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Found 139 results

  1. Sorry its long just want to include all the details. On the 17th March I bought a 1.6 16v petrol Citroen Xsara Picasso 77k on clock from Trade Cars of Cleckheaton http://www.tradecarscleckheaton.co.uk/ for £1200 paying £700 cash and £500 on a debit card. On viewing the car when I first started it the car gave off quite a bit of smoke for about the first 30 seconds which cleared, the garage staff said, "it will be just condensation as its been standing for while". I test drove it and it drove ok apart from a front anti-roll bar needing replacing which I agreed to do so I bought it for £90 off the price. I didn't notice it giving smoke on first starting for first couple of days then when I did I monitored it for a few days and it was smoking quite heavily for about the first 30 seconds which then clears, and there was oil on the drive. I have monitored the oil level and it hasn't gone down. The oil leak was Power steering fluid coming from the steering rack. From Googleing the symptoms of the smoking I diagnosed it to be the valve stem oil seals, which when I got round to taking it to my mates garage he agreed and confirmed, he estimated about £650 to do the oil seals on that engine model, we didn't even discuss the steering fluid leak. He suggested trying some Oil Leak Stop fluid stating "it tends to either work or it doesn't with no inbetween" the can said it can take 200 miles to have its full effect. It was Thursday 30th March when I got round to contacting the garage after giving the fluid a chance (it didn't work). They insisted I contact Warranty wise and try and claim on the warranty, I told them they would not pay out but they still insisted so I submitted a repair request that was declined by Warranty Wise, the garage said they would now take it up with them and should get it through. This toing and froing took until Monday 3rd April when Warranty Wise offered me a goodwill gesture of £150 as they say the repair is not covered on the warranty I have been given by Trade Cars. At this point I emailed Trade Cars last night at 10pm stating I want to return the car in the morning for a refund due to it being of unsatisfactory quality and quoted the Consumer Rights Act 2015. I received an almost instant reply at the top in block capitals it said WITHOUT PREDUDICE, then : Dear Mr Leonard Thank you for your email. I will forward this to our legal advisor who will be in contact with you shortly. In the mean time we can not accept the return of your vehicle and suggest you await this response first of all. I telephoned them today asking when I can bring it back and the woman I have been speaking to said "we can't just take it back there's a process we have to go through our legal advisor should contact you shortly. One thing I am a little concerned about now is that when buying the car I was signing all sorts of stuff and counting money with a woman when a man came in and gave her a sheet which she asked me to sign and gave me a copy which I did not paying it much attention at the time it was a pre-delivery inspection sheet. Now the sh**s hitting the proverbial fan I have looked at it and most of the car is marked x for unsatisfactory, so much so it wouldn't get far at all if these items all had problems. I am beginning to get really annoyed about it and am thinking of taking it down there tomorrow and blocking the entrance to their lot with it until I get some satisfaction. Any advice appreciated thanks
  2. I forgot to notify them of change of address and stopped deferring so they're now chasing for the full amount of my 1998 loans. I've been a stay at home mum since 2013 so no income at all. They've passed it on to Link Financial which I'm assuming is their debt collection agency. They've said my last deferment ended 2014. Which might be right as I moved that year. They've also said I've breech the terms ie cannot defer anymore and loan won't end at 50 I can't declare bankruptcy or do an IVA. Unless I win the lottery there's no way I can pay this and don't want a ccj. What are my options if any? Thanks
  3. I bouight a car from a private add in autotrader . I carried out an RAC hpi check and there were no issues. now a finance company (credit plus) claim its theirs and are taking me to court.
  4. Hi I've been getting a number of letters from different debt companies and i stupidly ignored and even stopped opening them. I now have a letter from Northampton county court ordering a payment of over £8,000 for a certain credit card bill. I however suspect that this debt might be over 6 years as i remember getting into financial difficulties and defaulting when i was on maternity leave six years ago. I have read a few threads on here that mention doing a set aside and am guessing this is the route i need take, but am not sure who to contact regarding how old this date is. It was originally with Lloyds bank and has been passed to different companies. They are demanding for payments to start on the 5th April and another 2 companies are issuing their demands too but not gone to court yet. Any advice on what to do is very much appreciated.
  5. Hi. I've attempted to find the answers on here but my head is swimming... I've received notice that i'm in default and erudio want full payment. I thought i was in deferment although now realised that this had lapsed in September. I haven't received any letters prior to this one. I've logged into my online account and not sure where to go from here. I thought id be paying the monthly amount after my deferment lapsed. This i realise hasn't been taken. My loans are from 1996 and 1999. I can afford to pay the monthly fee but not the whole amount which is what they now want... What should i do?!
  6. Hi hope you can help I have just received a response to a sb letter I sent to PRA Group in Nov 2018. Should I be getting the following correspondence from them? They have replied with a letter dated 10 days after my sb letter to them as follows: My current address Dear xxxxx Reference : xxxx I write with regards to your recent correspondence regarding the above referenced account. Unfortunately we are unable to fulfil your request as we have not yet completed the required security checks in order to verify your identity The information we require is as follows- Full name Date of birth Previous address and postcode You can contact us via letter or telephone our office on 0800 877 872 to complete the checks we are required to make, in line with the Data Protection Act 2018. Upon confirmation of the above details , we will endeavour to respond to your request as soon as possible. Yours sincerely xxxxxx Title of person who sent letter etc.' The sb letter I sent to PRA group has been retuned together with the letter above in the same envelope. PRA group called my mobile this morning but I ignored it and didn't answer because the number was unrecognisable at the time. I later googled it and found out that the number calling me was PRA group. Look forward to your response and thanks in advance.
  7. Hello BWlegal has sent a letter dated 14th August 2017 requesting a final payment from me. I see that the debt they refer to is a closed account on my credit file and the last record on the credit file was from T/A Payday Express, (and recorded by them) showing as 'satisfied ' default assigned in January 2017. I have not paid any monies toward the debt which had a default registered from 2013 until January 2017. There have been no default notices recorded after January 2017. I have letters from Payday Express and Prac dated April 2017 saying the debt was assigned in December 2016 to Prac who use BWlegal. I hope the above is not too confusing, I do want to resolve the issue but is bwlegal entitled to be asking for payments from me? Look forward to your responses
  8. hello everyone i am currently receiving job seekers allowance and have a quick question about advisers requesting to access my data. today i was asked to bring in my passwords and login for indeed.com and the site 'find a job' to my next (i'm assuming to prove i am applying for the jobs i tell them and also have a sticky beak at my job search history). do they have the right to ask this of me? i know i have to provide proof of applications by way of printouts (which is what i intend to do but i'm not sure they have the right to access these sites with me at the job centre during my signing. thanks in advance and apologies for the unnecessary capital letters in this post.
  9. I have a potential legal issue with a builder - Is this the correct area to post? To be brief: a (project manager) builder quoted for a job 1y ago, the job was never done but he is now claiming I should pay him for his time to measure rooms and draw plans. I have so far refused on the basis that the measuring and plans he did do were awful and I could not use them. Without correct plans no other parts of his quote could be carried out.... He has now threatened me with legal action - which I wish to prevent - somehow.. which is why I am posting here... To elaborate a bit - The quote was incredibly vague and the cost for each job was not itemised. There were a long list of jobs he would do within his quote and the whole lot totalled apx 3.5k - but as nothing was itemised it was really unclear how he even got to the 3.5k total or if it would rise and rise... He came to the property and measured 3 rooms. He then did some drawings on graph paper showing those existing rooms and what he considered to be a proposed layout. The proposals were basic and boring (my kids could do better). He also failed to include 2 key areas that we had discussed - access to an existing terrace above and creating a new basement below - which meant his drawings were inaccurate and could not be used for any further planning nor for the council planning application, which had formed part of his quote. Including these 2 areas make all the difference to my proposed building project. For the record he is not an architect. I took one look at what he had done and realised that I needed an architect to do the drawing/planning job properly; not a project manager builder trying to draw up plans. He however, has sent me a bill for 2.5k - just for measuring and drawing up plans I can not use. He is threatening making a legal claim against me. There is no way that what he produced is worthy of 2.5k. What he did do was a small percentage of the overall quote. And as he got that wrong the rest of the jobs in the quote couldn't happen. I considered it a pitch - which was unacceptable, not fit for purpose and I don't feel I should pay his invoice. Am I in an acceptable strong arguing position to pay nothing and fight any claim he may issue? Or should I offer him a couple hundred quid for his small time spent on the job and tell him to now go away? Or am I doing the wrong thing by paying something for a job that doesn't merit any payment? To be clear, I have not gone further with my plans as I had to relocate for 1y which meant I couldn't oversee any work, plus I also need to sell something else first to pay for the building work... Any advice? Should I highlight everything that was in his original quote? Be good to have some feedback. I am quite stressed by this situation as I really do not want to have a legal claim arrive on my doorstep.
  10. hi Long story - bought car 13/08/2018 2 weeks later lots of warning lights - car into AC who sent to Audi who advised needs ABS computer and part on back order - roughly 2k to 3.5k to fix AC have rung to say they're deciding whether they will just give me my money back. so my questions are? do they have a right to do that? I want that car, it took me ages to find it I'm in a hire car at the moment - I'm guessing will be better for them to put me in one of their vehicles so at least hire charges arent being added to their current bill Where do I stand legally - my rights. I've paid to have the car professionally polished, paid insurance, bought mats for it etc etc They're ringing me tomorrow but would love to know what rights I have Thanks in advance Gilly5001
  11. Hi all. Please could anybody give advice. I am having financial problems and decided to cancel my BT phone, internet and tv and switch to Talk Talk to save £25 a month. My BT account contract is up start of October so I set up my new account to start in September. BT want paying for the part month which is fair but also want to charge me £65 for Broadband equipment and £24 for TV equipment which seems unfair. Is this right? I'm doing my best to reduce my spending and that feels like a kick in the teeth. Thanks in advance
  12. Any advice on this issue. Apparently I have been receiving a pension pay out from my previous employers pension scheme since 2005 when I was 60 and they have now written to me saying that I have been overpaid by £28,050.93 however they will only be recovering the last 6 years total of £9,068.24. They have proved it was their error but I was completely ignorant of this until it came to light on investigation 3 months ago. Is there any redress I can have in this case as with the loss of the income of £130 per month then to come to a repayment plan would leave me with little to live on. Would appreciate some advice on the way forward. Many thanks
  13. Just had a visit from Marstons Bailiff, over a speeding fine for my partner. Once we received the letter we filled out a Star dec and sent it off. When he arrived he stated a few things. 1. Stat dec was irrelevant as it hadent been infront of a judge. 2. That he was calling a locksmith @ £100 an hour. 3. That their system says to continue with the warrent. OK I called the court, and the stat dec has been accepted and Marstons has been informed. Called Marstons who state that their system is not uptodate but refuse to call off bailiff. Speak to bailiff who says more bs and that he is again calling locksmith. I try and explain that the stat dec is valid and the court has accepted it. He says that the stat dec is not valid until I have been infront of a judge and kept asking me for a "date". Called the court again and spoke to the same woman and passed phone to bailiff, who started having an argument with the bailiff, she told him to back down as their was no warrant. Told her over the phone that he doesnt take orders from her and hung up. Spoke me to again and told me that he doesnt accept her word and will again be calling locksmith. After finding out the court has accepted the Stat dec I called marstons and said, I dont care if your system is not uptodate, that is not my problem, and that I have advised that the stat dec has been accepted. He was still outside and his final words were "Just going to my van to wait for locksmith" Now he has gone, had a good look round and cant see him. I want to take this further and make a complaint about this, I have read about taking it to the police and making a witness statement under Threats to Cause Criminal Damage, which is contrary to Section 2, Criminal Damage Act 1971. Can anyone point me in right direction please.
  14. This is a summary & later details are from other things I have read here. All correspondence with Lidl has been by email, excluding the first which was via their website, but I kept a copy. My house was badly flooded when we were on holiday, a major burst that probably ran for over three weeks. Relatives helping me used my car to take things to the dump, then drove into a Lidl I had suggested nearby to buy baking powder for cleaning & tea. (They also bought cakes, as the receipt was in the bag, but I don't know where it is now). The car is a coupe & is quite low (as standard) & hit a speed bump making "the exhaust sound funny". They bought what they went in for then found the car could not drive as the exhaust had partly fallen off & jammed under the car. There's pictures of this that have been sent to Lidl. They had tried to release it but couldn't then called me & I called my garage who are not far from that Lidl, but they could not go for hours so I called the breakdown company, who appeared later & released the exhaust, leaving the car drivable but without a back box. The staff in Lidl had already given them a long cardboard tray thing to put the exhaust in so the boot would not get dirty when they had been told what had happened. A letter arrived a week to the day later saying the car had overstayed ?90 mins? & owed £90. This was sent to me but was shoved in a brown envelope & the date put on it by my niece. About 2-3 weeks later when at the house I opened it, but left it there & its now part of many bundles or might have been binned, as even as the house was drying water/dampness would collect on the hall floor. The letter was not from Lidl but from a parking company & "as the car was registered to me" So I contacted Lidl telling them what had happened & sent the exhaust pictures & explained I can't find their parking company's letter & they told me to contact the parking company "with the reference number on the letter". I wrote to them explaining they had sent a standard reply & they said they would look into it. I then contacted my breakdown company & asked them to send confirmation the car had "broken down" & they also gave me the name of the breakdown company who had attended, so I could obtain their vehicles registration that must appear on the records Lidl have for that day. I then wrote again to Lidl telling them the letter was coming from the breakdown company & the registration of the breakdown truck. So today again an email appeared telling me... "You will have to contact Athena ANPR directly." But without an email address or contact details, or the reference number they have told me I need. So I'm feeling pretty harassed along the lines of I appear to be dealing with monkeys whose speed bump has trashed my exhaust & want me to pay £90 for the privilege. I'm in Scotland & use Lidl fairly often, having swapped from Waitrose when they became political during the Scottish independence campaign. But they've shot themselves in the foot on that one now. Looking through things over people have been asked & answering them. It happened mid January, & the letter arrived a week later to the day but was not opened until later. The date will be confirmed when the breakdown company's letter arrives. No appeal has been submitted as I don't have the letter or reference number & Lidl don't seem in a hurry to give me this. I'm guessing Lidl is trying to take it beyond an "appeal by" date. The letter did have pictures of the car going both in & out & said how long it had stayed. Other than that there is not much I can tell you. The carpark was Lidl Govan, under a 5 min drive from the dump. We are not staying back at the house yet & the date for moving back in is the start of March.
  15. That's right, our lovely DWP and JCP who want you to get back in to employment but when it comes to the crunch are unwilling to help you when you need a little bit of help and this set you up to FAIL! As you know I am on UC, I lost £95.00pm when moved from ESA and HB so am struggling. I have been applying for work but getting nowhere my work coach (work coach LOL) says to me "try registering with agencies and seeing if they can help" ... OK, I email a few agencies and I geta reply from Hays and speak with them on the phone about my work history and background etc. They tell me that they may have a few openings and would like to meet me - fine, train fare to town return is £9.40. As I am on UC almost £10 means a lot of food shopping and it is an amount that I can hardly 'lose' at the moment given my financial circumstances. I email my 'work coach' and say I have arranged an appt with the agency and I would like to claim my fare back. Guess what? DWP WON'T PAY IT as it is not an actual interview just registration. So I say "if I want interviews I need to register so I am on their books" - the answer (like a robot) "No we cannot pay your fare" Fine, end of story, appointment cancelled - you want to know why I have not been doing as you say and seeing agencies? BECAUSE YOU (DWP) ARE NOT HELPING ME AT ALL WHEN I AM TRYING TO BE PROACTIVE FINDING WORK!!!! What part of I am on UC and struggle with rent/food do you not understand? Want me back in work and off UC then HELP ME WITH A LOUSY TRAIN FARE! Angry? Yeah, expected this? Yeah ... DWP ... no help at all, just keep cutting peoples money and offering no help at all. Pathetic.
  16. i attended a compliance interview 22 february they said hmrc informatiom about 2 interest payments leads them to believe that i could have had over 10000 in 3 accounts that they say where active at the same time when i banked with lloyds i have never had more than one current account and one savings account active at any time i banked with then from 2004 to 2015.They have said i have to provide bank statements from 2010 to present of every bank account i have held and if i dont i will lose my pension savings credit. I do transfer accounts to get the perks the banks offer for swiching so this involves 5 bank accounts.Quote from the interviewer ( you have to prove to dwp that at no time i have had more than 10000 it is not for them to prove that ive had more than 10000 ) I have comfirmation from lloyds that the 3 accounts wher 1 current account with a linked savings account after the intro offer finished for savings account that was closed and i would have put funds in my current account 3 months after that closed i opend another savings account that was closed after 3 months. LLoyds insist that it is not possible with there system to provide me with the statements.so i see no point in even trying and possible having to pay for statements for any other accounts that i have had i gave at the interview the latest statements from the 2 accounts i now have. My question is can they do what they say if i dont supply what they are asking for( and they decide i have had over payments without proof ) and say i have to repay money and i appeal against there decision what would happen could they deduct money from my state pension i do not have any other pension i receive lo rate dla and have less than 2 thousand in my bank accounts and have ccs to pay off loans with them i already contribute to my rent and council tax to make the diference up from HB aand Council tax benefit im at my witts end i did tell them at the interview that since 2010 i have had letters from dwp saying they will phone and to have bank details etc for them they asked when i answerd i dont know look on your computer you should have all details of dates etc and have details about the small lump sum payment i received from a pension when i contacted dwp and informed them and again gave bank details etc people say dont worry i cant stop worrying im not sleeping properly not eating properly i just want to give up
  17. I bought a EE PAYGO simcard this week, topped up with £10 on Monday, the next day I rang EE to transfer my existing number with another provider over to EE, which they happly took. Once my number was ported to EE on Tuesday, the next day I saw a better cheaper deal with another network, rang EE on Wednesday to request a PAC code to leave, I was told to ring back today, which I did. I requested a PAC code and was asked how much I had topped up. I told them £10 on Monday, EE said thats not the correct information on their system I explained I bought the simcard, topped up with £10, then the next day I ported my number over to EE. EE said that does not match what they have on their system. I logged into my online EE a/c and saw for 6 Oct/6 Nov 2 amounts of top ups in made in the a/c, which I could never have done (as was not even with EE and only ported my number this week to EE) for over £100 each in Oct/Nov. My available credit was showing as 1pence, after I had used it up to ring EE. How these 2 amounts of £100 plus top ups that were done in Oct/Nov for £100 plus are showing in my a/c I have no idea. Have EE somehow mixed up my data with another customer? I rang EE spoke to a guy, who asked how much I topped up and what card I used, provided the information he tells me, thats not what he can see on his system, I explained I bought the card this week, topped up £10, the next day after topping up I requested a PAC code to leave, was told to ring back after 2 days, which I did. EE guy point blank refused to provide PAC code, told me my a/c had been locked because I 'provided the wrong information', at this stage I was livid, all I was asking for was a PAC code. EE guy told me to go with ID to an EE store and ask them to provide access to my EE a/c, then ring EE again to go through security. I was cut off by the EE guy, rang again, got through to another EE guy who was even more aggressive towards me. I asked to speak to his team leader, who was the same. I explained the situation, the team leader said, the bank statement will not show to which number the £10 top was made to, so that was not valid, when I said I would email it him, after he asked to see it, then changed his mind. I requested the EE team leader listen to the call I made a day before requesting a PAC code, being asked how much I topped up (£10) and by which method, which I correctly answered and was told to ring back the next day (which is today). EE team leader said, you need to show ID at EE store, then ask the store to give access to your account, then ring us and we can try to give your PAC code. I was boiling at this point and refused his request, telling him, why should I take my ID to an EE store when I've only this week, ported my number to EE, topped up £10 and now requesting simply a PAC code to leave. EE team leader said he would not discuss the acc with me, because I provided the wrong information, I asked him how on earth were 2 top ups in Oct/Nov showing in my a/c for over £100 each, when I only topped up £10 this week, then ported my number the next day, then asked for a PAC code to leave EE when I found a cheaper deal. Please please can anyone with experience please help me. That number is over 10 years old and I have no intention to lose it because of a mistake by EE. How on earth are 2 top ups made in Oct/Nov for over £100 each are showing in my acc, when I was not even with EE. think they had made a big mistake somewhere and mixed my details up with some? Please help, I have been crying after the terrible aggresssive attitude of EE and they demanding I take ID to EE store, they were talking to me like I was a criminal:sad: EE have refused point blank to discuss my a/c and even explain how on earth those 2 top ups for over £100 in Oct/Nov are showing in my a/c, they talked to me like I was a criminal, all I called for was a PAC code, I provided correct information. Could an EE employee I could have spoken to have done this to my acc, to make it look dodgy somehow? Because I asked to leave the same week?
  18. Hi all, I have a long winded situation. I have council tax debt that has gone up to £5,000. This has been going on from more than 8 years from a different house I lived at before moving in to my own house. The council has passed all dealing and account to solicitors who I have had a few email communication with confirming I will be making a £100 monthly payment towards the debt as well as paying £1200 of council tax on my current property yearly. The house is worth £285k today. Three different Charging Orders have been applied to the house for council tax debt as I have tried to keep up with paying for the council tax going forward and also paying for the debt owed from years back. It has been such a challenge as the type of work I do is contracts which is not too regular. I am currently not working, I have three children with the youngest a year old and oldest 8 years old. My Partner works part time. I have just had this bulky document come through the post. They are court papers. The Council are taking me to court to push for a sale of my house I live in to recover 5k of the money owed. This is very distressful and annoying to say the least. I have offered to be paying £100 towards the debt, who refused it contending that their client - the council - are not accepting this as it will take too long to pay off the money owed. The court date is for the 18th of October next month in the meantime, there is a job I am scheduled to commence on the 2nd of October too which will enable me make some bigger payment towards the debt. The issue now is, legally, where do I stand and how do I contest this as it stands. I have evidence of all the payments I have made so far and email correspondence What advice and how do I proceed, it can not be just and equitable to push for a sale of a house worth £285k over a 5k debt with children in the house!! I am not disputing the money owed either, I just need more time to come up with some of the money. I am not in receipt of any benefit from the state either. I await your responses and thanks in advance all.
  19. Hello All, I used moneybarn to purchase a car for 7k, over 39 months equaling 10.5k all together. I am paying £280 a month, I currently have one month arrears from about 3 months ago that im paying back in a payment plan of an additional £50 per month. Around £200 left in that arrears, my payment is due again tomorrow however and I am struggling to afford it. I am not 1/3 through my agreement, however I am wanting to VT my car and only be liable for the 50% which will be roughly 5.3k and ive paid around 2.3k minus arrears, so il be about negative 3000. If I send a VT notice today, will this work? Also regarding the remaining 3k will I be able to make a payment plan for this? I currently use a debt management plan so could I add this to that? Or are they going to hound me to go to court and all sorts of silly things? Please help?
  20. Hello I was put at risk of redundancy , the letter said they would consider volunteers but no guarantee, was intending to leave later in the year i volunteered . had a one to one with the director and said i was interested , have worked there for over 10 years so the payout was considerable and would help with my new venture . The request was refused. There are 2 positions and 4 people , have un offically been told one of the roles is mine even though i said dont want it, was un offically told they want me to take the job as if i dont they will be forced to give it to one of the people they want to get rid of . have a very good relationship with the director who said if i stay until all the dust settles he will try let me leave before the 3 months notice is up maybe 2-3 weeks early but this wont help me much . The whole thing stinks tbh why offer someone a job who has told you they're intending to leave , also i will have to put in my notice during the 45 day redundancy consultancy period and not sure how that would work . i have not spoken to HR yet as this will cause issues but im seriously considering going to Hr . Need some advice please asap . Thanks
  21. With warmer weather coming along, I thought I'd remind people of a method that works well and doesn't cost much. If you have a fan that can be used on a table or on the floor, you just need a plastic water bottle, maybe more than one, of about 1 litre capacity. Freeze the bottle of water and when you need to cool down, put one in front of the fan so the air blows towards you and is cooled by the frozen bottle. Make sure you put the bottle in something that will catch the condensation or you'll end up with a pool of water underneath. It works and it's cheap. HB
  22. Hi, I paid off my QQ loan(finally)not that long ago. However, I had been stuck with it for about five years (taken out in Nov 2010)- Rolling it over every month as I couldn't pay all of the balance and the interest - I'm sure you know the story. it amounts to in excess of 50 loans (it rolled over every month for years). I was overdrawn at the time and struggling to pay other things so desperation set in and I took out the initial loan. I don't think they should have kept lending, clearly I was pulling up as new loan to pay off the old and in the end I think I've paid in excess of £11,000 in interest for what started life as a £400 over 30 day loan. I think that's excessive and pretty much loan sharking so I would like it back. I've still got access to the account so have screen shot the vast list of loans but have also asked them for a full breakdown. I want to complain to them as soon as possible so wanted to know how to word it. I think the simple fact that I had a loan every month for years makes it obvious I was in trouble but wondered what else I should say to them? I was also overdrawn at the bank at the time I took it out and I'm going to look at my credit report to see if they did a search at that point , either way they would have seen missed payments and defaults. Thank you in advance. M.
  23. 4 weeks ago I had a escape of water from a tank in my loft. I have water damage to every room which will entail complete redecoration, new carpets, new electrics and a new kitchen. I live in an old council house and they tested the lounge and hall floors for asbestos in the bitumen that covers those floors ( under the carpets) but up to the edge of the kitchen units there was a tiled floor ( that we installed some years ago ). They did not test this but once the kitchen units were removed it exposed more of the bare bitumen floor. I asked for it to be tested but it was not deemed necessary. Now they intend to seal the lounge and hall floors and seal the exposed parts of the kitchen floor. Do you think it is unreasonable of me to expect the whole kitchen floor to be replaced? Bearing in mind they are taking up the old marley tiles from under the carpets in the lounge.
  24. Hi please can someone help me. I was awarded a suspended eviction order on 9th November 2009. Whereby the judge ordered if I had to go again I had to go before him and He would basically chuck us out (due to me being there previously) That was dated until November 2010 - Will this be relevent now. Mortgage is with Santander. I have fell behind a few times since just before xmas, but ALWAYS made it up. I am up to date with my payments. And dont owe anything til end of September. My arrears currently stand at £856.71 I have been away on holiday, and come back to a Warrent for the possession of property. Eviction will take place at 28th August at 10.20am. Santander, phoned me in on 20th July - My payments where up to date. Requested I went through a income expenditure with them - right there and then on the phone. I was at work and requested they put the forms in the post. I promptly filled them in and posted them back. Santander say today that because they didnt get them & I defaulted on court agreement they either want the Full £856.71 or the House. Please help me Please help 1 small child and a pretend teenager. Reading through some of the other threads, people have been evicted for being up to date. Really starting to panic Forgot to say I do work, and can pay the mortgage. Just messed my money up a few times this year. But It was payed as soon as, And I am up to date
  25. Many are concerned with how British society is changing. Whether our area of concern is governments program of austerity, cuts to disability benefits, the renewal of trident, tax avoidance/evasion, brexit, the annihilation of the NHS as we knew it, with allegations of government plans to privatise our NHS, media bias, climate change, or any other concern, attack, insult, demean, demonise and discredit "the enemy" (those who do not agree with every word we say) seems to be the order of the day. We call ourselves a democratic nation, but a single episode of PM's questions would bring that allegation into question, as our "upstanding pillars of society" MP's, pass their insults, attacks and vile behaviour at fellow "honourable members". The recent in/out referendum brought out the very worst in British politics with insults galore, lies, false claims and promises being order of the day. Our so called "free press", regardless of which side of the argument their paymasters supported were equal in spreading utter fearporn and confusion among the British people. We are quick to point the finger of blame at government, often with good cause, but somehow conveniently forget that it was we collectively whom time and again have elected our politicians to their positions of privilege and power, where we have enabled them to make decisions on our behalf and continue to fail to hold them account for the decisions they make. Somehow, we have as yet failed to recognise that our seemingly preferred approach of attack, insult and discredit "the opposition" achieves nothing useful, nor do the utterly pointless petitions on the .gov website, which even at best, will only achieve a debate in the House of Commons What we continue to fail to consider, is surely the fundamental question of "What kind of society, do we want to live in? If Britain is a democratic nation, surely we the people have a right to consider and express our opinions on this question, without the insults and other vile, degrading and wholly undemocratic tactics?
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