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Found 4 results

  1. Hey, I've left this for far too long... I had a letter from the crs and other debt collectors about paying them back £241.34. This started happening when I cancelled my gym membership through direct debit. I cancelled my membership around June / July and only did 4 months with them? I think. I missed my 1 month before and they took money out when i had money available in my bank since I normally get paid in cash where I was working. I missed another month of the monthly payment so I just decided to cancel my membership, thinking that I didn't really need to worry about anything. Next thing I know, i'm getting charged huge amounts! :/ One of my friends told me just to completely ignore what's coming my way that involves the debt collection for the gym. Since it has worked for them, and so has another friend, apparently. I'm getting worried now... I had a letter from spratt Solicitors saying that I need to owe, blah blah blah, It's pretty much the same letter as the other people that are in my situation have gotten, but I think my scenario is worse because I wasn't responsible enough and just left this to time. The letter was posted around the 3rd Nov but I didn't read it a couple days after since I've gotten Uni and my parents opened the letter but didn't get involved since it wasn't their mess and gave me a right telling off (Asian parents). Now is the 20th... What do I Do with everything?? Please help, urgent :/ Sorry for being a kid. I'm 19 and go to Manchester Metropolitan University. Thanks, Westin
  2. I signed up with xcercise4less about 3 year ago I signed up for a 12 month contract with them which I could pay monthly they reassured me it's only a 12 month contract then that's it I didn't really go to the gym as it is an assumed it would end at the 12 month mark before Christmas I checked my direct debits and realised they were still taking money I rang the gym they said they would cancel it I cancelled the direct debit an thought that's it I received a letter today saying I owe 207.47 am they've said they've sent me more letters which I haven't received that's why the total is so high iv had a read of th threads and I'm quite confused can anyone help?? Thanks
  3. Hello, you all seem to be really clued up here so hopefully you can help me! In September 2013 I signed up for a gym membership at Xcercise4Less, which was for a year. When I signed up it was with some housemates that would not be in the area in a year, so when we asked how to cancel the girl simply said cancel the direct debit. After using the gym only for a few weeks I developed a hernia (unrelated to gym!), and so was advised not to go until after surgery. I stopped going to the gym, however continued paying for the contract as I was unaware you could cancel because of this. Come September 2014, the 12th payment came out so I cancelled the direct debit. Now starting a month ago it has been a mess of CRS, Harlands and Xcercise4Less harassing me and sending multiple letters for unpaid gym membership fees and then some additional extra? I emailed the gym directly and told them the situation however they stopped replying. I'm really skint at the moment and it is annoying me how I didn't even use the gym and they are still trying to come after me for money? How could I get around this? I emailed them saying I would pay my 1 months notice but they ignored that aswell. Would it be helpful to get a doctors note for the hernia? I've followed advice seen on here about not doing anything over the phone but I'm getting texts and missed calls every day and keep sending letters to my home address and worrying my mother. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could possibly help me with an issue I'm having with Harlands. I joined the xcercise4less Gym last year in around June 2014, ending my membership around August 2014 (not sure on exact dates at the moment however I'm sure I can retrieve these. After getting into financial difficulties I cancelled my DD with xcercise4less in around August meaning they could not collect my monthly membership fee. I fully accept that in hindsight, this was not the right thing to do and I should have given the 30 days notice as per the contract. After cancelling the DD i received a letter from Harlands advising that I owed them a £25 administration fee for the DD cancellation plus the monthly membership fee for xcercise4less which I think was around £19.99. Following some online research I noticed a lot of complaints about Harlands and their so called administration fees. I did eventually contact Harlands and paid the £19.99 and advised I would pay the fee the following week. I also sent a letter to my gym confirming my membership cancellation, that I'd paid the outstanding £19.99 to Harlands and that I should no longer be liable for any payments to xcercise4less. The following week I attempted to call Harlands on three occasions to make the payment. All times I was kept on hold for a ridiculous amount of time (I have screenshots of the call attempts I made). After the last call I emailed them to advise that I would no longer be wasting my money to call them and they could contact me to collect the fee. I also advised that I would only be paying £25 and no added charges as I had attempted to call them. I received 2 automated replies from them stating something along the lines of call the following number to speak with us (despite me clearly advising them I wouldn't be ringing again). I have since received another letter from them advising that I owe them £44.99 (19.99 for my apparent missed installation for December plus 25 administration fees). They've advised that in order to cancel my membership I need to pay £64.98 (the above plus a further 19.99 to cancel) which is absolutely ridiculous. Can they do this? I'm starting to get quite worried and anxious about it all! Any help would be much appreciated. Regards, Sarah.
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