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  1. My partner is a carer. She has been sent to work for a lady who wasn't equipped with the correct device to keep her upright. She fell on my partner and my partner suffered a back injury leading to incontinence, pain and time off work. We took the case with xxx LLP, who wrote a letter to the employer and got a response, offering 4000 pounds as final settlement. xxx advised us to reject that offer, saying, over the phone, that we can always fall back on the 4000, but they believe we can get much more. Since then, my partner has been to Royal Berkshire Hospital, where the doctor said he doesn't see any injury and any pain she might have is a result of earlier injury. Her incontinence might be an infection (totally rubbish). Now it feels like the case might fall through, as the doctors do not want to confirm her injury and we see the 4000 pounds as a better-than-nothing solution. However, when we WROTE to xxx, they said the offer is off the table and we can't fall back to those 4000 pounds. 1. She will be seeing a doctor from xxx privately to assess her but I reckon a judge might be more interested in an NHS doctor rather than a doctor from an interested party? 2. What can we do in regards to xxx making us think we could get at least 4000 pounds and now they are implying we can come out empty handed? 3. Any other advice regarding the situation in general will be appreciated I will just add that the reason my partner was injured is that she grabbed the falling lady and saved her from rolling down the stairs. And that my partner is truly injured. It took her 2 weeks to admit that she's incontinent because of the shame.
  2. Hi just thought I would share a telephone conversation I had recently with the DWP After asking the DWP to review my decision work related to Support etc., I had call from DWP, as I suffer from PDST, Depression, Social Anxiety, find it difficult to leave the house most days. I explained all of this to DWP, and their advice,,, obtain employment where I can work from home. Amazing.......
  3. Hi All I came back from work yesterday to find that there are double yellow lines outside my council house and around the corner. I assume the council put them there (they look like they've been painted by someone after a heavy liquid lunch) the lines are 55mm wide the the cap between them varies from 30mm to 70mm. As I'm near the end of the terrace, the lines start outside my house, go up the road and around the bend, going up that road. My questions are:- 1) Should the council advertise that the lines are being put there prior to painting 2) Should there be parking restriction signs to accompany these lines 3) Should these lines confirm to a standard for the to be legal 4) Should there be plans lodged somewhere to state the how far these lines come down the straight bit of road after the bend As always, thanks in advance EOS-5D
  4. Recently, DWP paid me 7,000.00 backdated payments for sickness / ESA claims as a result of numerous complaints made about 3 work capability assessments, each of which having a medical report made by a nurse which omitted information. 2 of the work capability assessments were recorded. The oral recordings of the assessment differed from the medical notes made by the nurse, this has been shown on 2 occasions when comparing the oral recording with that of the medical report. Pointing this out to DWP - I was ignored for several years, complaints being answered but nothing being done in respect of the complaints. To have a 7 thousand pound payment years after may seem great - reality is that it is all used to pay debts to family who supported me during the time DWP refused to. My data request is for a copy of a report made by a Dr. [redacted] who conducted both investigations into my last 2 work capability assessments. This doctor could not find anything wrong with either of my work capability assessments between that of the actual recording and that of the written medical report. Whereas, other medical professionals have noted several elements whereby the assessments are unfit for purpose. DWP refused to give me this data surrounding the doctor's investigation previously despite my many reminders. Again, in my latest assessment, DWP are refusing to give me this data. The data request was late (it needed reminding). Not only was it late, it did not contain any of the information I had asked for. I had asked for specific information surrounding the 2 investigations made by Dr. [redacted], this should have been 10 pages at the very most. What resulted was at least 3,000 pages (some duplicates) of the entirety of my comlpaints with DWP... In addition to someone elses name and national insurance number (totally unrelated to me) in amongst the data. I wish for specific data surrounding the doctor's investigation. I have an N1 court claim form - are there any templates I can use to make a claim under GDPR forcing DWP to comply with my request? --- The request is for data to aid in other complaints and essentially show that the assessment is unfit for purpose and even when complaining about it, a Doctor answers complaint saying everything is fine - when it is not.
  5. Hi all, I have learning difficulties and I need some help understanding what permitted work Is, the reason I would like to know is because I receive esa and pip what I have been receiving for the past 3 years I worked in kitchens from 16 years old till I was 28 then i become really depressed and anxious due to swallowing issues I had a good tube for 2 years and currently survive on ensure I find it very difficult to swallow soft food, because of this I am quite weak and collapse frequently but my stability has got better in the last year, my problem is I don't get enough money on dwp i am in debt with electricity and water rates that i cannot afford to pay back and I would like to do some light work to help earn more but I'm worried that I will take on work and my benefits will stop because I am in no position to be able to manage full time work at this current time could someone please explain to me the best options for me, Thank you Karl
  6. Hi A colleague received a telephone call from an enforcement agent who had got their employers details from the council regarding a council tax debt. They are trying to sort this out but the enforcement agent was very aggressive and unhelpful (and asked if we knew where their partner works). Has the council breached data protection by giving these details to the collection company?
  7. What is the score with someone signed off on long term sick, and on UC with income based ESA being called in for a Review to see if they are doing enough to seek work or increase their hours They haven't had a report from a Work Capability Assessment as yet? this is what was on their To Do List about the interview: "This is to check you're doing everything you can to find a job, or earn more". If they say they are signed off with a Fit Note stating they are Unfit For Work would they get a Sanction for refusing to look? A neighbour has asked me about this, as they are a tad confused.
  8. I work at a small out patients building on the outskirts of a small town completely isolated from the main nhs hospital in a nearby town We at present have travellers on the land outside the car park entrance When we finish at 18 : 00 hrs they are normally drunk and acting in an aggressive manner kicking and goading there dogs into fighting each other This evening I had to return to the building and wait until others went home so as we could escort each other out ( we have no security) I have expressed my concerns with our line manager but she seems lost as what to do I believe that I have a right to withdraw to a place of safety without redress It is very intimidating with them coming into the building using the showers and toilets our staffing consists of mainly women
  9. my friend cancelled his JSA claim today and has appointment booked with his ingeus advisor tomorrow, he has asked me if he can still get sanctioned for not attending as he is switching from JSA to ESA? sorry to keep going on but he keeps asking me.
  10. hi, my Dad passed away earlier this year, and the executors have been compiling a list of his gifts to me for inheritance tax. I have now had a letter from a different firm of solicitors stating that they have taken over and that there are a number of transactions which "require an explanation". I wrote to the original solicitors querying this, who passed on my email to the new solicitors. Their response was that the original firm had a right to take legal advice and to employ solicitors to act on their behalf in relation to possible claims that the estate may have. They want to see my bank statements back to 2011 (one account was closed down 2 years ago), and evidence (which I've got ) that he wanted to pay my rent Basically because I gave up trying to move away. Every time I tried to do anything, he would have a fall and be in hospital and i would have to stay with my mother. When I asked who was paying them, they said the fee would come from the estate, but could be borne by the defendants to that claim if the court ordered it. I feel as if I want to say, "Take me to Court then" as I have evidence for everything. I am not involving my solicitor in this because I have already wasted approx £8000 paying him. Money that my Dad gifted me to live off. They want a response by next week. My mother has alzheimers and I am moving her into a care home. I am finally leaving a town which I have been trying to leave for 4 years. Their care has taken over my life, and unless you've been in this situation, you have no idea what a nightmare it is. The Best Interest meeting held earlier this year agreed that she should be near me, I have been unable to work for over three years due to both my elderly parents' deteriorating health, and a psycho brother not helping at all. I have also spent all year trying to get a Care Provider contracted through the Council sacked. This involved a Safeguarding meeting, and a formal complaint with responses from the CQC, CEO, Head of Commission, etc and my MP is backing me. This is just one more thing thrown at me, and I wonder if anyone could suggest anything I can say to them without getting my solicitor involved. Do I need to respond? Do I have to present my bank statements? Will they send bailiffs to my door or will they take me to Court? I would rather go to Court. IMO, my response should be to ask more questions. I don't have time to chase bank statements, especially from closed accounts, and why do they want to know anyway if the gifts were in the nil bracket? You have to be so careful with solicitors as anything I say could be twisted. I will go to Citizens Advice on Monday, but wondered if anyone could help me now. I am in the middle of selling the apartment and moving miles away, plus I can't find a home for her until I've got a date. Thanks
  11. Hi, Could someone give me some advice please? I started working for a company in May 2018. I started as a temp from an agency with a weekly payment. This was supposed to be for 3 months, then if we performed well, they would interview us, and potentially keep us on. I was told I was given an interview in August, and they decided to offer me a permanent position, advising I would go permanent from September. I was then told as it was so close to the payroll deadline, they would ask the agency to keep me on as temp for the month of September, and would actually make me permanent from October instead. About midway through October, they asked me to fill in a couple of forms and email them back within 2 days, stating otherwise I'd cut payroll cut-off and would not get paid. I filled these in and sent them back on the second day. I got an email back saying I had missed payroll as I should have sent it before 5pm. There was no such detail in the email I received. I had also asked my manager to send the form back for me as it had to be signed, and my manager had sent it after 5pm. They then said they would look into organizing an emergency payment for me. Then I got told they had not sent me a bank detail form by their mistake. I filled it in and sent it back straight away. I was never sent the bank detail form so it was clearly their fault. I had presumed they would get the details for my bank details from my agency who had been paying me previously, so it didn't raise a concern for me. Now the company is saying they will go to the CEO and see if he can authorize the emergency payment. The company seems to be putting the blame on me, even though I have done nothing wrong and it is completely the company's fault. If the company comes back and refuses to pay me for October until the following month, what are my options? Any advice will be much appreciated. Aaron
  12. Here's the deal... I made a mistake, not denying it at all. First actual mistake i've made at this employer. It turns out this same mistake has been happening for years, I believe the root cause is their database/system, which takes no action to mitigate against such mistakes and actually in this particular case encourages mistakes. The root cause is defined as the non-human element that would have absolutely prevented the error if removed from the equation. So for example, if you were told to cross a narrow foot bridge and fell off because there was no hand rail, where does the fault lie?? hmmm? What's annoying is that there is no willingness to fix the problem, what's more annoying is that it's happened so many times with different people that you have to wonder why the bloody the problem (which it turns out has been complained about multiple times) has never been identified. As a former quality engineer I find this extremely frustrating....... The company has a pretty toxic blame culture, it's always "who" not "how" or "why", people try to cover up mistakes and push responsibility down onto someone else, every now and again someone gets sacrificed to the blame gods so that a certain person can appear as though they are doing their job. Some people even go so far as to establish an email chain before doing anything they're asked to do by this person, in the misguided belief that this protects them from blame, when in fact they're not the only people with access to said emails. My mistake was basically in forgetting a screw up had occurred when I got back into work on Monday, having had barely any sleep due to a constantly screaming 3 week old baby which has had to be put onto medication for severe reflux (i hate mentioning that, but it's relevant to explaining my tiredness). Should well designed, robust systems and processes fall over as soon as someone comes into work sick or tired? I think not. So here we are, facing a disciplinary for a minor mistake (which is being trumped up into something bigger), knowing full well that had they investigated previous mistakes properly and implemented corrective actions, it wouldn't have happened at all. The primary "complaint" is not the cost of the mistake, but the "personal embarrassment" caused, which i'm finding it very hard to not say "well suck it up snowflake, fix your sh*t and stop blaming people who fall into the cracks".
  13. Advice people have given you did it work for you.From wherever,jobcentres,businessmen,husbands,wives,friends. Example Many years ago i worked on Blackpool Promenade A interesting place to work,could be 5am or ten pm all times of the day. Observing the goings on and meeting many interesting people.Such as the Snakeman,entertainers all sorts of people from many places. One of them was a multi millionaire. We became pretty friendly and i began working for him renovating and modernising a huge shop. I observed how he worked,he had the Midas touch everything he touched seemed to turn to gold. Well as you can imagine i thought to myself i want a piece of that,only natural. I was trusted after a while and the relationship became a little like Del and Rodney,Fools and Horses you can guess who was Rodney. I was standing next to him one day observing his empire on the prom and i said. Del how come everything you do turns to gold. well Rodney it is like this he replied. I have maybe ten ideas which i invest a thousand or two into. 8 might fail but the if the other two work it is happy jubbly. And some of his ideas swept the country. Right i said to myself,Rodney it is your turn now.The Mercedes will soon be here. So spent 20 quid on some necklaces,plastic miniature dolphins and some long grain rice. And the Finest architects pen i could find.and a huge magnifying glass. Stall was set up.Ladies and Gentlemen gather round which they did. I mean you can hardly fail on the prom. Your name on a Piece of rice put in this miniature Dolphin,filled with water which magnifies it,hung on a chain and around your neck it goes. So what happens, flaming Methelusah comes along says i will have three,have you ever tried writing Methelusah on a grain of rice.Once is a challenge but three times:madgrin: I thought everyone would be a Sue or a Dave,well you would wouldnt you. So it just did not pay and i am at the moment on my 990th idea waiting for the beam of light to land on me and say Rodney you have succeeded. So it did not work for me the advice but sure had some fun along the way. Your turn now,advice given was it acted upon,used and worked for you. You know,from grandma,grandpa,the wise ones.Mum- Dad anyone.
  14. Hello, sorry if this isn't the right place to post this. I am pay Grade 1 and am currently being made to do pay Grade 2 work and was wondering if this is legal or allowed? The work I am carrying out will take between 4-11 days I am an administrator and am currently doing the work of an assessor in another department because "needs of the business". My contract doesn't state anything about the fact I may be required to do different pay grade work if the needs of the business requires it, it just mentions doing work depending on the needs of the business, the pay is not mentioned but I took this as work I am qualified to do and within the same pay grade. Other administrators are also doing Debt Response work which is a higher pay grade too and I feel us admins are having the pee took out of us because we are the lowest paid in the company. If this isn't allowed, can anyone direct me to any literature. Thanks
  15. Hi I'm really struggling at work and I don't know what to do. Nobody listens to me or wants to know and it's very much affecting my mental health, especially as I used to be so well depended on and valued. I work in the public sector and it all started in 2015 when we were took over by new management, who don't care about my welfare. I'll bullet point some of my issues below: I work remotely from the rest of the team and I'm sat in an office all day, every day by myself. Sometimes, one of my colleagues will come and work with me but this has been very seldom lately and the subsequent loneliness is horrible. This is worsened by the fact I have to do quite menial work that the rest of the centralised team don't have to do (they get more fun stuff and share an office). My boss is non-existent. I've not had an appraisal since 2016 and I haven't seen him since around April/May this year despite him being on site a few times since then. I became really upset a few weeks ago as I found out he'd been on site to do another person's appraisal and he didn't even nip in to see me that day. Furthermore, the boss above him I'm told worked only in the office next door to me last week and he didn't acknowledge me either. I'm starting to think I'm some kind of monster but I can assure you I'm not. Before being taken over by the new management I'd been highly thought of and nominated for awards. In 2016 it was decided by management that I needed someone to help me. They employed a lady who has learning disabilities and mental health problems and I was left to train and look after her with little support. She hadn't even had her Access to Work assessment done until around 14-months after starting post. This put a lot of strain on me and in January my union made me contact HR. My boss was then MADE to come and see me by them about all the stress I was under. He came to see us I'd say about twice after which but then he disappeared once more. My colleague sadly then went on long-term sick and has been off now since February. I've since done a learning disabilities course over the summer and know about the employment laws and support so I'm a bit more equipped for if/when she comes back. Still, I'm very angry about this whole situation which has 1) left me feeling helpless and 2) has resulted in my colleague being off sick. My work gets 'stolen' by the centralised team. By this I mean that through the system they access my work and just do it for me and leave me with the aforementioned menial duties. I've tried addressing the people who do this by 1) asking them if they have a problem with me carrying out the work (which I was assured there wasn't) and 2) by asking them to leave it alone for me to do but I'm just met with the 'we all work as one' quote. I feel we aren't working as one though, I'm actively having work taken from me to benefit others and it's making me feel devalued. How does that constitute teamwork? Lastly (I won't go on too much), I'll add that I've never had a sickness review. Everybody's meant to have one but I have a clear record since 2015, and I've been off sick about 3 days since then. Again, it makes me feel I don't matter and my absences aren't to be taken seriously. I've done everything I can to try and combat the negative feelings that arise from my job like looking for another (which isn't easy where I live), going to therapy, trying antidepressants, doing a degree, attending college, learning another language and guitar etc, but I still can't escape my anxiousness and depressive moods. I'm wanting to up-skill and re-train and I'm doing really well in my degree but I can't help feeling I'll be useless at whatever I go on to do and it's crippling me; my confidence is at an all-time low. If I say something to someone, I fear it'll fall on deaf ears & I don't want to go off sick because I'm frightened that it'll impact any future plans. What would you do if you were me? I feel I'm at a dead end. When we were taken over by the new management my personal staff file was dropped in the car park in the dark for all to see and for cars to drive over and I feel that serves as the perfect metaphor for the treatment I've ensued.
  16. I have never been down this road before, i need some advise I have been signed off work from June unfit for work. I have a long term condition that will never get any better only worse. Today I saw my gp who has written another unfit for work note. Everything has been crossed off and in the comments he has written... Will never be fit to return to current work and I think she should therefore be 'retired'. This will be the case for 3 months from 26/8/2018 to 25/11/2018. Goes on to say will not need to assess your fitness for work again at the end of this period. Sorry for the long explanation but it has confused me some what. Thank you in advance
  17. Hello everyone I am after a bit of help with universal credit. I have been out of work for a while due to mental health issues (depression and social anxiety). I am 46 and It has been a bit of a bolt out of the blue for me because I have been in work since I was 16 and had never suffered with these kind of issues before. I have been claiming universal credit for 18 months now and was placed in the LCWRA group. I feel I have now come out the other side and have been actively looking for work. I have now been offered a job but it would mean relocating to another area. I am happy with this and find the move exciting. However, my query is this. While I am happy that I am able to go back to work what would happen if the symptoms returned? If I found after a couple of months I couldn't cope and was forced to leave the job what would be the situation with universal credit? Would I, in effect, be starting a new claim in a new area and need a new assessment if applying for LCWRA again. Or would I just automatically go back on to my current benefits? If I understand it right, once I start work you don't automatically stop UC, you just don't receive anything while you are above a certain threshold. So, if after a couple of months I had to leave my job so never received any money for the subsequent qualifying period, do I just start receiving UC again? Obviously hoping none of this will apply but just trying to think ahead. Thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
  18. I got into work today to be told that the company has received 2 complaints, and that they are suspending me on full pay whilst they are investigating the complaint. I think it all stems from a post I put on facebook.Here is the post:- So,a particular driver thinks my brother is talking all the time at Friar Lane does He?.Considering my brother cleans more buses than the other 2 cleaners,you are incorrect,and have failed to secure any brownie points.If you think you are clever being a grass, then read this......I am a bigger grass than you.You better be careful now, because I will be gunning after you.The slightest thing you do wrong, or fail to do, I will report you, and that includes failing to fill your defect card out correctly,or failing to record defects that I am aware of from previous days.BE WARNED,AND BE AFRAID. I can only guess that the 2 complaints are from the other 2 cleaners.any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  19. I bought a second hand car from a dealer 7 weeks ago. They had a new MOT done & the car passed but with advisory that the rear coil springs, both sides at the back, were corroded. I asked the dealer to quote me for the work & went ahead to have them replaced. The day before I picked the car up I rang to make sure it would be ready & during this call I mentioned about the receipt for this work. I was assured it would be there when I went to collect it. They don't have a workshop on site & contract it out to a garage locally. I do not know the garage details. When I collected the car I paid for the coil springs work & was then told the garage hadn't, as yet given him the receipt but he would email it through to me when he received it. I then contacted the dealer 2 weeks later & was told again it would be forwarded to me in due course. What is a reasonable time to wait for this to be given to me & what can I do it I don't get it? I cannot go to the dealer as the distance is too far from me now. Thanks for any replies
  20. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?472472-Please-help.-work-mileage-tax-rebate-Missold-a-service&p=4977504#post4977504 can i ask whats happened with you and this company as they have done me over too and are threatening court
  21. Hello all, I am currently having problems with the website in the title of this thread. (All one word). Being under the impression that they were in fact part of the HMRC, I requested a work mileage rebate form from them, filled it out, signed and returned it. I then received a call very recently to request some further info regarding my application. In essence they wanted to confirm my employer, my address and they also requested copies of my mileage forms. Immediately after this call I did some further research in to this website, as something didn't feel right. I then found out that they are a 3rd party who charge for a service. I immediately contacted them, within 30 minutes of our phone call, to say I do not want them to act on my behalf and any dealings we have had are to cease immediately. I followed this up with a hand written letter. In response they called me and claimed that if i cancel now then I am liable to pay a £100 invoice for the 'work they have carried out on my claim'. I immediately contacted HMRC to block them from acting on my behalf, and I asked what this company had actually done for me so far. HMRC told me that all they have done so far is request for mileage forms to be sent to my address for my signature. These haven't yet arrived. HMRC also confirmed that no deed of assignment had been created. I do not feel that they are justified is asking for £100 for their services, and I was wondering if anybody had any advice on what I should do next or how I should deal with this? £100 + VAT seems ridiculous for a total of 9 minutes on the phone and requested some forms. I am worried that when I receive an invoice, it will be higher than £100, with additional charges for made up work they are claiming to have completed on my behalf. I have only seen 2 other threads on this topic, and neither of them seem to come to any conclusion. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
  22. My Son agreed to do some work for a customer to install and improve their bathroom. The customer agreed to pay half of the fitting charge then the rest on completion. Customer paid for all materials and ordered her own bathroom furniture. Prior to her ordering this my son made her aware that in order to install a shower into the available space she would have to have a sliding door on the shower cubicle. We got to the last day of fitting and noticed she has bought a hinged shower door which will not fit. I offered to complete the work on Friday and messaged her to arrange this and requested that she guarantee to pay the remainder of fitting charge on completion the same day. She messaged back saying she would NOT guarantee this as she felt there was a lot to finish. She then sent me an email quoting Consumer Regulations (2013) stating that I am obliged to provide pre-contract information and a cooling off period of 14 days. She states that she is now choosing to invoke this and has 1 year and 14 days. We had a verbal contract and she has now stated she wishes to cancel my services and I am not to return to their property. I have completed 95% of this work and I am owed £860.25 for this. Customer has stated that they will get another independent tradesman to value the work done to date and will pay what they tell her or request a refund - in reasonable time. This has left me unable to pay sub contractor for electricity work and myself unable to pay my own bills etc. Can anyone give me advice on my next step? By the way the customer was over the moon with the work done to date, however, her Father turned up at the property 2 days ago and told me to go off home. I picked up my tools and left saying I would speak to my customer to arrange to finish the work.
  23. Today the form has arrived. Was due in January 2016 so i had some peace. 4 years since the last one came and i was left in support group. There doesn't seem much in the way of real sensible questions, some really silly ones that i just despair at. But the sentence that says i can use extra sheets if needed will mean quite a few pages that cover all the important things, the things that really matter. Its a good job i/we have a few weeks to do it, my daughter/carer will be helping. I will need to give this form as one example of things that stress me out and make my illnesses worse, and waiting for the outcome. And sorry...i forgot to ask the thing i came here to ask...... Assuming they will haul me in for questioning, can i get the assessment recorded still? for ESA?
  24. Hi there first time posting so please be gentle! I’ve worked for my current company for 10 years now and have a really good non sickness record and have never been in any disciplinary trouble. However on 27th April my employer stated and investigation into me and the team I was leading, after 2 investigation hearings I was suspended on 8th May. The company suspension policy recommends 5 working days suspension however I was suspended a lot longer, finally on the 17 working day The stress got to much for me and contacted HR and asked them for an update, 2 days later I got an invite to a disciplinary. The day before my disciplinary I finally cracked and called the sick line with work related stress and got into my doctors a few days later who signed me off for 2 weeks. My employer emailed me to ask if they could contact me yesterday and that call never came despite me looking at my phone all night however they have called tonight. My emplyer asked how I was but then quickly started to put pressure on me by wanting to know when I would be fit to attend the disciplinary, I stated I have the doctors tomorrow and I would keep him updated as per the absence policy which I have followed to the T but stated I didn’t feel mentally ready at the moment to even look at the evidence against me and I felt I needed to be in a better state of mind to fight this accusation (Gross misconduct charge). I want to fight this and don’t want it dragging on any longer than need be but I have only been off sick less than 2 weeks surely they can’t be pressuring me like this without even getting a occupational health report on me? Sorry for going on but my questions are. 1) Can I be dismissed while off with GP’s note through work related stress? 2) Has my employer acted reasonable in all of this, given the amount of stress it has put on me? Many thanks Bob
  25. Hiya! Im hoping to get some advice for my partner on an ongoing work issue. My partner works for a company where it relies heavily on contact with customers. This company has always said that because people now a days have a mobile phone plan that includes unlimited minuites and texts they dont see why they should supply a mobile phone or contribute to the bill. This company give every customer my partners personal phone number to contact him on. My partner now has had his phone temporarily cut off ( this is due to having to make a call to India for work purposes which they have not paid for despite being shown on the bill that it was a work call which has added additional money on to the bill) My partner also has to use his data on his phone which always goes over his limit as he needs to use the maps to get to customer locations. I also want to add that this company ( my partner has been working for for 3 years) has issued him with a warning about his phone which has absolutley infuriated me! This company also use our electrcity at home and our broadband to update their console systems for the bus! They also use our money to buy batteries and cleaning products for the bus ( which they hardly ever re-imburse) Also he cannot have sick days. They said to him if he is sick and there is no cover he will be charged from his wages the cost of the party ( upto £300) Also he has missed out on holidays and weddings as they are booking parties so far ahead we as a family cannot plan anything. They have also said that if a party is booked that day ( parties are always booked 6 days a week..upto 3 parties a day so he has one day off a week) he absolutley cannot have that day off. I'm honestly so sick of this company, i feel like we are being taken this pee out of completely. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as this is so much to get our head around. I think them issuing him with a warning over his personal mobile phone for work usage was the last straw. Many thanks for your help
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