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Found 209 results

  1. Hi In short:- CCJ Granted. No contact for 9 years then I get a letter asking me to kindly call them to discuss payment. Does section 24 of the Limitations Act cover this? Does the creditior need Court permission to enforce? Would a Court be inclined to grant such an order? Thoughts much appreciated.
  2. Long winded explanation. Our mortgage of 25 years comes to an end towards the end of this year, when we will have to repay approx £100k 2 years ago our life endowment policy was ended by Phoenix Insurance (not originally with them but numerous acquisitions they ended up with it). The reason for ending it - they had had to use money from the pot to service the policy. We complained - they agreed that it had been mis-sold and they refund the difference between a standard life policy (life only) and the money we actually paid into the policy over 23 years with simple interest added. This came to just under £15k instead of the £80k we were expecting to receive at maturity. Not happy with that we complained to the FOS, who said we had a case. Their decision was an extra £435 on top of the original offer. They agreed that the policy had been mis-sold & mishandled (we had a riskier life policy rather then the standard endowment one), but that this was all we were entitled to. We said we were not happy with that as we were going to use that money to pay off the bulk of the mortgage. The ombudsman said he would refer it higher up the chain but the result was the same. He said we could go to court ourselves but the judge would take into account the FOS decision and the likelihood we would not win any substantial increase plus court/ legal costs - we would end up worse off. After taking free legal advice, we felt gambling and losing more money was too risky so, we decided not to pursue court action. now we have only £15k to pay towards the mortgage. We will have to put a credible plan to the bank to reassure them that we will be able to pay off the mortgage very soon. There is no delicate way of putting this, but I think you will need to know everything to be able to help me. I never thought I would be in this position. The only thing that will enable us to pay off the mortgage is that my wife and I will soon inherit a substantial amount from our 3 remaining parents (all in their 90's). I realise that this is described as a "potential asset" in the financial world and not an actual realised asset. When my father died 11 years ago I inherited 1/2 his share of the house, with my sister the other half, which by todays assessment of the value of the parental house (minimum of £600k quick sale) is approx £150k for my share. k This was frozen whilst my mother is alive or wants to continue living there. He did this because my father was worried that my mother would live a long life (she has) and would need to go into a nursing home (she hasn't) and all of the money, if he left it to her, would go in nursing costs leaving my sister and me nothing. After the turmoil of my fathers death, I was given a document from the family solicitor, stating the above, but over the years I don't know where it's gone. I recently contacted his office which has been taken over by a bigger solicitor's firm asking for a copy but they said my mother is the client, not me, so they would need her permission. In my mothers present condition I do not want to worry her and so getting a copy is going to prove impossible. My mother has a big house in the south coast. She has had heart failure for 5 years (along with 3 different types of cancer). Her heart failure was diagnosed in Oct. last year as end stage with 6 - 12 months left to live. My question is how should I approach the bank (HSBC) about the fact I cannot settle the mortgage straight away and I have an asset that is frozen at the moment? Thanks in anticipation
  3. Hello all, I just wanted to gather some advice regarding this, as I am currently thinking of taking it down the route of small claims court. Around about 2 years ago (23 months to be exact) we had to have a new meter installed at our flat due to the monitor on the then existing one breaking. No worries, that is absolutely fine, crack on. Slowly but surely we started to see a dramatic increase of the price of our bills. From when we were paying on average £40/50ish (one bed flat), started to become £100, sometimes £200 plus. Obviously to any rational human being that would flag as something being rather wrong, you would think, but not to N-power, oooohhh no, that seemed around about what we should be paying. After around 6 months of arguing with N-power I got rather bored and went to the ombudsman, this wasn't being we now had a bill in excess of £1000 (If not more, can find that later if important but at work at moment). Now we sit and twiddle our thumbs expecting Ombudsman to come back with some fantastic news that it was all incorrect.... Na, not a chance! They ruled with N-power and stated that we were using the amount of electric they said. At this point me and my partner were rather deflated, but knew in our heart of hearts that this could not be right, it just couldn't be! We accepted a deal with them in which we were then paying £120 a month to clear the debt in order to take some of the strain off ourselves, and frankly get some breathing space as they started threatening legal action. Whilst still arguing and debating with N-power we were not getting anywhere (Why should we, we were in debt to them and the Ombudsman agreed with them), then one morning we got an email stating that our direct debit was going up and we would have to pay £350 a month Well, that was it, I ordered my partner to make a cup of tea whilst I sat in bed and started typing a review on N-power Facebook. I had the added advantage that I saw the head office (Or a N-power office) was based in Solihull, I thought this is brilliant, I'm going to be working near that for the next few months, I shall tell them I will pay them a visit. Surely enough they took notice of this, and arranged for someone to test our meter. This gentleman who came to test our meter was nice, one of a kind, told me at that even though he wouldn't have the results right away, the meter was fast. Two weeks passed and we got a call from N-power, yes they confirmed, your meter is clocking up too fast! HOW FAST?!?! I asked barely able to contain my excitment..... 58.8% fast!!!?! WOOOOOOW. Now the gentleman from N-power was nice and said don't worry, give him a few weeks as he has to adjust every bill we've had since installation of this meter. No problem, that is absolutely fine thinking this is the end. Took our meter reading for that month, that'll be £52 please, yes that seems about correct! Was it the end??? No. They only went and messed up the figures and we were still left with £1200 to pay. A little confused, I emailed back my figures based on 58.8% deduction, plus the excess we would have paid. Nothing. I have now gone back to Ombudsman but they are not sure they can take the case as it relates to a previously ruled on case. I asked them even with the knowledge that we were correct and N-power were wrong??? They said they would have to check with the powers that be. They are currently doing that (To be fair they said it would take a few weeks due to Xmas and New Year). Now, that is a very light hearted post I have written whilst killing some time at work. I really cannot stress how stressful the whole process has been. Me and the partner have argued, tears, stress, literally wanting to kill N-power, sitting in the freezing cold not wanting to waste any energy and a magnitued of other things. My question is, if ombudsman rule they can't look into it again, would be have a claim for small claims court? More out of curiosity than anything, because I am not going to let this go without a fight. Also, this is on another forum also, but I had never heard of this forum until around an hour ago and having looked through stuff you guys seem to know your stuff! Hoping to get all the information I need to absolutely hammer these clowns.
  4. Hi I started a Ppi claim with Lloyds a few weeks ago there were 9 old loan account from 1992 to 2000 with Ppi. I should have my response in Aug. But this week I have received 2 letters in the same envelope to old address even though Lloyds have new my address due to claim. One is from Lloyds saying they have sold my debt to asset link the other from asset link. I know there's a Lloyds charge on my old house from 2006 (ex wife and kids live there but my sole mortgage) as its on land registry. Any one know why I've been sent letter? I assumed they would offset against any debt anyway. Any advice on what to do I will upload letter off asset link. PDF Photos 16-07-2016.pdf
  5. Hello I have received a letter dated 21/12/18 from Lowell Solicitors regarding a 12 month contract I entered into with BT PLC 30/08/14. I believe the contract was entered into over the phone. As far as I remember I made regular payments and gave 30 days notice over that I did not want to roll on to a month to month contract as stipulated by them over the phone towards the end of the contract. I was a student in university at the time. The debt stated as owed to Lowell is for £288.31 due to me not making agreed payments to BT PLC and was purchased in 15/09/17. I queried this with them over the phone and they stated that it was for air time and an early cancellation fee. My issue is that I was told I would not face an early termination fee to the best of my knowledge and that I made regular payments as well as at no time was my service terminated. Lowell stated on the phone there was no obligation for them to provide any kind of evidence and could only offer options as well as no legal advice. The letter from Lowell Solicitors states I must respond within 30 days to prevent a court claim being filed and a potential CCJ being issued against me. This could seriously hurt my career as I work for a bank and upon taking my current job ( A promotion ) was investigated for any CCJ's I might have against me of which I had none. I have contacted BT PLC and they will be responding within 7 - 14 days with access to my final bill and potentially account note access / phone logs if any are held. Originally I contacted BT PLC and was put through to their accounts department offshore. No one at that level could see anything wrong with my account, with one lady stating I just needed to pay an early cancellation fee of £60 and my debt could be removed / recalled. I did not take her word for it and asked to speak to a manager who stated this was not the case and apologised as well as lodged a complaint but stated he could not enter the account due to the age to offer an explanation. It wasn't until I reached out to BT via their forum that I was contacted by onshore mods who have come to the above resolution to my query. What can I do to dispute this debt? What rights do I have? I plan to pay the debt if it is genuinely owed and I have really made some kind of mistake or a payment has not been processed. Additional information that might have some relevance is that I moved out of the property towards the end of that contract with it being a student private rent and have not received any communication from BT / Lowell regarding this debt to the best of my knowledge and I do not know how they have found me at my current address to issue this threat letter. Attached are is a copy of the letter I received with personal info taken out. Any advice offered would be greatly appreciated.
  6. DVSA opening hours: Christmas and New Year READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/dvsa-opening-hours-christmas-and-new-year
  7. Does anyone have experience of challenging the 20% discount repayment for Right to Buy terms with a local council in the final six months of the five year no move rule. There is a proviso written in the contract that says in exceptional circumstances they will waive this. Would anyone know what these exceptional circumstances might be, or if there has been a successful challenge. I have been told it would be too costly to ask and I would be unsuccessful if I engaged a solicitor to do this hence my post to clarify this would be the case. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi i have been following this site for years and know you have given some great help and advice. So here I am asking for help for my daughter. Background is she over the last 2 years she has earned around £1300 a month and in this time she has managed to get herself in a right mess. She started with catalogues from Fashion world, Littlewoods, very and studio who have all been increasing her limit until they reached around £1500 to £2000 then came along credit cards Barclaycard, marbles and capital one with about £500 limit on each then a 118118 loan of around £5000 To be fair she was managing all these payments but then she started on Payday loans which have completely messed her up. She has been trying to make payments but she hasn't got a penny to her name. Since august she has moved into her own property so things are even tighter now plus her work place has messed up her sept and oct pay so she is still waiting for payment from them for £1200 She has also from Monday started a new job with a slight drop of pay she will now be bringing home around £1100 a month. My daughter is very depressed and I am quite worried about her to be honest I am sick of seeing her cry over money. No 21 year old should be going through this. My question is I want to help her and get some letters sent to her creditors offering token payments (she has agreed a payment plan with some but at silly amounts she can't afford.) Where do i need to start? Her contract phone has been cut off so the phone calls have stopped but she is consistently getting emails and letters. (letters come to my address as ive told her not to change the address yet) Does the irresponsible lending work? as I am gobsmacked on how easy she could get a payday loan in 3 minutes from lots of different companies.
  9. Hi, I am posting this as I require some urgent advice regarding a minor and an agreement. I am 17 years old and I got onto an online car auction and won. The vehicle is for £7,900 + VAT + 20% commission + vat, therefore the total plaice is around £11,300. However I don’t have the money to buy the car and I did not think that I will win the auction. I contacted the auctioneer about this and they said that in there terms and condition (which I agreed to over email) they clearly state the following: 1) if a buyer wants to cancel they must pay the 20% commission+ vat. Which works out at £1580+ Vat 2) it is a trade sale so consumer right do not apply 3) there is a 2% interest each day for late payment 4) if an under 18 bids in a vehicle the parent or legal guardian is liable to pay. 5) is payment is not received within the allotted time they will use legal action. 6) If the reserve price is not met the seller may still sell the vehicle to the highest bidder. I need to cancel the bid as I have not got the money to purchase the vehicle but I don’t even have the enough money to pay for the cancellation charge. The auctioneer have got a copy of my driving licence and are saying that I have till 5pm otherwise they will go to court and most likely I will get a CCJ in my name which will be for the full amount of approx £11,300 plus 2% interest each day. I would like to know if they will still be able to take me to court even if I am under the age of 18 and classed as a minor, and I did not think this would happen. My parents are not aware of the situation and even they do not have that hind of money. Adobe is greatly appreciated. Thanks Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi all, I'm hoping someone can please advise as to whether my logic is correct. Essentially I took out a Northern rock together mortgage over 10 years ago just before the recession, this included an unsecured loan of £30k. Shortly after I was out of work for a year and built up mortgage arrears on both the secured element and unsecured element of the loan. Despite 5 attempts of NRAM trying to repossess I managed to fight them off and eventually paid of the secured mortgage arrears however because I was prioritising the secured payments the unsecured loan arrears were not being paid and eventually NRAM applied for a CCJ. However at the time they did not default the unsecured loan account so it is still showing on my credit file with just many late payments. The CCJ dropped of my account about a year ago and during the 6 years prior NRAM didn't take and forceful action to recover the debt. My understanding is that prior to making an application for a CCJ to the courts they should have set my unsecured account to default and hence it should have also dropped of my account when the CCJ did and the unsecured debt should In theory now be written off. I did contact Experian and raised this issue, they replied stating that they contacted NRAM however NRAM stated they would not be making any amendments regarding this unsecured account on my credit file. I would really appreciate any advise on this matter and if my logic is incorrect. Many thanks in advance!!!
  11. Hello Guys, I'm new here and any help would be greatly appreciated. Over the past 2 years i have received around 35 parking tickets from UKPC, the majority of which have been issued in my work place office car park. So far i have not replied and ignored any correspondence from UKPC and their debt collection agency. Previously they have been sending all 'debt' letters separately but in July 2018 the debt collection agency have issued me with a letter accumulating the full amount (£5000+) and stating 35 tickets have been issued and that if i don't reply by 08/08/18 they will inform their 'client' to take legal action. It is now 23/08 and nothing has happened. While most people online tell you to simple ignore them as speaking to them in any capacity makes you agree to their 'terms' and by ignoring them they have no power, i have since had a colleague in the same situation for a smaller amount £1500 had a CCJ taken out against his name and his car clamped! This has now panicked me a tad bit and want to resolve the issue ASAP! I can think of two options and would like to know what is best or if you guys have any other advice for me. 1). Call UKPC and negotiate to pay half the amount over the period of a year, or something. Saying i was not the driver (cannot give driver details as i don't know who was driving on the given dates) but would like to settle the issue regardless, not accepting fault but wanting to settle this none the less. Do you think it is likely they would agree to these terms? Also how on earth do i get into contact with a person at UKPC as they have no number and hard to find someone to get into contact with! I don't want to go through the number provided on the debt collector as i assume they have no power and will request the full amount. 2). As i said the majority of tickets were issued at my place of work, if i am able to get a email on a headed page or headed paper from the building manager/security guard who is employed by the property management company who look after our office, who i assume engage UKPC, saying that there was an issue with my permit and that i shouldn't have received the tickets (along the lines of this) then forward this to UKPC. Again i have the issue of trying to contact someone at UKPC and then i can say i will pay any other tickets issued at another location but i want may void any of the ones issued at my place of work. Sorry for the lengthy post but quite a large amount of money of which i neither want to or can afford to pay. Is there any advice you guys could give me about what to do and how to get hold of a person at UKPC. Many thanks, Kyman595
  12. Hi All Ok, today I received a letter from the csa for arrears dating back 18 years from 1999-2000 for a sum of £472. My daughter is now 28 years old and earns more money than me. I can't remember details 18 years ago. The only thing I can imagine is I went through a period of unemployment, but as far as I can remember I paid my csa payments. How in hell can it be after 18 years they come chasing after an 18 year old debt that there is no way I can verify, don't think I own anything 18 years old. I could really do with some advice on this, I certainly don't want to be coughing up £472 for a debt I know nothing about. Any info on what I should do would be most welcome.
  13. Just bought a new washing machine from Appliances Direct. Advert said 10 yr parts warranty which is correct, but you must use their repairer-----£199 per call out charge !!!! This is of course avoidable if you pay a £4 / month insurance fee by DD. They also offer free washing tabs for 6 months---but try getting them. Anything that sounds too good to be true undoubtedly is.
  14. I received a letter from Northampton County Court over an alleged bus lane infringement in which the amount was £195 made payable to Harrow Council, the date of the alleged offence was 06/03/2015 at 11.28. I had never received any correspondence from Harrow Council about this ticket, I had to do a notice to owner to send it back to it's original PNC. Now the bus lane in question I know very well and have done for almost twenty years, the end of the bus lane you can enter two lanes , the right hand side to go up towards Harrow on the Hill, or Roxeth Hill, the left hand side to go straight up or turn left, now what happens is there is a box junction so the right hand side stops until you can go on, I crossed the bus lane to go left I believe but because of the length of time I can not remember what I was doing that day. The reg is correct, you can clearly see the make of the car on the photo yet on the part of the form where it has Vehicle make, it has unknown which is strange. Now I thought you were allow a certain distance to enter the bus lane towards the end of it to turn left, I may be wrong, do I have a leg to stand on to appeal, now there is one photo and you have to pay £10 if you want to view any additional photos on line, it's free if you go down to their office.
  15. New measures to protect 10 million extra holidays a year READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-measures-to-protect-10-million-extra-holidays-a-year
  16. Didn't know whether to post here or in a benefits subforum. I recently received a letter from Jacobs chasing me for an alleged housing benefit overpayment of just under £2000 from over 7 years ago. I have responded in writing by disputing the debt and stating that as it is statute barred it is now unenforceable although I understand it may be recovered by the local authority through an attachment of earnings order (I am self-employed though) or deductions from future benefit payments. I had no prior knowledge of the alleged debt, have never acknowledged it, and no court information pertaining to it has ever appeared on my credit report. Jacobs have responded by giving me 7 days to pay in full (expiring 12 noon tomorrow) or they say they are going to take me to court. They have provided no breakdown of the amount they claim I owe, or any proof that I owe it. What's my next step?
  17. Hi and thanks again for the forum. I purchased a BRAND NEW Tower T17005 Low Fat Health Air Fryer 3.2L Black 3 year guarantee From Hemsworth Hardware on the 19 February 2017. Just recently the unit started to make an horrific grinding sound. I contacted the seller and he said he would speak with the supplier (like he/she is not the supplier). Since then the seller has ignored my emails. Question is - do I pursue this or am I wasting my time given that the unit is over 12 months old ? Thanks in advance.
  18. Hiya I have already CCA’d Moorcroft but I want to send one to the original creditor as well - can anyone confirm if this is the correct address thanks Customer Advocates Office MBNA Limited Chester Business Park Wrexham Road Chester CH4 9FB Thanks
  19. Hi folks, I know there are a couple of threads on similar topics, but this one is specifically about Scotland where rules may be different. I received a letter from sheriff's court demanding payment for 20+ parking tickets (almost £2500) issued in early 2015. These were for on street parking in Dundee city centre where I was living at the time. I didn't get any ticket on my car at the time, nor any correspondence in the post either at the time or at any stage over the past 3 years. They all occur over a 3 month period (March - May 2015), and I was still resident in Dundee until August 2015 so surely I should have received something? Where do I stand with a demand like this? Surely they would have had to send me some sort of correspondence over the past 3 years? What proof should I ask for that the alleged offence actually took place when they say it did? All they've sent me so far is a list of dates and a final demand. The car itself was written off in an accident in September 2016 so I no longer own it. Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  20. Could someone please advise on the “6-years and it lapses” rule, I want to know if it still is in place, and also if it then has relevance for the following. 5 years ago I acted on advice from the wonderful people on this forum. I had previously retired at 65 after a business collapse, and was facing constant letters/calls from debt collectors regarding some related debts amounting to £36K across 5 business credit cards, 1 personal card, and a small-business loan. As a result of great advice I was able to hold my ground and even go on the attack, and after a year or so 4 of the debts were wiped out and a 5th “will not be pursued until we can furnish a copy of the original agreement”. That DCA was a total shambles, so that seems extremely unlikely 4+ years later still. My query today relates to the personal credit card, which was being dealt with by DCA 1st Credit. I offered a token payment of £5/mth because at that time I had not discovered this forum and had no idea that the financial sector worked in such heavily self-serving ways, nor that I had options. The offer was accepted and I made 3 payments, though by that point I had found this forum which opened my eyes wide! I wrote to 1st Credit notifying them that the credit card issuer had not dealt acceptably/completely with previous concerns (long story!), that I would not be making any more payments, that they should return the case, and that I would be contacting their client seeking proper action and that they would be included in any subsequent formal complaint themselves if they continued collection processes in the meantime. Other than asking for details once, which I ignored, I never heard from them again. I have now received two letters a few weeks apart advising “1st Credit has now become Intrum UK Ltd”, requesting a payment arrangement for that debt. I don’t know whether 1st Credit just changed their name, or Intrum Justitia (one of ‘my’ earlier DCAs) has bought their book, but either way it seems 1st Credit just shoved it to the back of the shelf 5 yrs ago, not returned it nor done anything with it themselves. My knee-jerk is that if the 6-year rule still applies, they are now trying to resurrect the case before it lapses. Part of me says to ignore them and see where it goes, though another part of me wants to snap-back setting a line of defence advising Intrum to return the case to the card issuer who I am contacting requiring them to deal properly with already-notified matters that they have yet to complete, with a warning of a formal complaint should they continue to chase. I’d greatly prefer getting to a 6 year cutoff however and just washing my hands of the whole stressful matter, than opening a level of formalities all over again and having all the stress for a year at least and most likely on in to our mid-70s. I’d just like to get on with living, as all was extremely upsetting to my wife who was/is not a strong woman after losing all our assets, our house and a second property, and living hand-to-mouth on just our state pension in rented accommodation and not the comfortable retirement we had expected. So regarding the “6-years” rule, is it still in force? If so, would contacting fresh-face Intrum with a stand-down notification letter end the 5 year lack of any contact just a year before it could help close the door? Or maybe has that already been ended with the appearance of Intrum asking for an arrangement, beginning a fresh 6-year requirement? So … should I ignore Intrum’s contact for a while longer, or get in quickly with a defence by going in to attack mode which no doubt would drag out for at least a year … by which time the 6 year rule would apply anyway if it is still in place as a potential backstop as long as I don’t break the silence? I would welcome some focus so I can see more clearly what makes the best sense … and also any pointers to new or changed legislation/codes-of-conduct /proper forms-of-words/etc that may be keeping me unknowingly out of step with things these 5 years later. Many thanks if you can guide me at all.
  21. Hello Everyone, Not really sure how to start this so I'll plod on and hope it makes sense? A DCA has gone to a court case after an account (that has been in dispute) and where multiple dcas have been involved, now after the threats ONE has moved it to court! I've acknowledged service but now I want to help if I can. Seemingly the account has always been in dispute with the CC holder and the CC holder admitted things had gone wrong and would rectify but did nothing to recompense but instructed more dcas until it got to this stage. The defendent sent the dca the first of what would be three letters seeking proof of deed of assignment etc to a PO box addrees. That was ignored. I have since been told that it is always best to find out a physical address and send there, as the postman can only leave a card when a PO Box is concerned? QUESTION: Is this why these DCA's USE PO Box addresses, to delay replies, or confuse things, or worse still to perhaps deny delivery? It seems to me that this can be VERY SERIOUS where a court case and time to reply could mean the difference between innocence and a CCJ!! So it seems I need to start the series of letters again but my question is if my friend sent a letter to the dcas po box years ago in relation to this stated on the claim form nd they ignored it and just kept sending demands and threats. Do actually I mention this to the dca in letter 1 where I inform them I am in receipt of a claim form that I fully intend to ? Not sure what to do and dont want to let my friend down. So important Hope someone can help???? I have to apologise. Although I registered on CAG for many years. I am not active on the site which makes me feel a little awkward is asking for help in the first place.
  22. 17-year bans for claims management bosses after breaching regulations READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/17-year-bans-for-claims-management-bosses-after-breaching-regulations
  23. Four-time bankrupt hit with fourteen-year restriction READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/four-time-bankrupt-hit-with-fourteen-year-restriction
  24. One year review of enforcement agent reforms READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/one-year-review-of-enforcement-agent-reforms
  25. This is asking for advice ten years ago I was taken very ill and had to give up working have undergone ten years of major surgery and hospital treatment my wife working part time to look after me . rightly or wrongly and I know in hindsight wrongly before I was admitted to hospital I was fully aware I would be unable to keep up with my outstanding debt repayments . contacted a debt management company to handle my debts as I was fully aware that within weeks I would not be in any position to deal with it and thinking that being honest and facing up to this that I would not be able to deal with this along with trying to take pressure from my wife we both signed agreement for the debt management company to act on our behalf and at no time without hiding from any liability. Just in the last few months I have been well enough to relook at what we had done and now realise what a huge mistake I made as after all these years after paying thousands of pounds I have only reduced the by hundreds yet I was paying for PPi and other payment protection schemes on all the accounts yet a few years the same management firm offered a PPI repayment plan although they stated that some of the debt was covered and they reclaimed refund all that happened was it reduced the debt and I ended up with another debt for their fees which was added on to the monthly repayment plan and according to them now it will take another 89 years to repay what we owe by which we shall both be dead Yet when looking through old paper work in the last few weeks due to my health improving I found a credit statement from one of my debt companies stating that they had accepted the monthly repayment of one pound per month but where changing a payment options plan of sixteen pounds and this was three years after I first entered in to this debt management plan. I have within the last few days asked the debt management firm if they had details of copies my original credit agreements and as they acted on our behalf could they forward them to me or ask for them which I was informed they did not and would not be able to obtain them surely how can they undertake a debt management plan without the agreements . I am fully aware now that I have been been ripped off by the debt management firm and by the credit firms and now believe honesty does not pay by admitting my indebtedness trusting somebody to deal with it has now cost my wife's health and I will never recover my my illness . I feel there must be a solution but it seems far to late to do anything now as I accepted the debts by handing every over to a debt management firm as I was not in position to deal with it due my health so any help would be very gratefully
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