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Found 2 results

  1. World War 2 Royal Warwickshire 2nd Lieutenant's grave identified after almost 77 years READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/world-war-2-royal-warwickshire-2nd-lieutenants-grave-identified-after-almost-77-years--2
  2. Hi There, I'm in a big pickle and I wonder if you can offer some help. My information is just to the best of my knowledge as I have limited documentation and I find the whole situation very confusing. From what I can gather I was sent 2 speeding offence notifications in May 2010 - they were sent to my ex boyfriends address (where I'd be living) and he didn't inform me - I had moved to Newcastle in June 2010 for university. So the first I heard about any speeding fine at all wasn't until it had already gone to court, also, at this stage I was unaware there were 2 seperate offences, I just thought I'd been caught speeding and had been taken to court for a. the offence and b. failure to identify myself as the driver. I can't remember exactly what it was, but as some point here I signed some documentation to say I was guilty of the speeding but not of failure to id - because I wasn't aware I needed to id myself. I then received a letter saying that I had 6 points and £625 fine against me that needed to be paid to avoid arrest. So I contacted the court and made a payment plan. After doing this, I received a second court summons - which confused me further. After several very confusing telephone conversations (which is difficult for me because I have substantial financial difficultly and cant afford to make calls and calls to 08 numbers are only possible when I can borrow a phone from someone) I was informed that there were 2 cases in progress, both of which had 'written off' the speeding fine and were charging me for failure to id. I was told that if I didn't know the court proceedings had taken place I needed to sign a Statutory Declaration - which I was granted on the basis of 'pleaded guilty to wrong case. Delay in getting to speaking to someone at Warwickshire mags who explained situation' - I signed this on 14.4.2011 from this I was advised that the fine and (i think) the points had been disregarded. I didn't hear anything after this for a few months, so I contacted the magistrates again and specifically asked if the matter had been dealt and was all over - to which they replied yes - I remember repeating this more than once to be sure. I then moved in September 2011 but on account of the above - didn't see it necessary to notify the magistrates. Then late January 2013 I received a further steps notification for a fine £625 - I assumed this was a mistake and contacted the Magistrates who informed me that the case had gone back to court and the fine had already been handed over to Baliffs - I was told I could sign another statutory declaration, but I was so stressed by this point I told them I may as well pay the fine and put it behind me rather than delay the inevitable. I then called Collectica straight after to make a payment plan, naively I thought I could make a 'token' payment plan based on my financial circumstances but they said they would take no less than £120 per month. I told them I couldn't afford this, but said that in order to avoid the balliff costs I'd find the money. In the space of a week, I received another letter from Collectica and today received a Notice of attendance - which states that my balance outstanding is 925.00 I suffer from PTSD and am currently medicated and undergoing therapy - trying to untangle this mess is really affecting my health. I had managed to take a loan for the £625 from my boyfriend, who is happy for me to pay him back when I can, but now I have even more money to find and the added distress of ballifs who I've been advised by CAB will continue to pull additional costs from ever orafice. I'm sorry for the long winded post, I don't know where to go from here... and I'm really concerned that I haven't got a clue which case it relates to or whether theres another 625 fine floating about. I'm more than prepared to admit to what I've done wrong - but I never have the opportunity to explain that had I known about the offences in the first place - I'd have dealt with them immediately. Thanks for your time, Poppytog
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