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Found 3 results

  1. I am calling for justice, not just for HMRC, but for a system that requires no accountability. HMRC and other gov support are working from narrow guidelines without thought or often, much intelligence, and make cuts that they never have to take responsibility for. I know people well who have suffered from these cuts, living in poverty with great stress. Complaints take months, even years, and tribunals find against the complainant without having all the papers even. You can complain only about handling, not the outcome, and senior staff and even independent officers won't find fault. I have found this issue with ombudsman - even the highest point, their independent assessor/adjudicator - in all areas, not just HMRC. I have even seen evidence for corruption in the legal system, conveniently closing and losing cases that challenge them. We need a system where complaints are heard, not that we're put off for the stress and poor outcome. We need to work together for a fair, accountable system which has right of redress, which has people using their heads and hearts, not following flow chart rules under the pressure of targets for political and fiscal gain. We need to support those who need it, not rule that (this is a quote) "insufficient suffering" has occurred to warrant investigation and compensation, not to say that "need is not entitlement" (another true quote). I look to CAG to take steps to make this money and outcomes obsessed system into one that works for the people, not against us, that isn't about the agenda of those who rule.
  2. Hello, I signed off JSA over the phone three weeks ago. The operator submitted a WTC request on my behalf and I have already received my first payment. She said I would receive the claim form in three weeks. Three weeks have gone and nothing has arrived yet. I seem to remember that the claim must be submitted within 30 days of the start of the claim. Is it still true? In which case would I be in trouble or would it be enough for me to prove that I did not receive the form on time? Or maybe I'm worrying too much. Thanks
  3. Sadly, when the Working Tax Credit ends for pensioners in April I will have to apply for Pension Guarantee Benefit. Is there anything I need to know about doing this? Will I have to wind up my business. Although it did create a very small income in the past has not made enough to pay me anything recently. I have had to reduce the hours I put in because of the increased care my mother needs. Obviously I told the WTC people about that and my WTC payment has been reduced pro rata. I think, by the time we get to April, it will be going in the direction of a hobby (same hours of work but I don't think I will make any income) but I would like to continue if possible as it is a distraction from some of the less easy parts of caring . Will the benefits people just regard no income from it as no income or will they assess a number of hours at the Minimum Income Floor they are using for working age people? I would rather not apply but I really cannot afford to run a car on just my state pension and getting to my mother and particularly taking her to clinics, etc., would be pretty near impossible without it. I cannot claim Carers Allowence because I am getting State Pension but is there anything that would help me help her? Thank you for any help you can give.
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