at the possession hearing that under the circumstances I should pay by debit card each month until the arrears were in order, which if you check was what I did. At least until your credit management team advised me that because I had been maintaining the agreement to repay the arrears that I should set up a direct debit, which was effective from 14th February 2010. I acted on the advice of your company’s credit management representative and complied. In august 2010 I began receiving threatening letters from your company claiming that I had not maintained my agreement, and unless I repaid the £2,400 default arrears within 14 days my home would be repossessed, despite the fact you were withdrawing the funds directly from my account each month by direct debit and at the time of your company setting up the direct debit the account was in good order. I contacted your credit management team to make enquires, because you had been taking the payments by direct debit and they initially advised me to ignore the letters because they could see that each month the correct amount had been taken of £1102. I then contacted your legal representatives to discuss if any repossession action had been instigated and they advised me that as long as I had been paying each month they would not be taking any action against me and advised me to call you back to complain about the threatening letters. I again called you company to make further enquires and after nearly an hour of questioning you credit management representative, he discovered that your advisor who set up the direct debit in February had set it up for the wrong amount and you should have been taking £1402 per month not £1102, which was why there was default arrears showing of approximately £2000+.

3) I have been charged an arrears fee of £50 per month for at least 19 months costing £1150+ which has only dug my arrears hole deeper.

4) Your company have set up direct debits for the wrong date at least twice which resulted in me incurring bank charges of £30 and then continued to re-present the charge at least 3 times despite the bank returning it un-paid costing at very least £180, which could also have come off of my arrears.

5) Pursued repossession action unnecessarily resulting in massive legal fees incurred upon my mortgage account, despite clear guidance set out in the Civil Justice Council Mortgage Arrears Protocols on arrears, resulting from injury.

6) Your company have calculated and charged interest on debts/balance that I do not owe.

7) Your credit management team have been extremely unhelpful, even very rude at times and failed to read your own internal notes about the matter resulting in me having to recount the months of conversations in great detail before they realise it is your companies administration of the account that is at fault and offering false promises that the matter had been referred onto the correct department to be investigated, yet nothing happens.

8) You have abused the suspended possession order to bully/blackmail me into paying large sums of money despite being aware that the account arrears balance was incorrect.

9) Harassed me with literally hundreds of threatening voice messages, letters and made unfounded and false allegations in those correspondence, despite other advisors, advising me to ignore the correspondence it took me many hours of my own time to make your company aware of your own staff’s failures.

10) You have failed to respond to numerous verbal complaints about the handling of my mortgage account, despite your credit management team making notes and assuring me that allegedly they had referred the matter onto the correct department and the matter would be resolved and charges refunded.

11) You have written to me two to inform me that you have been charging the wrong amount of interest and made an amendment to rectify the overcharging, however this has continued to happen and each month the payment changes have risen from £1902 to £2002 during fixed rate period and £1402 and £1416 this month despite the base rate remaining at a historical low for many months now.

12) Your company have failed to pass on the benefits of the reduced base rate to its customers and raised profit margins and in doing so profited from the recession.

13) You have trapped me in a variable rate despite the fact I took out a fixed rate loan with beacon, your company do not offer its consumers the right to revert back to a fixed rate term now the rate is low. Clearly showing your firms intentions are to frustrate your customers into selling their homes or pay extortionate rates of interest once the base rate goes up.


Due to the catalogue of errors your company have made in the handling of my mortgage account it has not only been impossible for me to tell the difference between legitimate arrears (resulting from my rugby injury) and arrears showing due to administration errors, it has also become impossible for your own staff to give me honest and clear advice.

The most recent advisor I spoke to last week (ending 17th October 2010) claimed that I had to send in my bank statements to prove that I can afford to repay the arrears and uphold the agreement, which if I had not been doing so would have resulted in you repossessing the property by now. This was despite the fact he was very aware of and had just finished discussing with me that the mortgage account balance and arrears balance was incorrect. He still insisted that I had some £3800 default on the arrears balance showing, which equates to me not paying anything for nearly 3 months, which I can prove through bank statements (direct debit) is not the case. He then called me back to inform me that he had made another error and set up a direct debit for the wrong date and asked me to go to the bank and cancel it before I suffer even more charges due to your company’s negligence and malpractice.

He also asked me to make Octobers payment on Friday 15th October 2010 which I initially agreed to do until he informed me that despite there clearly being errors on my account and me continuing to pay my monthly amount, repossession could still happen and he was not in a position to stop that from happening despite the circumstances.

I informed him that my girlfriend had just had a baby and under the circumstances I could not afford to pay further money on that Friday the 15th only to be evicted the following Monday the 18th and not have any funds to put a roof over my new family’s head.

He ignored me and simply asked me if I could afford to pay even more than I already was each month to bring the arrears back into balance, despite being very aware that the arrears balance was inaccurate and I may not owe your company the money he was demanding. I feel that due to the fact he was aware that I had just had a baby he knew I would be desperate to keep my home and agree to anything just to keep the roof over my head, regardless if it was right or wrong.

Due to the fact I have not managed to resolve the above mentioned failures your company have inflicted upon me and my family, I contacted the FSA on Friday the 15th October. They referred me to their website where there was an article (dated 15th July 2010) about Redstone mortgages plc claiming the following:

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has today fined Redstone Mortgages Limited (Redstone) £630,000 for poor treatment of some customers facing mortgage arrears.

I am sure you are aware of the grounds for this fine but for the purposes of this complaint I will remind you.

The FSA has identified a number of serious failings by Redstone which occurred between 1 January 2007 and 5 August 2009 in relation to its mortgage arrears handling processes and in its dealings with customers in arrears.

These include:

· Failing to ensure mortgage servicing staff acting on its behalf had adequate understanding of treating mortgage arrears customers fairly;

· Focusing on reducing arrears to less than two months, regardless of the customer’s personal and financial circumstances;

· Having written policies that led, in some cases, to the unnecessary use of litigation to secure arrangements to pay;

· Sending repetitive, excessive and confusing correspondence; and

· Applying four charges to customers’ accounts that were unfair and/or excessive.

These were:

· A fee for a returned direct debit which was charged regardless of how many times the direct debit had already been returned unpaid;

· Including arrears fees and charges in the balance on which an early repayment charge was calculated;

· Charging for field counselor visits in full to some customers who had not been properly informed of the timing of the visit and/or of their right to refuse or cancel the visit; or who should have been charged a reduced rate cancellation fee; and

· A fee for litigation activities, which was applied even when such activities were taken by Redstone unnecessarily.


It is clear that your company feel you are above the law and have not learned from past mistakes and that you are choosing to ignore the rules set out by the FSA regardless of what damage and distress you cause your consumers who’s welfare you are responsible for, in an attempt to create illegitimate profits from the accounts you acquired from reputable mortgage providers such as Beacon, Kensington, etc.

The FSA then advised me that under the circumstances I should write to you outlining my grievances under your complaints procedure and also referred the matter onto the Financial services ombudsman (who’s advisor exclaimed not Redstone again when I spoke to him) who have agreed to investigate your company again and write to you as a first step in resolving your companies further and continuing failures.

I then done a search on Google under your companies name and discovered just how bad the situation really is for literally thousands of your other consumers who also had your company acquire there mortgage account from the reputable lender they agreed to lend from, only to find themselves in the same position as me.

The Fine of £630,000 from the FSA as mentioned above was on there, which clearly does not serve justice or reflect just how bad the situate really is.

I then discovered that Redstone PLC is just a shelf company who buy up mortgage accounts cheaply from reputable lenders without consent from the consumer and outsource the collection and administration of those accounts to call centres who’s purposefully incompetent advisors are trained to harass consumers into surrendering their properties.

I also discovered that your company had been reported to the FSA for forwarding personal information of thousands of your arrears accounts via email to a random member of the public, which did not have any passwords or encryption to disguise the contents. Meaning I could be at risk right now to identity theft.

This was all just on the first page of results from the Google search and I had seen enough.

I resent company’s like Redstone who’s only intention is to profit from the very people who need the most help in a recession, Young families and first time buyers who have invested their life savings to get themselves on the property market only to be conned out of the market and bankrupted for their troubles, life efforts, blood sweat and tears.

As a result of the overwhelming evidence I have found about your company, I have prepared a folder full of relevant documentation and forwarded a copy to Watchdog-rogue traders, My MP, the FSA and the financial ombudsman service. I have also arranged with another Redstone victim, who I have met on line to set up a website as a platform for people who have suffered at the hands of your company to get together to ensure that you do not continue to conduct yourselves in this wholly unprofessional manor. You are playing with people’s lives and you are the reason our countries economy will not and cannot recover.

As a result of the above recent discoveries that I have made about your company I have decided to sell my property as soon as possible to get as far away from your company and the damages you continue to choose to inflict upon me and your customers as a whole.

Until I can sell the property I intend to maintain paying the agreed £1402 per month as unlike Redstone and its representatives I am an honourable person who upholds and maintains agreements I make.

However I expect the following from your company before I can commit to doing so:

1) Some form of guarantee that subject to me continuing to pay the agreed monthly amount of £1402 you will not repossess my property.

2) A full investigation into the matters raised above labelled 1-11 and necessary amendments made to my account including any unlawful arrears and interest charges you have applied and interest paid to me at 8% on those charges for the relevant period.

3) Repair any damage to my credit history.

4) Reasonable compensation for the harassment, threatening letters and distress caused due to your companies failures and a guarantee that you will stop any further abusive and threatening correspondence.

5) Some form of proof that Redstone is implementing steps to prevent this from happening to other consumers.

6) All of this within 8 weeks as set out in the financial ombudsman services guidance.

Once these amendments have been made I expect to see a balance of my account at £282,000 the original sum borrowed from Beacon (not including arrears).

I also expect the arrears balance to reflect the payments I have made. E.g. I have paid £300 per month since 24th February 2010 or 19 months or £5700 (or £3700 when you take into account the months when your advisor set up the wrong direct debit charge) which will bring my arrears down from the approximate £8000 figure after the hearing to £4300 at the very most. Then I expect the unlawful arrears charges (£1150) and bank charges (£180) and any other charges you have put on my account to be refunded and reduced off of my arrears which should leave arrears somewhere in the region of £2970.

I would then like you to summaries all of these charges and the interest you have charged on them and the inflated Mortgage account balance and work out how much interest I have been paying on them and not only refund all of these interest and other charges, but pay me 8% interest for the period. I would expect the arrears balance to be considerably less than £2970 by this time and the total balance on my account should be less than £284,970 including arrears and not £297,000+ or more than it should be £12,000+ as you currently claim.

Subject to written confirmation from your company that you agree to meet my terms I will arrange for a payment of £1402 to credit your account on or before 31st October 2010, which will further reduce my arrears by £300. However failure to do so will leave me with no other option but to vacate the property and pursue your company for losses, damages and the suffering you have caused me and my family.

Please accept this letter as a formal complaint and notice that I have taken advice from the Financial Services Authority and the Financial Ombudsman Service on the matter. They have advised me to write to you to lodge a formal complaint about the malpractice of your company’s handling of my mortgage account.


Therefore I look forward to receiving your positive response and assurance that the current payment arrangement is sufficient to reduce the arrears.


I would also request that an up to date statement of my account is supplied as soon as possible in order for me to reconcile the alleged arrears figure.


I will update once i get a response.

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Please help Anyone. are there any groups formed to sort these bullies out No, well can we all form one and start doing something other than writing to and fro about this company that thinks it can bully anyone. we have been ripped off by them just like so many others and the court system works in their favour. all thoughts welcome lets joiin forces and stop these from destroying any more family homes

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I would love to get together and do something about Redstone.


I personally think the best way to deal with these kinds of situations is to raise awareness. E.G: Website rather than just random forums. Which can give people genuine resources (Not just referals to the CAB or community legal advice team).


The stories i am reading online generally mirror my own and it would only take one person to obtain some form of judgement, E.G: Redstones actions have somehow frustrated the mortgage agreement and it would be a president or at least a starting point for us all to build our own cases.


The thing i am coming to realise is that even judges, solicitors and FSA staff have suffered in this recession and organisations like Redstone are not helping to make things any better.


The only way the Uk economy can recover is to restore confidence in safe borrowing. Before that can happen these companies need to be made an example of.


If you know of any decent web designers that can help. This would be the best place to start.


Cheers for your response

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Hi sorry its took so long to reply we are waiting for evction date now dont know whats going to happen we have been here before and cant keep paying them off, but judges dont seem to care its just about giving them what they want, broker who sorted this has gone wish i had looked harder at the paper work back them but i thought we could trust professionals, they use HL INTERACTIVE solicitors in manchester have tried to speak to direct person dealing with account but no one seems to take control, someone must have to make decisions they have, feeling really low right now like fighting and getting no where, thye have to much power to much money we are nothing to them but a number.

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we have been evicted by redstone they are now in our home with private thugs by the name of k9 search solutions they have destroyed all our family thigs even though we havce injunction on them and they are trying to sell we are trying to stop them we paid off and more wnat they wanted they stopped payments i have someons else details on our account the figures are wrong these are not even proper company please people can we form group and bring these down so they can do this again,

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so they cannot do this again. tlt solicitors james chadwick and amy wells are getting alot of attention from alot of people right now and we are trying to keep our own story in the public eye, anyone can view our file and we will help however we can we are still fighting even though they got us out by force i should add my daughter had the bruise to prove it and one baliff dragged the keys out of my sons hand he was 17 i locked myself back into the house they only got me out again as they smashed the water pipe and cut the electric off. we have to fight these trash bags and the corrupt system

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