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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all. I had a 12mth contract with x4less. After the 12mths was up i cancelled. All was fine, then started getting txts saying i owed £10? apparently my DD was cancelled, they gave me a number to ring and pay. for weeks i tried to ring and pay this £10 to no avail, kept ringing and ringing untill i got a message saying 'all our representatives are busy, please leave a message' I left multible messages with my details saying i wanted to pay. for weeks i tried and got more texts. Rang the gym, harlands, emailed gym, the manager never did i once get a reply! Now im getting letters saying i owe over £100?? What can i do? Thanks all. Steven
  2. I signed up for the 12 month student deal £11.99/month a few weeks back decided to stop it as I no longer needed the gym. As I hadn't activated my account for their website I just cancelled the DD (which weirdly just said £0.00?). I realise that was not sufficient enough. Skip forward to yesterday, I receive the lovely email from Harlands saying I owe the first month's fee + the classic £25.00 admin charge - adding to £36.99 . I then go on X4L website and submit the cancellation form (saying I'm relocating and backing up with a bill). I then received an email today from X4L saying my account is in default and in order to move forward with the cancellation process I need to call "their support team on 0113 2038602" - which I checked online goes to Harlands. Now, despite not even setting foot in the gym I am willing to pay the first month's fee and even the second (as you have to give a months notice). However, that admin fee is not happening. How should I go about paying the month fee to allow the cancellation? I get the feeling I will have the "if you don't pay the full amount we won't cancel your subscription" which I want to avoid. Could anyone help me please? Thanks
  3. Hi guys. Just after a little reassurance. I joined my local X4Less around November last year (2015) over the telephone. I was informed at the time that it was a rolling 12 month contract of £9.99, and i could leave if i moved away from the area, was made redundant, medical grounds etc etc... Roll on March 2016. I suffered a back injury and informed the gym of this. They said they needed proof so i went back to the doctors and asked him to give me a note stating i couldn't continue in the gym. I proceeded back down to the gym and presented this to one of the staff behind the counter. She advised me to fill in the online form to cancel. I told her i didn't have internet access at that time and she said she would action it for me. I noticed on my bank account 2 months later that direct debits were still being taken out so i cancelled them. I then was bombarded with texts from X4Less informing me my account was in arrears and every-time i rang they said don't worry we'll look into it. I then started to recieve texts saying my debt was being passed onto Harlands. And again every-time i rang Harlands and stated my reasons for cancelling the DD they said they would investigate. Then Harlands started sending letters telling me that £25 admin fees have been added to my account. And the whole process went round in circles until recently CRS have sent a letter threatening Bailiffs, CCJ's, Court action etc etc.. I have managed to speak to ROB Knight/ROB Avery whom is the collections manager as i never get any sense from the imbeciles in the office and to be honest he wasn't much better. He advised me to go back to the doctors and get another note stating i couldn't continue with the gym and CRS would end the dispute. I went back to the doctors at a cost of £80 BTW:shock: and faxed another note to them explaining my back problems. Today i receive another E mail from CRS saying thanks for the doctors note but as the account was already in arrears the debt needs to be settled.:mad2: I have spoke to the collections manager again today and he insists that what they are doing is Legal, they don't need to be regulated by the FCA and they have the full backing of the courts if required. Is it safe to just ignore all letters now? I don't see how i can be held responsible for someone at the Gym not carrying out instructions. And i have made a conceivable effort to try and sort this out but to no avail. Any help much appreciated.
  4. Hi everyone and thanks for this great forum! I'm very new to this so sorry if i get some things wrong. Here is a timeline of events: 03/08/14: I join the Newcastle branch of Excersise4less, being told it is a rolling contract of £9.99 and that I can cancel at anytime. The same day i head home to find an email telling me that my contract is in fact for 11 months. That's fine, I intent to go anyway. 25/08/15: 12 months of not going to the gym later and I start thinking that maybe this membership is a bit of wasted money. I cancel my Direct Debit and cancel my subscription in the gym. They note in the gym that a final payment of £9.99 will need to be taken on 2/9/15 as part of the 30 day notice period. As my direct debit was cancelled with the bank and was established with X4Less I figure they will just reinstate the DD for one final payment before closing the account. 02/09/15: No payment is taken, no attempt at any payment is made, bank records show nothing from Harland and X4Less. 15/09/15: I received a text from X4L Informing me as follows: "Dear Member. Your account has gone into default due to you cancelling your direct debit. To prevent further charges being added please call us on 01132038602." The number goes to Harlands debt collection and they inform me that I owe them the £9.99 (fair enough) and a £25 admin charge as a penalty. I told them I was not prepared to pay the admin fee, but they wouldn't budge. I don't really know where to go from here. Should I contact the gym direct as see if I can settle the outstanding £9.99 with them? Or should I dispute the matter with Harlands? Point 6 of my contract does state that they can charge a £25 admin fee for returned DDs or cheque. But the DD wasn't returned it simply was never claimed. It also just seems very harsh. Any help would be appreciated. I look forward to the responses.
  5. I joined in Aug 2014 on the Bank Holiday Special. Sent them a notice of cancellation to the Gym branch I joined in (Stockton South) on 21st Aug 2015 as I had fulfilled my 12 month contract. As soon as the August Payment went out I cancelled my DD with the Bank. This morning I received a letter from Harlands requesting money with admin fees, I had already followed their cancellation steps. and fulfilled my 12 months as per agreement. Ive rang my branch and I was asked had I been into the gym to sign a cancellation, I stated I hadnt as per their own website it just says written notice. Which i sent. Please any guidance would be very helpful. I didnt see any threads that were slightly similar in how to deal with this issue. The gym said they would ring head office and get back to me but i highly doubt they will after reading any of the threads here
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