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Found 12 results

  1. bobsp

    Cahoot CCA

    Hi all, SAR sent 14/12/06 Recieved statements 11/01/07 Request for payment £591,15 11/01/07 Nothing recieved so sent LBA 05/02/07. thing is I forgot to put in it another copy of the charges I am claiming (spreadsheet) does it matter, should I resend a LBA enclosing the spreadsheet, they got one sent with the request for payment sent 11/01/07.
  2. ’ll try and keep this as brief as possible but I’ll need to explain a bit of background. When I was in university I rented a room in a house with three other students that I didn’t know between July 2012 to June 2013. Npower supplied the electricity and gas. I gave the first meter reading in July and the first bill came in October and we each paid a fourth to the landlord and I thought this arrangement would continue. However, towards June 2013 I contacted the landlord as we hadn’t got any more bills and queried what was going on he said he’d put the bills solely in my name. I was amazed that this was possible and called Npower to refuse to be the only sole name on the bills but they said this was the landlord’s right. Shortly after that the other tenants all left and two of them half way around the world. The bills at this point still hadn’t come to the house (although they might possibly have done so but one of the other tenants liked to take people’s mail…) and I gave a forwarding address and explained that as I was only one of four tenants they should only send me a fourth of the bill. Instead they started sending widely varying bills (anything from £1300 to £2000+) and after talking to them on the phone failed I then wrote them a letter showing them my tenancy agreement saying that I was only responsible for a fourth of the bills, emails to and from the landlord where he took responsibility for paying the bills if we paid him. Npower ignored all correspondence from me and the demands for payment became nastier and they and debt collection companies started sending letters to my parents as well calling them. I wrote them a cheque for over £500 which was a fourth of what they were asking for at the time. The demands didn’t stop and became more and more frequent. It was deeply stressful and if I’d the whole amount I’d probably would have just paid but I didn’t; however, the demands finally abruptly stopped. But, now more than four years after I paid Npower the £500 and the demands stopped a debt collection company called Wescot that Npower used before has started asking for money again. I think this was because I just updated the electoral register to my new home. It’s a horrible and not to mention embarrassing to start life with my partner in our new home and to be threatened again by this very ruthless debt collection company. I am not sure what to do next and was wondering if someone advise me what they make of these options? Just pay the damned bill and all the nasty extra charges they added. Would this be the end of it? Would accepting it give them the right to damage my credit report? Ignore it and hope it goes away like last time. It hasn’t affected my credit rating so maybe they don’t have enough information about me? And perhaps me going on the electoral register here just tripped some automated system? Pay the bill but take the only other U.K tenant to small claims court for their share? Or even half would that be possible? Threaten to refer their behaviour to some ombudsman or consumer body? Things like calling my parents and writing to them, calling on a Sunday, using aggressive and threatening language etc. Would this scare them enough to leave me alone? Sorry for how long this post was and thank you if any advice you can give.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm a newbie on here (2nd post) and think I just made my first school boy error - spent hours (literally) tying up my obviously massive story, then go to post - and I'm timed out. Lesson learnt. So I'll attempt to be as succinct as possible this time but it's nott an easy story to tell, so bear with me pls! I initially incurred debt with RBS in 2002 after losing my Father. Things are a bit foggy about that year or two in my life but I accept I incurred a debt of around £3,000. After a few negotiations as I remember, the debt was passed to a collections agency - Wecott Debt Recovery. I made an arrangement with them to repay the debt. A debt which I have not defaulted on in one single month in 11 years to date. The debt now stands at just under £400. (Now the interesting bit!).... In March 2006 I start receiving really quite offensive letters from a company I had never heard of until then. Namely Capquest. I know for a fact that - silly as it seems - I did make erratic one-off payments to them over the years that followed and as the tone and frequency of their actions seemingly had no limits, I even had my poor Mum make a payment or two for me. Not because I asked her - but because they began to phone my Mother's landline and speak to her about my debt!. Then my 88-year-old Grandmother started getting the calls too...:mad: I eventually made more payments to them but only on the basis I was disputing the entire debt and that it be put 'on hold' until sorted out properly. This was some time in 2009. This managed to keep them quiet - despite the odd phonecall or letter - for a time. In early 2011 I start getting mail sent to my Mothers address again. The threatening stuff; doorstep collections; court action; 'freezing of my wages' etc. I got on the phone to the bunch and set things straight. I spoke to a senior manager (whom I won't name...yet) who explained he had looked over my account and although I wasn't to 'get too excited' - he thought I had made an overpayment and might be entitled to some form of rebate. This did actually make sense and I did believe this guy's sincerity. I agreed to speak with them in depth (Capquest). It turned out they didn't have a clue about pretty much anything. Nothing other than they represented RBS (their client) and the debt (of just over £3,000-odds) had been sold to them in 2006. Exactly when the letters and phonecalls started.... At this point I decided I needed to do some serious research on my own. The obvious thing that stood out to me was the potential for RBS to have mis-sold (illegally????) my 'debt' information onto a 2nd collections agency (remembering I had a flawless arrangement in place with Wescott for this very debt since early 2004). The more phonecalls I made and letters I sent, the deeper this story seemed to go... Wescott Opinions:Flawless Client who took on his debt and repayed by s/o as agreed & on time Capquest Opinions: Quote(!) 'Wescott have been paying us. You make payment to them, and they make payments to us'. I'm beyond confused. I write directly to RBS demanding answers. I get a one page response saying effectively that are not legally obliged to provide any information regarding the account as it's been over 6 years since the inception of the debt. They're not even obliged to tell me how much the debt had initially been. Onto the Ombudsman. I write a HUGE report detailing everything (even more than I've rant on here). I get a message back to say they can't entertain it (the 6 year rule again). I write an appeal and ask that they read my report in full and consider that the case is not over 6 years old but that it is ongoing - as I am still receiving threatening letters. They reply they have reconsidered and take on my case. :T It's almost 5 months later and despite keeping in touch with the Ombudsman, it's taken this long for them to investigate it. I got a phonecall from the Ombudsman last week. They explained RBS wanted to make me an offer. I got excited - I thought this had all paid off, all this stress and worry - but I needn't have been. The offer the Ombudsman had was from RBS directly and was simply 'to nulify the debt'. I made it politely clear I rejected their offer. The Ombudsman acknowledged this. NOW THIS IS THE BIT I NEED A HELP WITH; I heard from the Ombudsman at the beginning of this week. They say the only way they can make the financial aspect of my offer more preferable and recoup my overpayments, I must provide receipts of the transactions made directly to Capquest. This is just not possible. I have spent days speaking with my Banks callcentre, I've even been with an appointment with my Bank manager who could see my predicament, buy couldn't help me out. The receipts the Ombudsman is requesting is simply impossible evidence to request. I've now been told I have one week to provide this evidence before the Ombudsman rules. Can anyone who has read this post (and thank you anyone that has!) advise on ANY aspect of my situation? I can't explain how frustrating it is to almost have won my battle after all these years - but be just a piece of paper away from losing it al too. Has anyone else been in this position? Has anyone taken court action against a Bank in this kind of circumstance? Clearly, ANY advice is very greatly appreciated! Sincerely, Openwater
  4. Hi Guys, my little sister needs some help and asked her big brother to help out knowing the numerous successes I have acheived with CAG and its helpers. My sister is a lowly paid RN Nurse and has run up a debt with Lloyds for approx 5k, she has been paying Westcott a monthly sum and her credit file is showing a default. My sister has said 98% of the debt is made up of charges what can we do?
  5. I received a letter from Wescot today titled - ''Notice of debt collection''. We have been instructed by our client(Barclaycard commercial) to collect the outstanding balance on their behalf. The amount outstanding is £1174.95 which (judging by my statement) is comprised of £778.95 on purchases and £396 default fees. I started a little business(sole trader) 3 years ago that went absolutely nowhere and this is where this debt is derived from. Now...I had been making payments on this account but for a good 6 months I have not been in a position to keep up, and therefore I find myself in this situation. My goal is to try and offer this company(Wescot) a small percentage of what is outstanding as I simply can't afford the full balance. I just want to get rid of this debt as swiftly as possible. I would like to know how to go about achieving my goal ie. Do I send a letter requesting a F&F settlement straight away or are there other routes I need to go down first? Also could the default charges due not be offset against the full balance? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Craig.....newbie
  6. Hello can anyone advise me? In desperation I took out a £300 provident loan a tChristmas, I have been paying it off every week missing just 2 payments when the agent did n't call. I had a marketing call from Provident today saying that as I was such a good payer that they would offer me a £900 loan - I'm not that silly, I know the scary interest rates, I told them so and said I would n't rule out a small loan in the future ( I can't get an overdraft so sometimes its a case of having to go to provident). I have just had a rather rude text from my agent saying that I should have approached her for a loan and as I was n't paying what I owe she could n't give one to me anyway(not that I wanted one) I am confused why their office says I have an excellent paying record yet I get this rude text from their agent. I have told her to suspend collections from my home until I get a print out from head office. Now, I am pay £10.50 per week, I am considering offering them a lower amount per week ( I know the loan would take longer to pay off) and putting the rest into a credit union, should I do this, will this offer of lower payment appear on my credit file? I don't want to cut my nose to spite my face as I have been grateful for the provident in the past when no one else would help. I would appreciate your help Thanks
  7. Dear all, I have just recieved a claim from Northampton County Court from Bryan Carter solicitors. The claimant is Pheonix Recoveries. It is relating to a £9k loan which I took out from Lloyds TSB. I had an arrangement to pay Bryan Carter 100 pounds per month but due to financial issues I couldnt keep up with the payments. 1 Day after recieving the claim form I recieved a letter from Bryan Carter saying that they have now issued litigation proceedings. I havent contacted Bryan Carter yet or filled anything in on the claim form. I am just looking for some advice as I dont want a CCj going on my file! Is there anything I can do to prevent the case going to court? ANy advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Matt
  8. Afternoon chaps. The story goes a little like this. Back in 2004 I was a wreckless youth with no regard for money or its true value. I got a loan out with A&L at the time, whom are now Santander. Due to my lack of responsibility I defaulted on the debt in 2005. Shortly after this default my account was passed onto Capquest. Whom at the time setup an arrangement to pay £20 a month which I have been doing so via standing order until last week. Now firstly I know I should have kept an eye on this debt and its remaining balance but until now the £20 a month silenced them and that made me happy. I received a letter yesterday from Santander regarding this account stating that my debt has now been passed onto Wescott. I phoned them instantly requesting my balance of which £1500 remains of a £2000 debt! This has prompted slight concern that all of this time I have been paying capquest with no real gain. Now the debt, the default, everything have dissapeared of my credit file and have absolutely no other debt other than a contract mobile phone, after years of struggling i have myself a good job and have cleared all my old shopping accounts, credit cards etc but now I want to take control of this final niggle. Where do I start, what have I got to stand on etc? Thanks in advance knowledgeable fellows. Sherlock.
  9. Hi I wonder if anyone can help with this please. I received a defense pack from Northampton courts today issued by Westcott SPV LTD concerning a Little-woods account which is approximately 10 to 12 years old. At the time I had an accident in work and was told the insurance on the account would cover the outstanding balance. At various times over the years different companies have tried to collect but when I ask them for the relevant paper work they pass it on to someone else, my problem at the moment is what to do with the defense pack as I need time to SAR/CCA Westcott Any help would be much appreciated. Bunaki
  10. I'll start from the beginning. I am an engineer and made decent money when i was in the job i had from leaving school at 17, im now 33. Back in 2006 i had debts close to 40k, which i was paying all ok, as listed below: Barclays loan - 19k Barclaycard - 8.5k Halifax CC - 8k MBNA CC - 8k A sudden, unwanted change of job meant i couldnt afford the repayments on above debts. I contacted all the above and after defaulting on payments (adding charges for late payment etc) etc and sending SoA's they all eventually agreed to freeze interest and enter repayment plans (Barclays were v.helpful with the loan and offered a Resolve loan for the 19k completely interest free over 10 years, so instead of paying £400 p/m the repayment was down to £170) the others were all £100 p/m each. As of now the Barclays Resolve loan stands at £8k and all the CC's are down to around 4.5k each. So total was paid down to around 20k from original 40k Around 6 months ago I received a demand for £18500 for an uninsured car accident from 2007 from Weightmans DCA Via MiB (Motorist Insurers Bureau) I hired a solicitor to deny any involvement in this accident and Weightmans have now dropped the claim and returned the file to MiB. However i have since read that MiB,s next step will be to take me to court where they *may* be able to prove my involvement and therefore my liability to pay the £18500 I now find myself working a 2.5 day week on minimum wage, earning £670 p/m. I have Vanquis/IMPACT DCA chasng me for a further 2k CC debt and 1.4k owing to Very catalogue as well as the above debts. I am sinking, really stuggling to pay the bills, let alone all the debt repayments. I really think Bankruptcy is my best option, I have no assets and no savings. I have some questions if anyone is kind enough to help: 1) My wife and her father own our home, I have never owned the house or even been on the mortgage, will bankruptcy have any affect on this? 2) My wife is currently on maternity leave, however she will be made redundant in March 2013 and get a payout of 17k, will bankruptcy have any claim on this money? 3) Our family car is registered on my name, however it is owned by my wifes father, he paid a £1500 deposit and financed £4.8k and we currently pay standing order to him of £140 p/m which covers the payments, The car is legally his and untouchable in Bankruptcy, right? 4) What should my first steps be regarding the CC debts as I have so-far ignored all calls, (Vanquis/IMPACT are making lots of noise about doorstep collection etc) should i offer a £1 payment or such in the meantime? 5) I also owe approx £1500 to HMRC which will be due on 31st Jan 2013 which i already know i wont be able to pay, how should i deal with this? Any help on the above is much appreciated, Thanks in advance
  11. Hi all, Im new here an just wanted to explain my situation and get some advice. I got a letter from Wescot a week ago saying I owe around £1000 ( i think its from Lloyds TSB) I barely had time to read the letter and am now getting daily telephone calls from them. When i answer it is one of those (very annoying) pre recorded messages asking me to call them, quoting refernce blah blah blah. I emailed them on Friday morning explaining that I am unemployed and am currently seeking financial help by way of benefits - anyone who is on benefits will know that this takes forever to get sorted. So i asked them if they would kindly hold my account for 30 days to allow me time to sort this. I also requested that they cease telephone communications with me, as I do not wish to discuss the account via telephone and will only communicate with them via email or in writing. They havent replied and I am still receiving the pre recorded messages. Now, im just waiting for them to phone tomorrow - if it happens to be a person on the end of the line and not a pre recorded message I would like to say to them that I have emailed them, and to read that, because I wont talk with them on the phone. How can I say this without sounding like someone who doesnt know what theyre on about, and being taken for a mug basically, with them laughing at me? Thanks S x
  12. hi all have received letter from wescott threatening ccj proceedings for over a £1K. on the 5th october have checked cra file and this amount not on but i have 1 debt dropping of 2nd october for a lesser amount . i am assuming it must be this. what would be best way forward? also had letter from drysdenfairfax solicitors asking for urgent contact, again i can only assume for sb debts thanks in advance
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