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Help - Court Has Stayed Case


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hi, ive been dealing with this address and it seems to be the correct one.


Customer Service Recovery Centre

5th floor

125 Colmore Row


B3 3SF

good luck ;)




hairybear ;)


lloyds tsb - preliminary sent 25/07/06 (recorded)

replyed 08/08/06

08/08/06 lba letter sent(recorded delivery)

01/09/06 sent 2nd lba letter to lloyds replyed

08/09/06 told not doing anything no offer made :mad:

19/09/06 - filed claim with money claim,

20/09/06 - issued

02/10/06 -claim acknowledged

19/10/06 - defence served

24/10/06 - copy of defence & AQ recieved

07/11/06 - deadline for AQ return

07/11/06 - took AQ to courts& paid £100

07/11/06a lso sent copy to SCM recorded with another copy of charge

10/11/06 recieved copy of **** AQ, requesting 1 month, also stating not available november

16/11/06 recieved court date set for FEBRUARY 13th 2007



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Hi Janinekirby


Good luck with your claim.


Please note you've posted this in the success stories. If you PM a moderator, they'll transfer your thread into the normal Lloyds forum so that we can all track your success (unless you know something already!!!!!!)

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Hi All


Just letting you know I have now completed my spread sheet of charges and written my first "request for repayment of charges" letter and will be sending these recorded delivery tomorrow.


Will keep you posted.


Wish me luck.


Janine x :p

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Hi Janine, thanks for the update!

Good luck with your claim



Unfortunately i'm not an expert in any given field legally and my advice and that of the Consumer Action Group and the Bank Action Group is given without prejudice and without liability so please if in any doubt whatsoever seek help from an insured qualified professional. Contents of my posts are purely my own personal opinions and not condoned or endorsed in any way, shape or form by CAG. Thank you! :p



I have been smoke-free for 4yrs

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Morning All


Just keeping you up to date with developments with my case.


Well the 14 days is up and I have not even been grace with an "up yours" letter from Lloyds and so I sent yesterday my "letter before action" letter, with an updated spreadsheet to take into account the extra £90 they have taken of me in the last 14 days Grrrrrr (CAN I DO THIS?).


I think I am getting confused about the interest that is mentioned in the letter though, I have put in the letter they owe me £985.00 plus interest of £82.97, but I have taken that interest of the spread sheet which I think may be the 8% should it go to court. Can someone just advise what the interest is I should be putting in the letter at this stage. I have not included general interest charged on my account, which I beleive I cant do? (PLEASE ADVISE?).


Has anybody fighting Lloyds ever made it to court or have they always settled out of court?


Be nice to hear from you.


Janine. x :)

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Hi Janine,


The interest noted on the spreadsheet refers to Overdraft Interest. You can edit that section out if you prefer, as the overdraft interest can be quite tough to calculate - it has to be proportional to the penalty charges which are contained within your overdraft. You shouldn't, however, have mentioned the 8% figure on the letter, as it is only relevent when you actually file the claim. Shouldn't be an issue, not like we actually expect Lloyds to read our letters any more.


There is no problem with changing the figure on your LBA - you can change it right up to filing the claim.

reload vs Lloyds - £2703.11 Settlement Reached 14/07/06.

reload vs Lloyds Round 2 - Prelim sent 27/03/07. £435 owed.

reload vs Capital One - £456.57 Settlement Reached 14/07/06.

reload's mum vs Barclays - £745 owed. £375 partial settlement reached 17/10/06.

Lloyds Bank - The Template Response Letters!


Advice & opinions of reload are offered informally, without prejudice and without liability. Please use your own judgment. Seek advice of a qualified insured professional if you have any doubts.

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Evening All


Need some advice please?


I have now sent my "Letter Before Action" letter off (last Thursday) but have since received a reply from Lloyds with the expected "Sod Off" letter.


An interesting paragraph in there though that they are possibly trying to throw me.


I used the "preliminary approach for repayment letter" in templates and in the response from Lloyds they add the following paragraph:


You've mentioned the new guidelines from the Office of Fair Trading on credit card default charges. We don't agree with the OFT's thinking on this and we're still talking it through with them. But the important point is that the guidelines only concern "default" charges. The fees we charge for going over an overdraft limit and for returned payments are not any kind of default payment. They are fixed standard prices for the service we provide in these situations. So according to our legal experts, the OFT's guidelines on credit card default charges do not in any way apply.


Is it me or are they talking a load of poo!!!!


My letter does not event mention credit card charges!?


Any comments would be great, thanks.


Janine. x :)

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Hi Janine,


Im just a few days/ couple of weeks behind you.

I sent off my prim LBA last week, and no reply as yet, and im not expecting one.


Reminder going out next week, and then i'll expect the "go away" letter at some point.


Would be great if you can continue to update us all, and any hint tips, etc would be appreciated.





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Hi Craig


Sounds like you are at the same time as me. I sent my LBA letter last Thursday (6 October). I am not expecting anything positve back and so am researching as many threads as I can ready for filing my claim next week and putting together my court case. I hope it dont get that far but from what I can gather they wait til the very last second to see if you break, BUT NOT ME, NO WAY!!!!!


Keep me informed how you are going.


Good luck.


Janine. x :)

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Morning All


I am going to file my N1 claim with moneyclaim tomorrow and have printed off a couple of things to help me, but would really appreciate it if someone could show me a sample of what you have sent, especially a sample of the actual form filled in.


Its getting scary now!


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.


Janine. x :p

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Claimant: Your name and address


Defendant: XXXXX Bank Plc and Registered address


Brief Details: The claimant has a bank account with the defendant The defendant deducted from the account various amounts of money in penalty charges. The claimant contends that these charges were legally unenforceable and the claimant is demanding the repayment of money.



Bank charges (and overdraft interest if claimed) - £XXXX

Data Protection Act Fee - £XX (if claimed)

S69 8% Interest - £XXX

Total of - £XXXX

Plus daily interest at 8% of £0.XXp from the date of issue until settlement.


Amount claimed: Charges + Data Protection Act +S69 8% Interest - £XXX

Court fees: XXXXX

Sols costs; None


Human Rights: No


POC: See here:


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Ok, I have been sat here for ages now reading comment after comment and things are still not too clear. I've read the 'Rules of Engagement' and about how it could all get nasty ..... All I want is to reclaim my charges from Lloyds but am not sure in what order I should be doing it. I attacked the spreadsheet a few weeks ago and got all the figures in the right boxes (I hope) and am now ready to roll? Unfortunately I'm not great with sites like these and I can't seem to find the letter templates that I have read about -I feel awful silly having to ask this but can one, or all of you guys please steer me in the right direction??

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Quick question - I am filing my N1 form tomorrow and now that we are getting charged again at the end of the month. Can I update the amount owing to us after filing the claim form later on down the line (e.g. when sending questionaire or further letters) or from hereon in would it have to be classed as a new claim.



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hi janine

im just a bit ahead of you now im just waiting anxiously, i was like you thinking its getting scarey until i got talking to a guy who worked at the tsb and i mentioned about the charges and he smiled and said to me "there not legal and the staff know it". lets all stand up to these bullying banks good luck janine

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Thank you Micheal and Steve


Very reassuring words, thanks. Gonna march down them courts today, head in air, I will get my money back.


Speak to you soon.


Janine. x :p

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Hi Folks,


Just returned off holiday, with two letters posted from lloyds, andover office.


The 1st one stating, they are unhappy that im unhappy, and they will take a look at my charges.


then the 2nd one, saying they have looked, and belived they have charged me correctly, and that this is there final letter.


So what now people?


Is it a N1 form??

And is it easy enough to do, is there anything i need to know.





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