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Found 3 results

  1. DVSA need your help to make GOV.UK simpler, clearer and faster for finding and using publically available information about MOT. To do this, we’re planning a new way of structuring the information on the website. We’d like you to test how easy it will be to use. This is so we can make any changes that are needed before it’s launched. The exercise The short exercise will take between 5 and 10 minutes to do. You’ll be shown headings for 15 short tasks and asked which heading you’d click on. There are no right or wrong answers. Start the survey now
  2. Can anyone help please? My husband and i bought a car from a dealer in Oldham in February. It was advertised on ebay (classified ad) and on the company website and was offered with a new exhaust, full 12 month MOT and 12 month parts and labour warranty. I googled the company to look for any complaints about them and found nothing to worry about. My husband and my Dad went to look at it and were told it wasn't quite ready as the exhaust needed replacing and it hadn't been done yet. It would be re-tested after the job was completed and then we could take it if we wanted it. My husband paid a deposit as it all seemed legitimate on the condition the work was done and the MOT was ok. He went back 2 days later to collect the car and pay the remaining balance and everything seemed fine. There were 2 advisories on the MOT, one for the handbrake and one for the front tyre. Nothing serious and were really pleased. The car was a little noisy with a few knocking sounds but it isn't a new car so we didn't think too much of it. None of us are mechanics and our knowledge is limited. About a week later the brake warning light came on. We put it down to the handbrake and made a note to get the car checked. A week later we had a few family illnesses and we had to postpone the car being checked. To cut a long story short, we thought brake fluid was leaking out of a crack in the reservoir but someone eventually noticed the fluid leaking from somewhere around the back wheel. A week later, we took the car to our usual garage and he did an unofficial MOT and failed it. He gave us a list of defects, said it was very dangerous and should never have passed it's MOT. We immediately phoned the dealer who was very defensive but said she'd pick it up when she could and take it back to the garage (the same one who'd passed it in the MOT) and see 'what was done before it was sold and what was done after'. Nothing, as far as we know, was done after we bought it. We haven't driven it that much! That was last Thursday and she hasn't phoned back. They aren't answering the phone either. We told Trading Standards and VOSA but because it was a few days past the 28 day deadline, VOSA cannot investigate our individual case but have taken all the details and will check the garage. We phoned the number on the warranty and they said the warranty seemed incomplete but even if it was complete, the car would probably be considered not worth fixing as it was only bought for £1000. I've emailed the dealer today and given them 24 hours to reply with some information as to what they are going to do. Can anyone advise further?
  3. Hi to all at the CAG. You guys have been superstars regarding debt advice.... so I decided to run this DVLA & VOSA problem past you as well. All the writing in red below was posted on a popular VW forum (sorry for the swear words in there, but I decided to quote it word for word). As you can imagine...... aircooled owners are in a wee bit of a panic. If these laws are imposed (27 year old laws I might add), you will never see a split screen camper on the road again here in blighty. Thousands of people up and down the country spend hours, not to mention endless money on these cars every year. They are more than a hobby. They support small business up and down the UK as well. You guys are the experts, and if there is a loop hole out there to save us, you will know it I am sure. On behalf of the Uk's VW community...... PLEASE help us! Dont know if any of the UK guys know about the DVLA and VOSA starting to enforce the modified classic vehicle rules... Basically classic vehicles in the uk are judged by the dvla with a points system to ensure the vehicle is not stepping too far from its classic roots. Your vehicle has to score 8 points or more to keep its classic status,if it scores less than 8 it gets its logbook taken away,subjected to a 400 pound BIVA test to be put back on the road. If your vehicle fails and has to take the test,it will be classed as a new vehicle and will have to comply to EU new car regs,such as Collapsible steering column Head restraints flush mounted dash switches Eu stamped glass modern mirrors no hinges protruding so may mm past the body Modern latched door handles etc etc etc. If it passes you bus will be issued a Q plate and you will lose all tax exemption and classic car status. If you get caught you are not given a chance to restore back to stock Right heres where the **** hits the fan A split is classed as a monococgue shell (chassis and shell as one) Here is the scoring system straight off the dvla website Following values will be allocated to the major components used: * chassis or body shell (body and chassis as one unit - monocoque ie direct replacement from the manufacturer) (original or new) = 5 points * suspension = 2 points * axles = 2 points * transmission = 2 points * steering assembly = 2 points * engine = 1 point These are the point awarded to each historic taxed vehicle If you cut any of that shell or chassis rails in any way for modification purposes (Raised steering boxes and irs but restoration is fine) you lose the 5 points this is normally awarded. Modified suspension in any way (dropped spindles) you lose the 2 points normally awarded modified axle (narrowed beams) and straight axle,you lose the 2 points normally awarded modified tranmission (different gear boxes from stock) you lose the 2 point normally awarded modified steering (rack and pinion steering) you lose the 2 points awarded modified engine (any engine other than the stock unit) you lose the1 point awarded Basically if you have a narrowed beam,dropped spindles,irs you are totally ****ed if you get pulled by VOSA or even mot stations,which are now being asked to enforce the 27 year old law. Its all to do with the ****ing EU poking their noses into out classic modified scene. A lot of european countries are very strict on modifying,either having mods tested properly or allowing no mods at all.they are very jealous of our lax modifying rules. The EU are pushing VOSA and the DVLA to start enforcing their own rules properly. The land rover fraternity are already getting hit hard by VOSA after the guy that rolled his landy,killing all his kids happened. He was found to have had some homemade dodgy mods on his landy and vosa have picked up on it.. Heres all the info you need to know,from a site that is well worth joining for updates. The guy that runs it is liasing between modifyers and the DVLA to close up any loop holes and try and help us in some way
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