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Found 10 results

  1. Can HMRC legally accuse a man of making a joint claim with his wife for working tax credit if he has never filled out his part of the application form and never signed it?
  2. Hi there, I want to give as much information as possible so i'll be as detailed as i can and i ask of you that you please take the time to read it all as it would really help me. I currently suffer from severe depression, anxiety and occasionally agoraphobia. This is mainly caused and triggered by stress and pressure and results in panic attacks and uncontrollable shaking and sweating. Was on IB for around 5 years and moved to ESA. After the inevitable but expected zero points on my ATOS/ESA assessment and a decision maker agreeing with ATOS my claim was sent to tribunal from wh
  3. My husband was on IB and had a Atos medical last year - which resulted in them claiming he is fit for work. He has horseshoe kidneys that are upside down, one side has minimal function and the function of the 'good' side is impaired - he has a stent inserted to heal his bladder drain - without it his tube blocks and causes the kidney to swell. He suffers from continuous lower back pain, which increases when he walks about and radiates into his groin area. He is on Tramadol and Paracetemol for the pain. He also suffers from Raynauds and even though he talked nifedipine he still looses circulati
  4. Hello there, My first time on here talking but I have had many a tip from here before. I am in a terrible state and worrying myself sick about debts. After my husband died 2 years ago I have slowly gotten into a mess with borrowing and I'm now at a point where I can no longer do this. However, I own my house outright (apart from having around a third of it owed to an equity release company who will take the money when I die) I am really worried as my son told me if I am in debt and even if they are unsecured, these companies can make me sell the house and put a c
  5. Hi folks, I'm new here. I was recommended to seek advice on here from a friend with a problem I am having at my work at the moment. I have done a search on here and round the government website about overtime but quite a lot of it is contradicting or confusing. My situation is that I am a full time Uni student in my final year (busy busy). I work in a retail shop on a 15 hour per week contract. Now with being in my final year I am extremely busy with my coursework. My shop has recently hired a new manager (happens to be his first store manager role) and I am currently having to work 20+
  6. Hi everyone, I have a bit of a problem I really need some guidance with. In Febuary 2012 my wife, my two year old daughter and I had to move out of our old flat due the adverse effect it was having on my wife's health, I took out some pay day loans to cover the moving costs (wholly intending to repay on time), However in March 2012 my hours at work were impossible to keep up due to my wife's increasing dependence on me and her declining health. I ended up leaving around 15th April 2012 and since then have been on income support and i am her full time carer. Our landlord served us with an
  7. I have a joint endowment to pay of my mortgage that was taken out with an ex partner who has moved abroad and is not on speeaking terms. I have continued the payments foolishly thinking it would just be paid at the end of the 25years (in 5 years). I have since been told by a friend that I will not be able to get the money without her signature or a joint account, I have no way of contacting her and am now worried that I will be in deep do do in 5 years!!
  8. I would like some advice on ESA. I have been in the support group for two years and my medical issue is highly unlikely to ever go away. However, I would really like to get back to work despite this problem. My background is in teaching and a position has come up which I think I might like to go for. But the job doesn't start until September 2013 and if offered the job I would have to sign the contract immediately. My problem is what to do with the ESA. It would be another ten months before I started working and even then I would still have my medical problem. So, if offered the job, do I
  9. Hi, just wanted to know if anyone knows if there is anything my partner can do. He is a self employed (sub-contractor) builder, and due to know fault of his own he hasn't been paid now for 5 wks. He is owed over £2,000 in unpaid wages. His boss is not being paid off people who they have done work for, so he doesn't have any money to pay wages. My partner is now struggling to pay his mortgage, bills etc, and he is threatening to pack work in altogether, as he doesn't see the point going to work if he isn't getting paid. It isn't his boss's fault, customers keep promising they will pay and then
  10. I started a PhD last year but have just found out that I've not passed the 1st year and so cannot progress onto the 2nd year. It's a total shock as I thought I was doing OK but the supervision has been absolutely appalling with little feedback from my supervisor. In addition supervisor has been quite elusive recently and she's due to go on mat leave next month, don't really know what is going on but I'm really worried financially. My stipend will run out end of September. I can write up what I've got as an MPhil, except there's no money for that, my other supervisor has off
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