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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Friends, I have gotten into this trouble with Virgin-Media. My contract was for 18 months and a few days before the end of contract I called them to say that am not interested in continuing. I was able to get to speak to one of the customer care after a long wait and she then wanted to transfer me to yet another team for this. I said I will not wait any longer and as I have informed the customer care , whoever picked-up, it is their internal matter how they process my request. They have now come back with tall bills saying that my disconnection was not done and that I will have to pay for it. My question is (1) If my contract period ends, I am not bound by anything. They say that I will have to give one month notice. Can this be legally correct and bounding on me that my contract will be automatically extended, if I don't give notice? Also I had moved to Sky and the telephone line was being serviced by Sky.
  2. Had grief from Virgin Mobile, with an unhelpful call centre staff member (not for the first time). They want to sell you a new phone, or a larger tarrif, but asking questions about the tarrif isn't what they want, and when I asked for help and followed their instructions : it didn't fix the problem.) I'm in credit with them, which credit runs out in 3 months (it was a PAYG SIM initially, topped up numerous times to get 'free data' the next month, and when it had accumulated a large balance I was never going to use, converted to a pay monthly SIM, to use up the credit balance). [VM suggested the swap to Pay monthly, given the credit balance]. So, I asked to disconnect, on a date in the future, once I've used up almost all of my credit, as one has to give at least 30 days notice. They (customer retentions) declined to take my cancellation request. Whilst I accept I have to give them at least 30 days notice (and 3 months is more than 30 days), they claim they also can't take notice any more than 30 days in advance. "It is the customer's responsibility to call us 30 days before, we can't take notice in advance" (the rep also agreed that if the customer doesn't remember to call exactly 30 days before, they will end up committed for another month's line rental...........) Is this correct? if it is, is it "sharp practice"? The best way forward? Would a letter, stating when I wish to end the contract, (sent by a guaranteed delivery (and signed for) service) work?.
  3. hello all, this may be a long story lol i cancelled ALL my 79 year old mother in laws services from virgin on 31st march (phone and tv). after the 30days cancellation period i cancelled the direct debit. virgin left the phone line on and are still sending bills because the direct dibit failed and is charging late payment fees. i phoned them on 13th may and said theyve made an error and are still billing her , they said they'd stop and sort it - they didnt. just incase they made more errors i sent a letter explaining to head office. no letter/call to acknowledge receipt of the letter i sent. the other day she received a letter saying that bailiffs/court action etc is going to follow unless she pays. ive phoned them 4 times in the last 2 days which has resulted me in coming on these forums because they are just sending me round in circles. ..nothing is getting resolved and on one occasion they just disconnected me. i found out that the error they made was they left the phone line on incase she wanted to 'port' the number (which she didnt) and because of this error this is why they are sending the bill each month and are saying we didnt cancel when we did. headache is an understatement. what can we do except go to court/wait for the bailiffs? what is the procedure? any help is gratefully appreciated.
  4. I have a package with virginmedia which includes ( Talk Evening & Weekends), recently I have noticed that virginmedia charged for some evenings calls, firstly I thought this is a mistake and it can not happen because I have unlimited call. I decided to call virginmedia to clarify why I was charged. Virginmedia replied " I was charged because my calls were over 60 minutes." I said "but I have unlimited calls!" Virginmedia replied "unlimited calls means that you can make as many call as you like, however each call is limited to 60 minutes." 1) My point is why virginmedia don't explain to you what is means by unlimited calls? 2) I can not find in their print where it say " unlimited call is limeted to 60 minutes." Any advice how to complain about virginmedia or anyone had the some problems in the past. So they can stop misleading customers.
  5. I am a user of Virgin Media for my Broadband and have been reasonably pleased until ........ I get a problem. Trying to get help / support is just something Virgin just don't envisage having to do I guess! In the summer my broadband was down for approx 6 days. I rang VirginMedia they say there is no problem - we'll have to send an engineer (must be local) Next day Virgin recognise they have or had a problem and cancel the engineer but the problem still exists. Eventually go thru same route an engineer is booked because there is now no local problem. Next day Virgin recognise they have or had a problem and cancel the engineer but the problem still exists "When each call finishes with "is there anything else we can help you with today.." you just feel like exploding!! Eventually the broadband stared to work again! Well I wrote to Virgin. I receive a standard computer generated reply from Karen Ingham - we'll write to you within 2 weeks. Several weeks later I write again - having had no reply whatsover. I also write to Sir Richard B . Just another standard letter from Karen Ingham and nothing from Sir RB's office. Eventually have another problem - I manage to get someone to resolve. I write to Virgin to thank them for the service received (via the UK call centre) and point out again that I have never received any reply to previous complaint. Just another standard letter from Karen Ingham and nothing from Sir RB's office. Last Friday someone range me, and did understand they had received letters, but could not understand why they hadn't replied - will look into. Don't have any outstanding issue but would like Virgin to realise just how painful there support is and how annoying to a customer
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