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Found 14 results

  1. Apparently I owe WDA some money. I don't recall the loan, but it was from a time (2012 or 2013) that I had lots of pay day loans. I have paid off or resolved all of them apart from these prats who out of the blue around 6 months ago started calling me. Likely it was £100-£300 (lol) When I answer I refuse to give them any personal details "go through data protection" and say I don't know who they are. If I owe them money then send me a letter. But they don't. I mean they don't have my current address but where I lived at the time my friend lives there still so I can get any letters address
  2. I had a letter from Moriarty saying they were acting on behalf of MMF who had *bought* a debt from WDA in 2012. I told them I had made a complaint to FOS re WDA and was waiting an outcome, which I had. Yesterday, I got home to 2 letters one from WDA who said that since some of the payday loans were from 2008-2011 they could not look at the interest and charges on them but did offer a payment of in total £382 as final settlement, which brings me to the 2nd letter from Moriarty who now say they have been in discussion with MMF and they are willing to take a payment of .. yep
  3. Hello, I am not familiar with the current legislation regarding payday loans so advice on a letter structure would be appreciated. Background: A few years ago now I was a compulsive gambler and borrowed from any lender that would give me the cash . I managed to rack up £50k's of debt and at the time didn't have a secure job. Two years ago after a lot of hard work on myself, help from family and a years worth of councelling, I have not gambled, I've got a permanent job paying a decentish wage , I've paid off nearly all my debts. one of those who I hadn't ye
  4. Hi So I had a wda loan back in 2011 all paid off on time. In late 2014 they reset up the direct debit and charged me £120. Called bank to cancel direct debits. Have been chasing wda for money back. Cab have advised I can do a direct debit indemnity but due to time passed bank needs their originator id number. Does anyone know what it is?
  5. Hey hoping someone can give me some advice. I got myself into a stupid situation taking payday loans out. At the time I didn't feel that I had a right to complain and felt really embarrassed about it all. Now I have paid everything back I decided to email wageday advance to raise my grievance. The situation with this company was for three years I took 6 loans out consistently by rolling over between 4-8 times per loan. It was just so easy as they would text me a few times a month offering the extensions and stupidly I did. After initially raising the complaint I then managed to login t
  6. Hi, I have been a sporadic user of payday lenders, primarily WDA for about 6 years now. Anyway, my latest borrowing was £750... a repayment of £937.50. Now I won't trouble you with the usual sob stories, I accept ultimately this is my own fault but... This level of repayment is too much for me, indeed it is >50% of my income. In the first instance, I have contacted my bank. They said "unusually", in their words, it is a Direct Debit set up, not a CPA, so I can (and have) cancelled it by myself...I simply can't afford to have that amount of money to come off in a g
  7. Hi, I had arranged a repayment plan with WDA. However, I was paid late and missed the deadline. I contacted them telling them this and that I fully intend to make the next payment as planned and carry on with the plan. They sent me a statement and they had in the meantime added £300 to my account! I replied saying I will now not continue with the plan until the balance is reverted to what we agreed in the payment plan! They didn't reply. And today is payday and they have somehow without my knowledge or agreement have set up a direct debit and taken money out of my account -
  8. Hello. I just want to say, I don't dispute my loan with WDA (well kinda, they did give me a loan when I couldn't afford to pay it back). I know I owe them money, I just disbute how much I owe them. I took out a loan with WDA for £385 (with interest total owed was £518) last year, I was unable to pay it back and was put on a payment plan. In the summer this year I could no longer stick with the payment plan and WDA refused me another payment plan. Since july this year I have not made any payments to them. while I was on a payment plan they fro
  9. Hello. I just want to say, I don't dispute my loan with WDA. I know I owe them money, I just disbute how much I owe them. I took out a loan with WDA for £385 (with interest total owed was £518) last year, I was unable to pay it back and was put on a payment plan. In the summer this year I could no longer stick with the payment plan and WDA refused me another payment plan. Since july this year I have not made any payments to them. while I was on a payment plan they froze my interest. My balance was £350 at this point. Last month I got emails from ardent DCA asking me to pay up, they are
  10. Hi I have posted before but the threads got a bit mixed up and still no answer. 1. Have debt with WDA. 2. On a DMP with Payplan. 3. Took out loan whilst on DMP (stupid and desperate. Been accused of fraud by WDA but NOWHERE did it say that you could not apply if on DMP and they accepted my application). 4. Initially had a repayment plan of £50.00 but again was too much so added to DMP. 5. WDA refuse DMP. 6. Now have had email and letter today - 19.10.13 - saying that I have till 1.11.13 or actionn taken etc etc and a list of what will happen. 7. Debt was: £586.99,
  11. Hi all, Thanks for this forum and amazing advice. Had a PDL with WDA. Couldn't pay. Was with Payplan (yes I know1) so sobbed down the phone and it was added. However WDA refuse to accept the DMP. I told them 'tough' essentially, waited for a week then got back the following email. Any advice? "Dear Jonathan, Unfortunately we do not accept pre signed letter of authorities, due to this we do require an agreement to be put in place direct with us. We can not accept a plan through your debt management company, and a payment is required in order to hold the account furt
  12. Hi All, Received an email today from WDA saying the following: Dear Harry Account Transferred to Debt Recovery Agency Your account is now being handled by Debt Revenue Services who are acting on our behalf. All future communication should be made with Debt Revenue Services and any queries sent to Wage Day Advance will be passed onto them to deal with. We recommend that you contact them without delay to prevent any further action to your account. --------- The amount that WDA have said i now owe is £590.10 although in reality it should be £408.50 (Inc
  13. Hi I had a loan for £100 with Wageday Advance back in June 2011 - I cleared the account and nothing further until October 2011 where I received an email claiming my account had been passed to Motormile. I emailed Wageday Advance who said it was sent in error and to disregard and heard nothing until yesterday morning when I received a letter through my door from Equidebt wanting £101 for Motormile?! I don't have an account with them and luckily kept all the emails sent - has this happened to anyone else? What can I do?
  14. I took out a loan with wage day advance and fell into financial difficulty and after alot of texts and emails, I arranged to pay them £20 per month (owed £197). I paid the agreed amount on 19th of this month, then I found out today that I had £64 missing from my account. I contacted my bank and they told me that wage day advance went into my account on a previous authorisation and first took £44, then two amounts of £10, all in two days without my permission. I am fuming and have asked the bank to cancel my debit card and re-issue another one so they do not have my card details. I have also
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