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Found 5 results

  1. Hello I received a letter today from Nationwide telling me they are no longer able to offer me an overdraft. To be honest I've half been expecting this for a while as I have been at the max for quite some time and have just been putting in enough money to cover the fees for the account. What is the best step to take as I cannot afford to pay the full £3200 in the next 27 days as they are requesting. They have put in the letter I can call to talk about my options. Thanks DC
  2. Hello all, Is there a form or a letter I can send to the DWP to withdraw consent from them in terms of contacting my employer?
  3. Hi all, Cannot believe my week, but its been terrible. I have been a Natwest Mortgage holder since 1997, and we had our ups and downs through various life challenges, but for the past few years no problems, and I always praised how good their customer service was when there were any issues. A little background to this... January 30th, my wife gave birth to our first child, but all was not rosey, he had to go to special care, and wife and son were kept in hospital for an extended time. But eventually they came home. The stress of this was not a good start to the year, especially as my employer asked me to leave due to this as I would not be able to do the 12-14 hour days I was doing before the birth, and I was now inconvenient. See my previous threads, it resulted in a successful out of court settlement in July. Any way, fast forward to May, and I received the worst news I have ever had, my mother has a terminal lung disease, and realistically had 3 months, optimistically 9 months. With the birth of my first son (and me turning 40 in 2 days) I could not believe life could be so unfair, my mum had been praying for years, we had tried many times, and now finally she will not get to see him grow up. So I took the decision and made her a promise that despite her living in a different country and unable to travel, we would make the 600 mile journey as much as possible. My wife and son have made it 3 times in a few months, and I have been over there more than here. Because of this, life has been a blur. And the unimportant things have been put to one side. Poor son still does not have his own room as I have not had time. I started a new job in June that allows me to work from home if I am not required in the office, so it works well, has allowed me to work from my mums. So now on to my problem. Tuesday this week, now I am back in the UK, I had to go to our office in London, and on the way I stopped at Tesco to get some lunch, but my debit card would not work, each till they tried it in reported "Chip error", so I tried it in their cash machine, which resulted in "Card retained" showing on the screen. I rang natwest, and was told there was no problem with out accounts as they were in credit, and would I like a replacement card, which I said yes. Inconvenient but it will only be for a few days. Later in the day my wife tried to get some much needed nappies and food in our local co-op, only to have her card retained. She was utterly embarrassed as she used to work there part time and know all the staff, and there was a big queue behind, she had to leave, she rang me and I got straight on to Natwest. Again "There are no problems, would you like a replacement?", I pushed to find out why, said surely there must be a reason, I was put on hold, and then she said there was a "portfolio" on the account and she needed to transfer me. She put me through to credit services, who after going through all my details, checked my accounts and could find no reason for us to be put through to them, he advised going in to a branch. So I did, and the advisor there did the same thing, "no problems, would you like new cards". And I left it at that. Roll on to today, this mornings post was a letter from Natwest Collections dated the 26th July 2012 (did they walk it from birmingham?) with a First Arrears Notice attached and a note stating that due to the issues in June some letters may be delayed! Really? I would call 5 months a hell of a delay. As I was about to ring, I also received an email from my ISP saying my direct debit had been cancelled, this got me a bit worried, so I logged on to online banking to find out whats going on and also check our Mortgage payments. Only to find "There is a problem, please try later". Nothing new, so tried the app on my mobile, again same error. So I ring the number, and after a bit of digging, she tells me that because we are 6 months arrears with our Mortgage, our accounts have been frozen, banking withdrawn and how was I going to catch up? I said to her, surely one letter is not enough, and one that is dated 5 months ago. She said "has your Relationship manager not been in touch?" Relationship Manager? What? She then asked did I have a business account, to which I said yes, a few years ago, but it got closed this year as the business was wound down, what has that to do with my Mortgage? She had no answer, except he should have managed the arrears. I said so who is he? Because I have never spoken to anyone with that title, nor had a call from, or letter, or email or anything. In a panic I banged off an email to work to see if tomorrows pay run could be changed and could my wages be paid else where, nope too late. The advisor at Natwest said I need to call them tomorrow to get authorisation to withdraw my money and I now need to bank elsewhere. I went through everytning that has happened, and she asked if I wished to make a complaint. Too right I do. I asked why my mortgage was not paid, and her response was the direct debit was cancelled in June, without my knowledge. Her response was "It wasnt us".... so who did it then? And wasnt that around the time they had all the computer issues? She said there was nothing more she could do until this is investigated by the complaints department. Which will take a minimum of 5 working days. So here we are, 9 month son is down to 5 clean nappies left, and enough food for today. Now surely they cannot simply withdraw service without notice? Surely as a responsible lender they should have told us? She did say on the phone "didnt you notice your mortgage was not being paid" Well no, I had other things to deal with like taking my old employer to tribunal, and the imminent death of my mother, and her care. The entire time I was away my wife was checking our mail and notifying me of any problems, but we had no notifications from Natwest. I have banged off an email to Les Matheson @ rbs as he is the only contact I can find high enough up the food chain, and copied in Watchdog and the Financial Ombudsman but I dont know where to turn now. I am half tempted to launch small claims, the inconvenience, embarrasment and distress is unreal, so far today I have managed to do NO work and cannot concentrate. Anyone have any further advice? Have had a quick read through the BCOB and also had a look at the FSA MCOB (Mortgages and Home Finance) Any help gratefully appreciated. Brad
  4. Hello all, Apoligies if this has already been covered but basically on the 11/04/13 I (stupidly) took out a logbook loan with Mobile Money's Wolverhampton branch against my car. At the time I was desperate and needed the extremely low amount they offered me of £250 and I took it in a moment of despair. However, as you can imagine with a company like this the APR is extortionate and after reading through my loan agreement I have noticed a 'Right of withdrawal' clause. As I am now in a better financiial position I would like to exercise this right and pay them back the £250 they originally loaned me plus the £25 admin fee they will add on and the 99p interest added on daily. My question is this, what do I put in a letter to them informing them that I wish to withdraw from the agreement? Should I pay them in cash and in person as I do not want to hand any money over until I have my logbook in my hand. I am also concerned that they will attempt to take money from my card in addition to me paying money over to them to cancel the contract. (I dont trust these types of companys as far as I could throw them) Any advice would be massively appreciated. Regards, Ellis
  5. had my house advertised with an estate agent for sale or rent after a month i went to another one as the first one was not doing anything and they found me a tenant within a week, i told the to still leave the property for sale as i would prefer to sell than let, the tenant moved in a month ago, received a letter today off the first estate agent saying they were withdrawn the property as i have a tenant in it and could i pay them a withdrawal fe of 115 pounds. please note i havent withdrawn it they have. i think it because the other estate agent got me the tenant. any advice given
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