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Found 3 results

  1. I've been so stupid. I moved in with my partner in May this year, we claimed HB, JSA, council tax ttogether but not Child Tax. I'm as aa single claim and they found out after I wwent on Experian website. They have sent me a letter only mentioningaAugust to now they think I am lliving with Mr ******* which I am. I am bricking it. I should have called them and was goingto until Bailiffs aarrived a month after for council tax from a few years ago (my housing didn't even say it had gone to them when I paid 5 days earlier) so I had to pay council tax in full. And bailiffs wanted their fees so since then have been in hiding. Then. The licence turned up as I cancelled DD and I got a summons to court. I was fined and am still paying my fine off Inc TV licence. My step daughter went to live with a relative so we have to pay a large sum of CSA monthly. Stupid I know not to tell them as I didn't want to have no money for 8 weeks. But now it's near Christmas and this has happened. If I don't pay my fine bailiffs are back. If I don't pay bailiffs they are back if I don't pay TV licence I will be in court again. I'm too scared to call Child tax credits I can't eat (good diet but wouldn't recommend it) me andmy partner are arguing We are having to sell out dog just to get food as I know it will be stopped and I will get sent to prison or in the paper and all over social media. I feel sick at the thought of it, and I don't know what to do. I have until December the 4th. They want me to call them or send in paper to prove I don't live with him. What will happen to me?Please help! My family don't want to know or help and my partners family don't talk tohim. I have a 11, 10 and 5 year old. I can't even afford schoolshoes my 11 yyear old has to wear plimsolls to school . I've been so stupid.
  2. Hi I was wondering if anyone can give me advice, i have a car on finance with ACF, funded by cynet fiancal, i have paid 17 months worth of payments totaling 5100 i have 7 month left which is 2100, this is on BILL OF SALE, i thought it was HP but was told its not by them, but yesterday the car broke down as result of flood damage (i live in devon) insurance wont cover and engine is flooded so car is a write off, i call cynet to explain this was told its my own fault we still have to pay 2100 for a car which book price is 1000 and not working, ask to lower payment was told no, missed one payment as they have no recorded of me changing payment date so got sent a £25 letter charge, they told me they will reprosses the car which is fine by me, but if they does anyone know if we can put outstanding amount on our debt managerment plan (debt managermen know we have car on finance) as im the only person working and supporting a family i know this is not ideal as i will still pay outstanding just can afford 300 a month for a car which is a write off,, which i cant scrap as i dont fully own it!!! i really stuck and everytime i speak to them they make me cry!!! by shouting, being aggressive and rude PLEASE HELP Keeley
  3. A group of banks embroiled in the Libor rate-rigging scandal are discussing the possibility of facing regulators together to avoid facing a Barclays-style backlash by going it alone, according to a report. The banks could settle with regulators as a group, according to Reuters, with one large headline fine announced rather than smaller penalties for each bank. The move could take the focus off individual banks, which fear the wrath of politicians and the public. While it is still unknown which banks are involved in discussions, more than a dozen are being investigated, including Citigroup, HSBC, Deutsche Bank and JPMorgan Chase. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/news/article-2176378/Libor-scandal-banks-talks-group-settlement-regulators-avoid-Barclays-style-backlash.html#ixzz21BLRsEwY
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