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Found 4 results

  1. I am trying to replace my rather elderly Volvo estate. At the moment, I have a wheelchair hoist in the boot that lifts up my wheelchair and deposits it into the boot. The hoist is matched to the car, and the wheelchair, and it can be a pain finding a combination that will fit, and obviously, some tailgate openings are just too small. I therefore went to Volvo UK, and asked them for the dimensions of the tailgate opening of each of their estates - I mean, there are only three, and armed with those numbers I can go to the vehicle adaptations place and see whether my current wheelchair is possible, or if, indeed, any wheelchair/hoist combination will go in to the new body shape. Usefully, so far, I have been sent a price list with the boot volume in litres - and when I pointed out that was not what I needed, I was told to go to the local dealership and see whether my wheelchair would fit. I can think of various reasons why I would prefer their customer service to answer the question I asked: 1. They are unlikely to have all 3 estate models in one dealership. 2. They are unlikely to be very pleased at me lifting a large, scratchy, metal chair into the boot of a brand new car. It does scratch the bumper, and make marks on the carpet. 3. They are unlikely to be very pleased at me asking two members of staff to lift it into the cars, three times over. 4. It would still only give me a guess whether there is space for the hoist. 5. It is a long drive. 6. If Volvo UK are so flipping unhelpful now, before they have my money, I suspect that I have no chance afterwards. Reason 6 may yet prove to be the reason that makes the decision for me, despite my having passed my driving test in a Volvo, and always having driven them since. Does anyone have any idea where I could find the information on the actual size of the hole what leads into the back of the car on the 3 Volvo estate cars currently available?
  2. Hi everyone, This is my first time posting on here and I hope you can offer your words of wisdom. I have a 2009 Volvo V50. I've had it since new, bought it from a Volvo dealer. It has done 56,000 miles and has been serviced by the same Volvo dealer I bought it from every year. It was making a rattling noise a couple weeks ago, so I took it back to the dealer and asked them to have a look at it. They made me authorise 10 hours of labour (£££!) to strip down the engine and have come back today and said that the camshaft is disintegrated and that "shards of metal" have been strewn across the entire engine. It needs a completely new engine now at a cost of £6,596.69! The car is currently sitting at the Volvo dealer waiting for my decision as to whether or not to fix it at that price. I have also spoken to Volvo UK who have offered to pay 50% of this bill as a gesture of goodwill . But I really can't afford even 50% of the repair. Although the car is out of warranty because it is over 3 years old, it is still under the warranty mileage of 60,000 and I really don't think this should have happened! My questions are: 1) Do I have a case to try and get Volvo UK to pay more money? If so, how do I get them to pay more towards the repair? I would probably be able to afford up to 25% of the repair but would really like to pay less. 2) Should I go to anyone else for help or assistance? 3) Is it worth complaining to Volvo Sweden? Thank you! Carless in Suffolk
  3. Thought I'd post my recent experience of how it should be done by maufacturers and dealers. I drive a 2008 Volvo C70 which I bought locally from a independant secondhand car dealer in June last year. Recently the boot lid started unlocking itself and you could hear the catch 'cycling' as if I was holding my hand on the button. As it's one of these hard-top convertibles the boot is part of a massively complex mechanism that splits the roof into three bits, stacks them on top of one another and pops it all in the boot, I opted to bite the bullet and take the car to Volvo rather than risk it with a non-specialist. It was booked in and I was offered a really reasonable rate for the first hour's labour (half what they advertise). So I took the car to them, and within 40 minutes they brought my car back around the front of the dealership, gleaming inside and out and with a smile said "it's fine, it was just an error code that needed to be cleared, it's all sorted now" as he handed me the keys and ushered me into the car. I climbed out and went into the service desk to be told it was all FOC and would I like to take a voucher for a half price MOT! I nearly fell off my perch... Thank you Volvo! That's how you get a customer... Needless to say, the good lady wants a new car so we'll be back there at the weekend.
  4. Hi Have a credit card from nationwide going back to 1988 and have sent them a section 78 cca with no success and they have stated no agreement available and sent t & c's which only relate to mid term of the credit card usage. However i have now been advised by moorcroft and nationwide that moorcroft have been asked to collect. Sent moorcroft a letter advising nationwide in default of my cca request and that they return account to nationwide. moorcroft have replied account on hold whilst they contact nationwide VOLVO
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