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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, I'm having an issue with Lowell , they have written to me stating I owe just short of £300 for a mobile with three ,I rang three up as I do have a few contract phones with them gave three the account number lowells quoted and three informed me that it is in my name but not at my address , lived here 17 years and not my bank account that I pay the contract phones through .rang lowells .... didn't think any company could be so delightful to deal with not.. . I explained to lowells not my debt and can I have proof basic answer from lowells was pay up or else , I said well go for the so else , I have written the prove it letter now will send in the morning recorded delivery to them ,but the other issue I have is they have lodged 3 default so my credit file and a linked address ,the linked address I have never lived at and on 2 of the defaults they are not my date of birth 1does have my date of birth ,but I don't know how that's happened as I've never lived at the address lowells have put the default on , so that have sort of blown my credit rating a bit , any ideas on how I can deal with lowells and the cra to remove this incorrect info seems a bit of a cheek by lowells lodging defaults not in my name or date of birth but looking around seems the norm for lowells any help appreciated thanks paul
  2. Being bombarded with calls from Fredrickson's followed by receiving a letter saying I owed £247 to TXT Loan Limited, I assumed it must be some kind of 'problem' as I have never taken out any such loan or heard of either company. Googling it enhanced my suspicions as I found Fredrickson's had a habit of attempting to squeeze money out of people who did not owe it. I wrote to them asking them for a copy of the CCA and clearly stated that this was not my debt and that all correspondence on the matter was to be in writing. They replied that they had referred the matter to their client and were putting the account on hold in the meantime. The phonecalls ceased for about three weeks but have now recommenced. Last week I received a copy of the credit agreement with an unsigned 'click to sign' box and completely the wrong DOB, but used my correct initial and address. It also contained a bank sort code and account number, also not mine. The date this loan was taken out co-incides with the time my credit card company alerted me that my credit card details were being used fraudulently. If TXTloan had this address, why would they never write to me? Checks on personal details such as name and date of birth are so easy now-a-days any fraudster can access them far too easily with a few clicks on the Internet, along with mother's maiden names. This being so easily accessible makes it seem absurd that banks still use these details as adequate security checks. But in this instance a quick check by any of them should have shown this. Interestingly garyjc is having an IDENTICAL experience to myself! I have reported it to the police and written to TXTloan explaining the situation. Now Fredrickson have started the telephone harassment again (it is my poor father that has to endure the brunt of these) what should my next step be? I'm sure there are plenty others out there with similar experiences and would love to hear any with such similar circumstances. If payday loans companies can give out money to fraudsters who need no more than someone else's name and address, then surely there must or will be loads of such cases.
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