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Found 211 results

  1. I wanted to start this thread as a middle ground for 'What made you smile/swear today.' We have thoughts which don't make us smile or swear but you contemplate on an issue. What concerns you, what worries you, how you would rectify it. There's also the good things that work, you may have new ideas, a space for any thoughts you have on your mind. My thought today is how large privatised companies can hold the country to ransom, being big and powerful and if there's a problem you will do our bidding. The Banks and energy companies come to mind.
  2. Upskirting: know your rights READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/upskirting-know-your-rights
  3. my friend cancelled his JSA claim today and has appointment booked with his ingeus advisor tomorrow, he has asked me if he can still get sanctioned for not attending as he is switching from JSA to ESA? sorry to keep going on but he keeps asking me.
  4. Hi, I have just received a letter from a debt company that I haven't used for over 15 years. The letter says data protection laws have changed. This means thy need to provide me with an updated explanation of how they use my personal data. I do not want then to use my personal data. Do I ignore the letter? Thanks in advance.
  5. It seems that some people may misunderstand their rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and may be subsequently losing out so hopefully this post may be of some help. Briefly as per Consumer Rights Act 2015 section 22 if you purchase for instance a new or second hand motor vehicle from a trader and within the first 30 days, a fault occurs, you have the right to reject it without giving the dealer an opportunity to do a repair. If you do give the trader the opportunity to repair, then there is a waiting period. In effect from the time you notify the dealer of the fault until the time the vehicle is repaired to the satisfaction of both parties, the clock stops ticking. If the dealer has the vehicle for 6 months or more the clock does not move forward. Therefore if the fault is rectified and the clock starts again and another fault occurs you are still within your rights to reject the vehicle as you are still within the 30 day short term rejection period as per clause 8 of section 22. If the vehicle develops a fault after the 30 day short term period and within 6 months of purchase then under section 19 clause 14 you have the right to request a repair, replacement or refund however you have to give the dealer one opportunity to repair. If this repair fails then you still have the opportunity to request a replacement or reject the vehicle and obtain a full refund depending on the mileage done by the vehicle. For removal of doubt, the legislation states; For the purposes of subsections (3)(b) and © and (4), goods which do not conform to the contract at any time within the period of six months beginning with the day on which the goods were delivered to the consumer must be taken not to have conformed to it on that day. If a repair is done then the waiting period kicks in until the repair is done to the satisfaction of both parties. It then restarts and the repair itself can have a 6 month period form the date that both parties found it to be satisfactory. If another fault occurs and the vehicle is still within the 6 month period, the waiting period kicks in again until such time as the repair has been done to the satisfaction of both parties. In effect several months down the line you still have the opportunity for a repair, replacement or rejection. I have hopefully highlighted some of the benefits to the consumer if the CRA 2015 is used correctly. Obviously the above is only a brief outline, but hopefully will go some way towards helping people who have made a purchase and the dealer is ignoring the CRA 2015. By ignoring the CRA 2015 the dealership cna be found to be in contempt and have criminal charges imposed against them. The Consumer Rights Act 2015 is a very powerful piece of legislation and is very beneficial to the consumer.
  6. Hello, I have written before on this forum concerning my mental illness and the debt, successfully writing off debt from MBNA. I had a mental breakdown in 2005 and a relapse in 2015 when I fell again into a deep depression. For people who do not suffer with mental health issues, it is hard to explain how things effect you. It’s not I am another person but, I can appear changed and not myself. When I am suffering these episodes my moral compass, well it isn’t there I basically am an ar*e I care not a jot and do things I know can be destructive. I have had great help from social services to help me cope and as I said in a previous post, https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?489343-tesco-credit-card-amp-freds&p=5142374#post5142374 I do have outstanding debts with Tesco Credit card £7700 owing, still haven’t heard anything from Frederickson or Tesco for an age. PayPal credit card £2200 sent me an email, I have attached that email. This is the first I have heard from them. I noticed I still had a direct debit set up for Tesco I have no idea what it was for so the bank recommended to cancel it, so I did. It was over a month when I got a phone call from Tesco, saying I was default on my loan, what loan, I had no idea. The person asked me several security questions that I couldn’t answer all of them, then they finished the call stating they wanted there payment. I have searched high and low to find out what the loan was but I have no paperwork at all. I vaguely remember clicking on a link on an online statement from Tesco about something. Now I still get monthly statement emails from Tesco but cannot access the account on line. Looking at my credit report I can see a loan over 5 years that I had paid for 3 years and a part account number. I have written to Tesco with the part account number as well as my old credit card number explaining my situation. Since the letter I have had 3 calls a day all blocked, I told them in my letter do not call as I can be very offensive so I don’t answer to any one I don’t know, the phone is there for me to get in touch with my doctors. I have no paperwork for Tesco, I have asked for my information by post and still nothing, when can I say this is getting to be harassment? Your help as always is appreciated edit paypal 1.pdf
  7. Submit your evidence to assist Carillion investigation READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/submit-your-evidence-to-assist-carillion-investigation
  8. Background 4 years service continuous, rocky employment. Currently working my notice period due to evident constructive dismissal. Despite a grievance being submitted with my resignation no investigation has been commenced and a meeting was held where i was offered a PILON payment to leave that day. How do I approach a settlement agreement proposal with the employer it's an evident breakdown and It will save a lengthy tribunal process
  9. Seems that these 'standardized' letters have been going out to all sorts of people for quite a while now - my father has just received one and he's about to turn 80 ! He's not in the best of health and it's causing much anxiety - would it have been sent to him by mistake ? The only 'benefit' paid to him by the DWP is his old age pension and surely they can't stop that for ANY reason ? He does receive Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support, but these are administered by the "Revenue & Benefits Dept" of his local council and periodically he is asked to provide details to them to maintain his entitlement. Any thoughts on this anyone - does he REALLY have to attend and provide details of his finances ?
  10. I have received a letter telling me I must attend an interview to talk about any changes in my circumstances. It is from the Local Service Compliance Team and the interview is not under caution. I receive I.S. & Carer's Allowance as I have a disabled child under 5. I also care for my mother who is in receipt of I.B. ESA Support Group and I am her appointee. I recently had to complete an ESA50 renewal and sent in a load of medical evidence, however, not heard anything about this yet. I receive DWP Letters relating to my mother as I am her appointee, but this compliance letter does not mention her name on it, so I think they are referring to my circumstances which has not changed at all, but am thinking is it something to do with her renewal? My mother and I share a joint bank account as it's easier for me to manage our outgoings. There are no other bank or savings accounts. I have a recent bank statement which shows an authorised overdrawn balance, also payments to credit cards and a loan - they loan is nearly paid off and the account has never had more than £4-5,000 in credit when the loan was originally put into the account 2 1/2 years ago - since then we have mainly been in overdraft. I have tried to call the number on the letter but the woman is not back from annual leave until Monday 26 Sept, so will call tomorrow, also I have just come out of hospital after having a major operation and don't really feel well enough to attend the interview this week, but of course I am worried about what they have got to say. I have spoke to some people and they have said it may be just a random interview. I do have an extremely vindictive ex husband who harasses me and I have to involve the police. He is always making up allegations to the police about me, now the police have warned him to stay away and stop bothering them with his nonsense otherwise they are going to lock him up. So now that he can't bother the police, I am wondering if he has made a malicious allegation about me. The stress of this letter has hindered my recovery even though I have nothing to declare I keep thinking 'well is it this or is it that'? really silly things come into my head. Can anyone advise me please. I will update this thread when I have spoken (hopefully) to the woman. Thanks very much everyone.
  11. Well another thread.Looking around saw a few articles on this idea and thought i would pop the idea on the forum. On this fine,sunny,crispy Monday morning in Spring to start the week off. Seems to be gathering momentum worldwide.Or the idea of. A bit rushed,maybe not that clear but a start that is all,i will find more articles as time goes on. But have a look around and have your say on what you think. Some say if companies were to invest massively in new machinery,many of our jobs could vanish. Saying the price of employing cheap labour is far cheaper than the modernising of companies,factories and the rest. But this will surely happen as time marches on. Robots are poised to eliminate millions of jobs over the coming decades. We have to address the coming epidemic of "technological unemployment" if we're to avoid crippling levels of poverty and societal collapse. Here's how a guaranteed basic income will help — and why it's absolutely inevitable. Whether working or not you would receive a basic income. Now how much the benefit system costs in this country i do not know,but obviously most of this would vanish i would think. How Universal Basic Income Will Save Us From the Robot Uprising. http://io9.gizmodo.com/how-universal-basic-income-will-save-us-from-the-robot-1653303459 So as i look around this idea seems to be interesting many countries. Paying all UK citizens £155 a week may be an idea whose time has come Introducing a basic income guarantee would be costly, but it could be the answer to a lot of different problems http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/12037623/Paying-all-UK-citizens-155-a-week-may-be-an-idea-whose-time-has-come.html Canada plans to experiment with giving people unconditional free money http://uk.businessinsider.com/ontario-announces-basic-income-plan-2016-3 Finland Finland is considering a radical plan to give everybody free money http://www.techinsider.io/finlands-plan-to-give-everyone-free-money-2015-11 Switzerland Will Hold The World's First Universal Basic Income Referendum What if everyone got a guaranteed $2,500 check every month? How would society change? http://www.fastcoexist.com/3056339/switzerland-will-hold-the-worlds-first-universal-basic-income-referendum Have your say,i am sure many will, i hope.Anyone there,of course there is. Come on in and have your say.
  12. Hello all, I have received a letter from Link Financial with regards to a Barclaycard account. They advise my payment of £1 has not been received. I have checked my bank account, and the payment has definitely gone out, its on a standing order to be paid every month. Should I ignore this letter? I suspect its a ploy to get me to contact them.
  13. Hi Folks I have just had my reconsideration letter through the post and fortunately was successful. I think that this was due to my secretly recording the whole process via a mobile phone. The recording allowed me to quote exactly what I said and point out the "inconsistency's in the ATOS assessor report. Without this recording I would have been at a loss to recall a fraction of what I said, and what the assessor said and given the numerous distortions and assumptions made by the assessor it was a godsend. I don't know what other people think, but I would advise anyone undergoing the PIP/ESA process to try and get a recording of any and all communication with the DWP or their contractors.
  14. You are encouraged to check your credit file and when you query anything that you don't recognise you always get the same bull from the CRA "We have been advised that this is correct", not interested. I was recently refused an overdraft from my bank, despite having a loan and credit card with them I was informed after the online application that something reported by call credit was the reason, I phone the bank and asked them the reason, they said to contact call credit which I did, who told me to contact my bank. Being fobbed off from all ends. My credit report has nothing on it to suggest why i was declined, everything paid on time, never over my limits, salary going into the bank every month etc. the bank won't tell me why and call credit won't tell me why. No adverse reasons from the other 2, only call credit. Also, I know credit scores are just a guide but experian and equifax are showing "Fair" while call credit shows "very poor" and have been stuck on the same score with them for 6 months, what's that all about? Is it not my legal right to know why I have been refused credit?
  15. hi gents after a bit of advice, my brother took a personal training course and passed he got his certification and took a job being self employed in a local gym under your personal training they made him sign up to a membership of £400 a month so he could take personal training sessions in the gym and it had a minimum contract of 6 months. around two months into this contract he moved away, he sent them documents with his updated address to prove he no longer lived in doncaster where the gym was and he now lived in manchester so was unable to complete the contract, they have since said he is still liable for the contract even though he cant use the facilities with the distance he now is, he also seems to have had an agreement with harlands yet they seem to have cancelled it fine with the bank statement of his new address. your personal training have now passed this onto a debt collection agency and they are hassling my brother for the money which we believe as he no longer lives near the gym he should not have to pay any outstanding amounts. can anyone please advise me the best way forward we have tried to explain this to them but they are having none of it. i have attahced a word document of the contract with them and have removed his personal details if anyone can help it would be much appreciated.
  16. The Consumer Action Group Guide to understanding how the Credit Reference Agencies work. The guide to help you understand what Credit Reference Agencies are and how they impact on your lifestyle financial decisions and the information that is shared with Financial Institutions . Credit Reference Agencies.pdf
  17. The Consumer Action Group Guide to understanding how the Credit Reference Agencies work. The guide to help you understand what Credit Reference Agencies are and how they impact on your lifestyle financial decisions and the information that is shared with Financial Institutions . Credit Reference Agencies.pdf
  18. Hi, I have a small shop on ebay selling printed Hen t-shirts, babygrows, mugs etc but nothing big but slowly growing with great feedback. Since may this year I have been selling a 2 t-shirt set for newly weds with a design I made of my own after looking at reference material online. But my design was a fresh font and shape and wording. Also at the top of ebay searches which was something I had worked hard for. Now in September I suddenly get these listings removed. Another t-shirt company has claimed copyright violation. I checked the design and it is similar but I have different wording and shapes it just looks too different to accept. The company pointed out their design was registered. I managed to search online and find it but it said registered 10 September 2017, about a week before I was reported. I have been selling my design from may 2017. It also look like the their t-shirt is a new listing. I am suspicious I am being pushed out by a slightly bigger company. I emailed the company as recommended and they replied with the registered number and to not relist my it-shirts. I have since checked them out and emailed the above and asked when they started selling their deisgn but no reply as yet. Can anyone see that this may be corrupt. Thank You
  19. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?480924-North-West-Mini-Centre-Glossop-Marple&p=5061443#post5061443
  20. The round pound £1.00 ceases to be legal tender from October 15, 2017. The New £10.00 note featuring Jane Austen will be released from Thursday, 14 September 2017. The Current/old paper notes will cease to be legal tender some time in the spring of 2018. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2017/sep/12/plastic-10-pound-note-jane-austen-enter-circulation-thursday
  21. Martin Lewis of MSE. Listening to the radio whilst in the car and Martin Lewis was being interviewed - he mentioned that if you even have one drink whilst on holiday, it could invalidate any insurance claim.. I did a googly when I got home and yep... he says it again HERE If you've had even ONE drink, it can invalidate any claim
  22. The following regulation has been discussed for many months, and was finally laid before Parliament a few days ago (11th April). It comes into effect on 6th May 2017. The Road Vehicles (Registration and Licensing) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2017/554/made
  23. https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/3143151/france-emissions-sticker-117-fine/ Hopefully the UK are going to reciprocate this in the UK for French vehicles ?
  24. Thames Water has a fund in place which can help to pay your water bills if you satisfy their hardship criteria. If you have used this fund before or if you decide to use it now, we would be interested to hear about your experiences of it. You can post in the Utilities forum:- http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?121-Utilities-Gas-Electricity-Water Other water providers may well provide similar schemes. Check on their websites and let us know.
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