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Found 5 results

  1. I have serious problem with my private landlord which is causing me enormous stress I should note I live in Scotland, but the laws are very similar in England. If I start at the beginning. I took this place 6 months ago, I was never given a contract or the landlords address, but I was desperate to find somewhere local to where I worked, so I took it. I know that was a mistake. My rent as always been on time (proved by my bank statements) Apart from the fact I am fairly confident in saying my landlord is not a registered landlord which is illegal and the place does not have an electric certificate which is also illegal. I won’t waffle on why I know this but I am 99.9% sure I am right. My main problem is I lost my job six weeks ago and am awaiting money (dwp) and looking for another job. I am only one month in arrears, but my landlord has told me to leave. Well he has demanded. He has done the following to date. Threated by phone with demands to pay money. Abusive txt messages saying he will come in and take my keys Threated to cut my gas and electric off. When I threatened to report him for harassment, he threatened to come to my home with his friends to ‘discuss the matter’. I really don’t think he wants to ‘discuss the matter’, based on his previous interactions with me, that was a thinly veiled threat of violence. Obviously whether this happens or not is beside the point now he is actually threatening me. I’m scared and I can’t focus on job hunting because I don’t know what is going to happen next. The problem I face is I can’t do anything. I only have his bank details and mobile number he refuses to give me his address (further evidence this is very dodgy) I can’t report him if I don’t know where he lives. All I do is sit here terrified in case the door opens. I know if he comes here and removes my stuff by force I can ring the police. But my biggest fear is if I go to an interview and come back and my stuff is on the streets and the locks are changed. It’s all well and good saying he can’t do this but that doesn’t help me if I am homeless and my stuff is being stolen outside in the street. I’m afraid to leave the house and because I don’t have his address details there is nothing I can do. Please can someone help me, It’s actually not even a month’s rent in arrears. I feel so helpless and terrified.
  2. Hi, am very interested as to how the (4A)the Domestic Violence Crimes & Victims Act was amended to allow access to bailiffs, when the whole ethos of the act was to protect the vulnerable from distress, fear and abuse. Particularly when, most the bailiffs I've come across tend to be proficient at intimidation at best or total thugs at the worst. Am trying to ascertain who sponsored and seconded the amendment and their logic. be grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction. thanks ken h.
  3. Sorry if I've posted in the wrong forum, I'm a new poster and couldn't really see a forum title that matched my problem! CCJ because of domestic violence. Back in 2008 I fled my marital home after years of abuse. All of the bills were in my sole name except Southern Water and although I cancelled these bills, it was done in a hurry with a quick phone call. Unfortunately, I wasn't in a position to check that this was effective and Southern Water didn't cancel my name from the joint bill. I went into a “safe” house and my ex-husband went to jail on firearms charges. As part of my divorce, my name was changed. I have now rebuilt my life in a new town, but my ex, who still lives in our old home, hasn't been paying the Southern Water bills. About 4 years ago Southern Water obtained a CCJ and are now sending me bills at my new “safe” address and have passed this address to debt collectors. Luckily, the bills are in my old name and the account is still joint. I have two concerns, the first is that my ex may find my present address and the second being how do I get Southern Water to stop charging me for something I'm not using? Not too worried about the CCJ, I can't afford credit and I own nothing! But if I could get it to go away, that would be a nice bonus.I'm worried that by writing to Southern Water to explain the situation, I may just be confirming my address and then be “doorstepped” or even that my ex will find my new address. I'm also surprised that after changing my name via deed poll on police advice, debt collectors have still linked my old name with my new address, which is in my new name, perhaps the solicitor didn't perform the change correctly? Thanks for any help or advice you can offer.
  4. Dear all, I will try and keeo this brief and appreciate any help or addvice as I'm unsure where to go or start. I was moving back to Leeds after a short spell with my parents as I'd found a job there, a place to stay and to be with friends and family in the area. It was a single bedroom basement flat advertised on Gumtree at £400 pm. I arranged to view it, handed over a deposit of £450 and offerred a few months rent up front to help things along and sicne the paperwork / tennancy she didn't have right then. This was to be by direct debit and I duely requested bank details. The landlord then went away on holiday, gave me the keys in as I'd handed over that £450 and told me I was free to move things in and move in. She was away for some two weeks and over those two weeks I had no electric, had to borrow "tokens" from other tennants, friends and family had to bring me blankets, duvets, flasks of hot water and cooked meals, it was a total nightmare and everybody was very stressed and upset, it affected me and my partner a great deal. All the while having to put up with noise, music, shouting, screaming and general anti social behaviour from flats above. She still refused to provide bank details despite numerous requests over those two weeks. Upon her return I had to badger her for the tennancy agreement and to take my paperwork, get it signed and be done with it as I was starting to get a bit suspicious. She came shouting and screeming kicking the door one evening about how I was to hand over the money, she doesnt want my paperwork, statements, refrences etc, she wanted my money "now" and no I would not get a receipt. ???? Over the coming days, I had to call the police on nmersous occasions, 999 on three as she had her brother and toher tennants kicking down the door threatening to kill me if I didn't hand over the money now,and how they would so my arse off and I was getting nothing from her ever. I spent a terrifying week, barricaded in the bathrooom, subject to this every night, unabale to eat, sleep or relax, was just awful. I ahd to sneak out of the house when nobody was there to avoud confrontation. Due to all the above, the stress and fear I was alte for work more than once, and as such lost my job, which I was doing well at, and my income. One day after sneaking out when I could a large burly tatooed man crossed the room and threatened to rip my effing head off if I returned there and slice me good. I have since moved out, used what savings I have to find elsewhere and am hoping I can get some help with the rent untill such a time I find work or return to University. I have since found out the previous tennant of the apartment is taking her to court, although I do not know what for. I just need to know where I stand, can and will I get that deposit back as I am deperate for it, what about loss of earning to this point, the abuse, harassment, right to live peacefully, stress etc? It has affected a lot of people. I am havingt o see a councillor as I still find it difficult to relax and sleep. All help and advice appreciated. Phillip
  5. Friend left her marital home in mid-2008, a victim of domestic violence. Her name was changed by the court, (to protect her) at the same time as her divorce was finalized. She is now trying to get a small mortgage, but has been refused on several occasions. On checking her credit rating, we've found that a CCJ has been applied against her previous name and that this is now linked to her new name. This was a bit of a surprise, considering that the court changed her name on all official/government documents! I think she has a good case to overturn the CCJ, because she wasn't at the address given in the CCJ, (even Callcredit have her at a different address before the CCJ was issued!), but how can she (if she can!) unlink the addresses? She is worried that her ex-husband may now be able to discover her new name, he is very violent with convictions for fire-arms offences. Thanks in advance for advice.
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