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Found 8 results

  1. Hey CAG, Hopefully someone can help me out with this issue. I just got a court letter issued 27th of June from MMF via Moriarty Law looking for payment from a payday loan taken out in 2011 from wageday advance for just over £400 (The claim was filled with the Northampton County Court). I went online and responded to the claim with an acknowledgement of service, however I can see that I am over the 14 days I had to respond to the initial claim and now I am a little worried that they may have already filled the CCJ. I want to defend the claim as I am 80% sure they took
  2. Hi All, My brother has had 8 loans setup in his name, 4x Wageday Advance and 4x Myjar, my brother suffered a brain hemorrhage about 6 years ago and since then he has found it difficult to read and comprehend things, his daughter is the one who setup the loans, we have proof of this by her making a transfer into his account when the payments are due, unfortunately she has also been found out for other fraud to other family members and the payments for the loans have now stopped, leaving my brother a tidy sum against his name. I have spoken to Wageday Advance
  3. Hi, not looking for advice as i'm following the same format as my QQ and P2P complaints. I just wanted to update the forum. After WDA emailed me and said they noticed I'd borrowed a lot and they would freeze the interest on my current loan and arrange a repayment plan to help me, I thought it was great. After that the hassle started, constant phonecalls including to my work, even after I asked them to remove the number from their records. I put a complaint in about how poor their service was as they had offered something to me, yet started treating me as if I had defaulted. Letters with
  4. Hi, I currently have outstanding loans with all 3 companies, and am in a position to finally pay them. I think I have previously given each company the right to attempt to take the outstanding amount out of my current bank account, but have not had the funds available, which I now will have in a few days or so. I was just wondering what I should be looking to repay (I have had these loans for about a year now so expect the interest to be high), I was just wondering what are the next steps that I should take before paying off the loans. Any help will be appreciated.
  5. I stupidly took a loan out with these in September to help pay with an unexpected bill i thought it would be ok as i was due a cheque in the post which annoyingly bounced therefore i am now stuck. I borrowed £150 off them and am currently out of work so after finding out the cheque bounced i tried to set up the minimum on a payment plan with them but they are not having any of it, they now have added over £150 of charges on to the account and keep telling me i have to prove to them i am out of work etc i have no proof but they will not take my word for it, I am really annoyed they have de
  6. Hi I have a loan with wageday Advance £500 was due on 23rd August. I cancelled my direct debits with the bank as i wanted to negotiate a payment plan. I checked my account on friday and the direct debits went through anyway. Checked with the bank and Wageday had set up a new one which i wasn't aware of. The bank cancelled the direct debit that morning and the money was returned to my account. i have e-mailed wageday advance today to request a payment plan. I have just checked my account and there is £500 been taken out. called the bank who confirmed it was a debit card payment to wag
  7. Hi There, I took out a stupid pay-day loan and couldn't afford to pay it back. Now I cancelled my debit card and my bank manager cancelled the direct debit 2 months ago and all was fine and well. A few days ago I noticed that they had set up a direct debit again and applied for payment of the balance. Am I correct that this is a breach of the direct debit scheme regardless of their terms and conditions? As far as I am aware with other companies if I or my bank cancel the direct debit, the recipient requires my authorisation to set up a new one? Am I right? Are they i
  8. Hi These guys have sent me a letter "Default Notice" stating that I have 14 days to pay them the outstanding balance of £900+ They say this includes charges/fees etc. The original loan would only have been for £300 or so and it has been outstanding since May. Is there anyway I can ask for a breakdown of their charges and should i settle for this balance or should it just be 1 months interest? I am happy to arrange a payment plan with them but I dont really think the balance should be this much?
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