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Found 5 results

  1. As there are so many people with different medical conditions especially those that are advised to carry a Medical Alert with them CAG thought this would be of use to our users. Please bear in mind that Team at CAG has spent some time designing this Medical Alert Wallet card Template for your use completely FREE. Before Printing please check your printer settings: Page Scaling / Handling / Sizing Setting Ensure your printer is NOT set to - "Expand to fill Printable Area" (If you leave it on this it will print out as an A4 Page which you dont want) Ensure the Page Scaling / Handling / Setting is set to - NONE / Acutal Size (Check your printer properties before printing as each printers settings are different) To Fill in Form To fill in the Form rather that trying to fill it in upside down just go to your PDF Programs VIEW setting and simply "Rotate Page Clockwise" until it is at the correct level and complete. To SAVE your completed PDF WARNING DO NOT just click SAVE otherwise you will save a Blank PDF and lose all the information you have just typed do the following: 1. Click on FILE and select SAVE AS 2. Select where you want to save PDF 3. Importantly Rename the PDF from original name 4. Click Done You have just saved your information in that PDF. Remember to save your work before closing and to keep it regularly updated. Medical Alert Wallet Card Template with Form Fields ----------.pdf
  2. The round pound £1.00 ceases to be legal tender from October 15, 2017. The New £10.00 note featuring Jane Austen will be released from Thursday, 14 September 2017. The Current/old paper notes will cease to be legal tender some time in the spring of 2018. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2017/sep/12/plastic-10-pound-note-jane-austen-enter-circulation-thursday
  3. Hello again seems all my posts are related to motoring I parked in barnet hospital and didn't put the whole of the car number in the ticket machine . I have kept the ticket I wasn''t driving my own car . Now received "charge"asking for drivers details etc How do I progress with this in light of the recent events .
  4. I have been looking for a caravan and came across a seller wanting to use Google Wallet for payment. I have never heard of this before. It seems too good to be true. The only thing that worries me is he wants the money deposited before he will "deliver" the caravan. He says he is in Perth, Scotland and I live in Northamptonshire. I canntn see how he can deliver the caravan all that way at no cost to me. I think this may be a [problem]. Any comments please.
  5. Hi, this is on behalf of my daughter. She's travelling through Africa so doesn't have the means to post herself. She is with a British, ABTA bonded agent travelling with a group where they are all in a truck and camp at night. The usual routine was to leave the majority of her money and cards in the truck's safe and have a small amount plus one card on her. The truck had to go for servicing so unable to store it safely, she had the full contents on her. She went to bed, having left the wallet on the table where she was staying. Obviously it had gone. She has a report from the police. Where she was staying don't want to know and the tour leader has been less than helpful. Do you think she has a case against the tour operator, considering the safe wasn't available? She has lost £760 cash. She had that amount because she didn't know when she might find a bank as these stops only accept cash. The tour lasts three weeks. I had also been out to visit her and had given her my cash before returning home. Any hope do you think?
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