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    • Yes, i know its still under 6 months, They gave me £850, made me sign for it so basically i dont know where i stand. i feel like i been stitched up
    • Hi all, I hope someone can offer me advice regarding how my Landlord and the local council housing officer dealt with new tenancy agreement.   By chance on the 9th September while checking an email account I don't use much, I noticed a message from the council housing officer who deals with the tenancy agreement between myself and private Landlord, chasing up a new agreement from my LL Much to my shock and horror, the Landlord had first relayed the new tenancy agreement to her back in early February along with a section 13 notice of a rent increase of £159 per month from 1/3/2021.  She sent this to my email address on 4/2/21, again I did not see this and it then got lost among the hundreds of junk emails I get every day. I received no other forms of correspondence, no letters to my home address, not texts and no phone calls. She chased this up on 29/5/21 again by the same email address and nothing else, again this was missed by me. Finally on the 9/9/21 she chased it up again, asking if I wanted to sign the new agreement. I only noticed this by chance as I had been flagged to a school email so was checking my inbox. I was in total shock that for over 7 months this had been sitting there outstanding and never once, other than the times I've mentioned, did either the LL or housing officer bother to try and contact me by other means and that I was now in a very difficult situation indeed. I have lived in my home for 10 years 6 months and have often gone for long periods of time between the end of one tenancy agreement (assured shorthold) to the signing of another and what with all the carrying on with covid this year, I hadn't really given it a second thought that I'd not heard from the LL Sorry this is dragging on, please bare with me.....🙏 I receive LHA which has been paid at the three bedroom entitlement, which covered my rent. I have three kids 12 (girl) 15&17 both boys, so now entitled to the 4 bed rates, so the increase isn't a problem for it being paid - BUT as this has been left so long, I'm now according to the LL 7 months in arrears for the increased amount and owe them £1113!!! If they'd made me aware back in February I would have applied for the increase straightaway as it makes no difference to me  I've informed them that I will sign a new contract starting from the 16th of September as that is when the LHA has been increased from, but they are ignoring me.   Surely the poor means of correspondence and lack of communication by them isn't my fault so I shouldn't be held accountable for any arrears? As far as I'm concerned I've still been on a rolling contract all this time at the original rent, which has been paid on time every month?   Well done if you got this far and thanks for any advice 😊 Lisa  
    • Hi Its been over  2 months  since my last post  here and over 4 months since I bought car   and I dont know whats to do regarding   Car Dealer. BankFodder promised me help in writting letter of claim before taking court action but I havent heard from him since end of August.  I did everything BankFodder asked me for  ( paid 90 £ to  find out cause of car  wibration , preapared emails and text messages in pdf format , registered on MCOL , etc) . I value and appreciate advice from Bank Fodder.   I know I have chance in court and I want to take that risk .  Even If I loose at least I tried.   I would like to ask  you for help and  advice .  And sorry for my wording english is not my first language.
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Zyban - helped me to stop smoking


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Hi Everyone,


i had been trying to give up smoking for years, i had tried the Patches, the Chewing Gum, the inhalers in fact i had tried everything that was available over the counter at the chemists but each time the cravings got the better of me and i ended up using the patches and smoking 20 a day as well.


i wanted to give up as it was costing me a fortune and i also wanted to quit for my children so i decided to join "Quitters" they went through all the options that could be used to help "kick the habit " and i explained that i had tried them all to no avail, so then they told me about Zyban. i must admit when they told me about it is was sceptical to say the least as nothing had worked until now and when they told me how they discovered it i must say i wasnt too sure i wanted to use it, they told me that the tablet was used with Mental Health Patients in larger doses and that when using the tablets the doctors noticed that the patients stopped smoking so they realised its properties could be used in smaller doses to help people stop smoking.


i had to go to my doctors with a referal notice which Quitters gave me as to use Zyban it must be ok'd by the doctor first to ensure that you can take it and that you dont have any medical conditions which would prevent you using it.


my doctor gave me the go ahead and gave me the prescription. the instructions were to take one tablet per day for seven days and in that time you were supposed to continue smoking then on the eighth day you stop smoking and double the dose to two per day. the reason for taking the tablet for a week before stopping was to allow it to build up in your system. so i started taking the tablets and continued smoking any way on day 3 i woke up and didnt feel like smoking, now i had smoked for 16 years and always needed a morning ciggy but this day i didnt feel like i wanted it so i didnt have one. anyway this carried on through the day, no cravings whatsoever which felt really strange. i carried on taking the tablets as directed and completed the eight week course and to this day some three and a half years on i dont feel the need to smoke and i must point out that my partenr is a smoker and even so i dont want to smoke.


one thing i should point out is that Zyban does not work for every one but its worth a try in my opinion


Good luck to every one trying to kick the habit

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Hi there. Like you I have tried everyting, will power, patches, gum (yuk!!!!), books, and everytime I manage between 1 day and 6 weeks. Can I go to my GP and just ask for a Zyban prescription. Ive heard through others that it is the best thing.

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Zyban is usually provided by going to Quitters or another NHS stop smoking service. they then discuss the side effects and your medical history and provided you qualify (ie your ok to take it) then they give you a letter to take to your GP and the GP will then give you the prescription

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My Auntie went on Zyban a few years ago and it helped her to quit too.

One thing that did happen, which she is not sure if it was a side effect or not, was that a blood vessel in her eye burst and damaged the eye itself. She now cannot even make out people's faces. A bit of a high price really.


All I can say is anyone thinking of using this drug, be aware of ALL the side effects - and believe me - there's a long list.


Check out this site for more info -

Zyban (bupropion)

Abbey - *SETTLED IN FULL!* ;)

-£445 refunded after one phonecall



Lloyds - Reclaiming Charges ***WON!***

-09/05/07 - Prelim delivered

-22/05/07 - LBA sent - no response

-11/07/07 - Filed at court

- 26/07/07 - Full settlement offer!!!! Donation made ;)



Next - Trying to Sue us with no agreement! :lol:

-29/06/07 - Defence filed

-16/08/07 - AQ filed

-19/09/07 - Claim struck out!! :p

HERE and continued HERE



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yeah ive gotta agree that there are side effects but i had to give up and failed using all other means so i had to try and the doctor went fully through all the possible side effects before he let me have them and again so did quitters so i was fully informed. i personally did not have or experience any side effects at all but maybe i was the lucky one im not sure

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Hi, I am new here.


I just started taking Zyban/Wellbutrin and it's going okay for now. I am curious to know more first hand accounts about this drug. It sounds like there are often too many side effects but that is also effective in helping you quit.


I've been tracking my progress at The Zyban/Wellbutrin Experience if you want to check my day to day progress.


I still don't feel Zyban's effects when it comes to quitting smoking. How many days did it take for all of you?

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i didnt feel any effects, however, i just didnt want to smoke. when i awoke in the mornings yes i could have picked up a ciggy but i just didnt want to and thecravings were non exsistent . i was aware fo the side effects but i never had any




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I thought Zyban was the best thing! After a week the cravings just went! And I felt so much more energised.

My problem was that I didnt finish the course. Stupid me thought "I'm O.K. now" And I was O.K. until I went out with smoker friends. I had one! You know the story. I'm back to square one on 20 a day. But I have excuses, going through a stressful time etc etc.

What I found out is that it is not only the nicotine addition, it is the habit itself. Now thats psycological!!


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Wow, just read this post and its a replica of the one I just posted!!!

Now to dewhit20, I also didnt finish the course but what I did do is check out some 'Stop smoking ' websites and forced myself to watch some videos of people dying through smoking! I didnt want to smoke after that!

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I stopped smoking using zyban a few years ago. I was my Dr's guniea pig. I stopped for 6 months and had no probelms what so ever until I went to thatdreaded night out and had than 1 ciggie than turned back into 40 a day GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR



I tried zyban again last year and could not sleep for more than 3 hours a night and had to come off them.



I agree with OP they are not for everyone but if you so stop, Please do not have that 1 fag down the line................




Please contact a member of the site team if you are offered help off the forum for a a paid or no win no fee service.


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Hi, After trying to quit, using the usual methods, from acupuncture to Gum and patches, i finally quit 10 years ago and have not had one since.... For some people it is easier to quit than it is for others, but all that I can say is: FIRST AND FOREMOST - STOP SMOKING FOR YOU, not the wife/husband etc stop for you, and they will: as well as you reap the benefits... DO NOT FALL INTO THE TRAP, it is only one ciggie, etc (particularly after a drinkie or two) you will wake up next morning with a packet beside your bed..

Good luck stay with it, never give up, trying to give up... I dont think ZYBAN was around when I quit circa May 2001

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