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Found 13 results

  1. Hi I am having some issues with Virgin Media and would appreciate some advice. I took out a contract with VM in February of this year when we moved house into rented property. It was an 18 month contract for phone and broadband only. Then in July we were given the opportunity to purchase a property on a government scheme in a new housing development which we did. I had hoped to transfer the contract over but VM said they couldn't supply me in the new property so I would have to cancel the contract but they would charge me £240 for the pleasure of doing that (the remainin
  2. Hi, What do you think I should do? I ordered Business Fibre 152mb broadband in January 2015 Virgin required a £230 deposit which I paid. It is now a year later, hundreds of emails and hours of calls and 6 missed apointments and we seem no closer to an actual installation. Costs initially escalated from £60 for the install to a couple of hundred, and 2 months in I opted for a government Connection Voucher to cover it. Since then they have continued to rise and I've continued to agree to them as they are still less than the grant. Highlights include: a 3 month
  3. No idea how this company is legal. They're [problem] artists at worst and liars at best. I took out a phone contract around the 21st December as a Christmas present. The phone was obviously not used until the 25th and soon developed a fault. We called Virgin Media up about it and they sent us a replacement which took about a week to arrive. Alls well until the new phone develops the SAME fault with the screen. Call up to get another replacement, they refuse and say it's 'not a common issue with the phone' when a quick google search shows it's in fact a very common issue with pages and pag
  4. Hello everyone, In first place sorry for my English (I am foreing). I have tried change my services with Virgin Media to a new property after 6 month with the service. They said me is fine to move, but after they said new autorization from my landlord and neighbour, two flat below mine, one of them empty. My landlord send twice the paperwork and Virgin Media said us, they don´t have any reply. The customer service and process have been a nightmare. After that I have decided cancell, but I have a fee to pay around 130 pounds, I know is not a high fee, but I am really unhappy! bec
  5. I contacted VM in November to ask for a change from their V+ box to a Tivo box as we were on our 4th faulty V+ box. The first person I spoke to was in the Indian call centre. He told me this would be no problem and it would actually mean a substantial reduction on our current package price and we would get to keep our V+ box as a second box, replacing the aging Samsung SD box we had. However, when he said it would cost £25 to have the Tivo box installed, I was put through to Retentions as I felt we shouldn't have to pay this due to all the issues we had had with the V+ boxes. The girl fro
  6. For a couple of weeks now my Virgin 100mb broadband connection has been very intermittent, and much of the time I lose it completely. I often work from home, and run three websites, so I need a reliable service. It turns out that the problem affects my whole area, and is something to do with high noise/low signal. When I first phoned Virgin Media about this fault, I was promised that it would be sorted within two or three days. Well those two or three days went by, and it still wasn't fixed. So I called again, and was told it would be fixed by the 9th, but it wasn't. So I looked
  7. HiI was wondering if anyone can help me with this problem, yesterday (18/01/2012) I woke up to find that all three of my virgin services had been cut off (TV, Telephone and Internet) I phoned them up and they said that there was an over due balance on the account that that it would have to be paid off before they put ll the services back on, to which I told that that I had made the payment on the 09/01/2012. They informed me that I didn't and that it was not showing up on there end. We argued back and forth for awhile before I gave them the card details. Once I had done they they told me a pay
  8. i got a phone call from Virgin Media last week wanting me to upgrade to 30mb. for this i'd pay an extra £4 per month and i'd pay for the new hub [or whatever it's called] but can't remember the price for that. they said something about being on "10mb uplift" so i don't actually get 10mb. wtf? 10mb is what i thought i was paying for! i read something ages ago saying Virgin Media had announced it was offering a free upgrade to all its customers who use 10Mb, up to 20Mb and up to 50Mb services. so how come it's not free? can someone explain all this stuff to me?
  9. When we moved house we got a non cable package. We soon learned that Virgin Media had the wrong address both me and the BT contacted them to have this changed. It took several months and loads of phone calls. For them to change it. They only managed to get it right when I cancelled their service. In the mean time our internet was terrible. It was slower than dial up and would disconnect several times a day. We tried contacted them but we always got the same rubbish answers that the fault was most likely in the house and they don't cover it. They offered speed tests but told us that
  10. I have just got a credit report from Equifax and in the section for linked addresses fro credit agreements is an account from Virgin media at my address which I left in 1996 stating a balance of £39 and "up to date" it shows a start date of 1991 and is still being updated on a monthly basis. I asked Equifax to remove it via their raise a dispute onilne service as the account has been dormant for over 15 years and any debt would be statute barred, this is the response from VM when EQ got in touch. Response (Administrator) 09/03/2011 03.33 PM Portfolio Number:34350542 Please be advis
  11. Last November I obtained a MAC code from Virgin (ADSL) and tried to migrate to BT. BT initially told me that the MAC code from Virgin was invalid, so I called Virgin and obtained a new one over the phone. With that, BT successfully completed the migration and started providing my phone and broadband services. Virgin have not stopped taking money from me by Direct Debit each month. I called to query this and they deny ever having issued the second, valid MAC code. This is due to their policy against keeping records of phone conversations - I learnt my lesson and now only communicate by ema
  12. i set up a direct debit twice and both times it's failed. on my Virgin bill it just says...D.D Denied-No Account i have def' given the correct bank and virgin details, but Virgin don't seem able to take out the money. *september - set up direct debit *5th october - D.D Denied-No Account *on holiday so didn't find out until got paper bill [i usually get E-bills] sometime after the 18th of october [when i got the REMINDER bill] *22nd october - paid balance by PayPoint. *6th november - sent DD form to set up direct debit AGAIN *7th december - D.D Denied-No Account -> i fo
  13. they charge 10 pound if you're late paying your bill. that hasn't happen lots, but i wondered. they charge 5 pound per month if you don't pay by direct debit. i've had those fees since i joined Virgin Media in january 2006. they charge 1.25p per month for receiving a paper bill...instead of just an E-bill. which i have also been charge for since i joined in jan' 2006.
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