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Found 9 results

  1. Going to chance my arm and go after the charges they applied to my mortgage back between 1991 to 2003, this was before we changed to Santander so they are no longer our mortgage lenders. I'm not holding out much success with this company:-x Back in 1991 we were badly mis-sold a mortgage with a five year fixed rate of 12.9% and informed that rate would remain at the level after the term ended. How they lied to use soon after the recession hit the mortgage rates dropped to 5%, this crippled us to breaking point.:-x:-x
  2. Just came into my head so personally have not thought of too many. To get a little fitter perhaps, and to get back to the gym as soon as possible to prepare for the summer months, payable daily weekly or monthly of course.Cash. No gym membership, everlasting payouts for me.I go when I feel like it. Now what are yours?
  3. Well there you are again – Vodafone is at it. Same old story same old villain same old problem same old rubbish – same old gesture of goodwill. A woman who apparently cancelled her Vodafone contract in about 2011 and has been billed all that time. She eventually stops the direct debit and of course suddenly Vodafone leap into action and get the debt collectors onto her case. Will Vodafone begin a court case and have the whole thing ahead before a court of law in front of an independent judge? No, of course not. Vodafone merely prefer to instruct debt collectors to harass people and
  4. If you were a policyholder with Standard Life when it demutalised in 2006, you would have been entitled to cash or shares. There are still 60,000 people who can claim shares and about 5,000 entitled to claim cash. Those who held a with-profits policy which started before March 2004 and was in force in October 2005 may be eleigible. The last date for claims is 9th July 2016. Anyone with a valid claim should contact Capita Asset Services on 0345 608 1478 http://www.standardlife.co.uk/c1/news-and-blog/uncategorized/dont-miss-money-thats/
  5. Russell Hobbs is recalling 15 different steam irons, due to safety fears over a faulty flex cable, which could fail and cause injury. The irons affected by the recall are: Russell Hobbs 18651 Russell Hobbs 18742 Russell Hobbs 19220 Russell Hobbs 19221 Russell Hobbs 18743 Russell Hobbs 19840 Russell Hobbs 18720 Russell Hobbs 15081 Russell Hobbs 19222 Russell Hobbs 19400 Russell Hobbs 20260 Russell Hobbs 18741 Russell Hobbs 20280 Russell Hobbs 20550-10 Russell Hobbs 20560-10 The recall affects those manufactured between October 2012 and June 2
  6. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?372400-MBNA-PPI-Award-“Interpretative”-Calculations/page25 The long running thread above is dedicated to the bizarre way in which MBNA calculate their PPI redress awards. The FOS apparently do not see the figures, so from what I understand, they are just confirming that PPI is due and that MBNA will provide them with a figure. One guy (next post) decided to investigate a little deeper and discovered that the original award of £3,000 was INCORRECT. This was confirmed by Ian Doherty(head honcho at MBNA) and he was advis
  7. I have tried to post a link to you and yours BBC radio 4 14/ 06/2012 but the site won't let me, so you will have hunt it down yourselves. I guess I haven't got enough priviledge so perhaps someone else can put the link up. It features an employee of Cabot recorded being very economical with the true while trying to [EDIT] less than £50 for a disputed 15 year old debt. The piece is at the beginning so you don't need to listen all the way through. Note how wishy washy the regulator is, certainly not fit for purpose and not surprising that that debt collectors get away with so m
  8. From the radio 4 "You And Yours" web page, http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01jrlf1 heard this item about somebody being chased by cabot for an alleged debt that is 15 years old. Unfortunately it's not on iPlayer so quick précis, this was a credit card from capital finance that was cancelled in 1997. Due to the last payment on the card not going in on time there was a small charge but CF said don't worry the account is closed and you won't hear from us. roll on 15 yrs and enter cabot claiming about £46. (The programme also mentioned that debt purchasers might pay
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