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Found 5 results

  1. Hi I would like to send a letter to my loan company offering them an increased payment monthly to clear off the arrears on my account. I have completed a budget sheet and will include this with my letter. Is there a template I can use, or can someone help me with the wording please. I have received default notices and i think the lender is taking legal action and looking to repossess. I want to stop this if possible please. Thanks.
  2. Hi, This is the first forum I have registered with so if I am asking the wrong questions on the wrong forum I apologise. In 2007 we took out a loan with picture, it changed hands and went to Webb /resolutions and I believe again Idem services. We originally took out the insurance in case my husband lost his job. Apparently it was for the first 5 years, I was informed today that at then of the 5 year term we would receive notification from them to ask us if we wished to take out further insurance. In the 5 years the company changed hands, we did not receive any letters. My husband is now out of work and it seems that I am not insured. This was a one payment policy which means I am paying for the insurance that I no longer have for the full term of the loan, is there anything anyone can recommend what I can do please. Thanks.
  3. Hi there this is my first time posting here and any advice greatly received. In 2006 I took out a loan from picture financial which was almost certainly the worst mistake of my life! The original loan was for £72K and was taken at a time when almost certainly I should have looked at a debt management plan instead. The debt has now been taken over by Webb Resolutions but I have never had a statement about the loan for at least 4 years although the payment is still collected this month. This morning I called to enquire about a settlement figure and was informed that the amount would be £66K which is only £6K less than we originally borrowed despite paying almost £600/month for the last 7 years. The interest on the loan is now over 9% despite it being just over 5% when we took the loan. I may be in a position to have some funds (nowhere near their settlement figure) to try and pay off the loan but does anyone have any advice about approaching them about a full and final settlement and what to offer. Also would this normally have to be made by someone acting on your behalf. thanks for your help
  4. Hi All Really need your help with my situation please guys! On the 7th February my family and i were evicted after 5 years of fighting. We had 10+ court appearances and although we should have maybe seen it coming it has come as a great shock especially to our kids. Details: Lender: Webb Resolutions administrated by Lapithus servicing Mortgage Amount (nett): £204815.00 Arrears Balance: £3062.45 Closing Fees & Cost balance: £8953.63 Additional Interest: £886.07 Total Balance Outstanding: £217717.15 Property valued at £275000 by 2 local agents Mortgage is interest only. I have 2 children aged 15 & 17 in full time education Questions? They have given us 14 days to remove our goods but are making it hard as possible, do they need to be like this? What can i claim back in regards to the charges? At the hearing the solicitor painted the picture that we were in negative equity, this is clearly untrue. We have been told that the house must be sold for a reasonable amount, how is this set? We are being charged £20 an hour for a house sitter while we remove our goods, is this fair? The locksmith damaged several items during the repossesion, i have recorded the damage We kept the lender informed at all times, I was working as a self employed builder so income had been erratic. We had put the property on the market to try and protect our equity but the market is very slow in our area. Our local council were unable to offer anything suitable, only a single room in a bedsit 50 miles away from our kids school. They advised us to find a local private rent and contact crisis loans for a rent in advance. The guy I am working for has kindly let us stay in a 1 bedroom flat that he owns but so far I have had no joy with any help from the government or any department. I am currently working as a self employed taxi driver so with all the moving and chasing financials i have not been able to earn much which doesnt help the situation at all!. I have never claimed anything off the government and feel let down by the system and very angry. I emailed my local MP but, you guessed, he has not even replied! I would like to thank everyone in advance for any guidance you may be able to give and I will make a contribution to the forum in respect of this Regards Neil
  5. I have a secured loan on my home which is currently in arrears (the company say arrears of £9000) but this is made up in part with excessive charges, compund interest, visits from 'mortgage counsellors', etc.My first charge (mortgage) is up to date and never been in arrears.The second charge is threatening litigation, reposession, etc. What is the worst that they can actually do? My home is in Scotland.Thanks for any advice.
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