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Found 7 results

  1. Hi. New here I guess I am here because of the obvious reason, and probably the same reason a lot of people are here. Finished my shift at work today to find a bit of paper stuck to my car. First let me say, I do not intend paying the "fine", no matter what it takes. Here are the basics: Parking Charge Notice Issued by Vinci Park services. Breach code: 04 - Parked upon Double yellow lines/hatched or kerb marked areas A payment of £40 is due within 28 days If payment received within 14 days a reduced charge of £20 will be accepted. I've got an address and an email address on the back if I wish to complain or appeal. I was just about to ring them when I thought better go online first and see what kind of things to say. I have since found a template letter and some general advice to send it as soon as possible, and I've also seen other general advice to just ignore it, and/or wait until they chase it further before sending letters. My situation: I have a staff parking badge in the window. My car was parked in a proper parking bay, but due to the person in the spot behind me having parked half in and half out of the bay which they were in, I had to park a bit out of the bay and my front wheels were in a yellow hash marked area. The yellow hash marked area is not at a junction, it just seems to be there for not much reason at all, and separates an area of staff parking and an area of the nursery drop off point. It also goes round a corner, which is very weird and I've never seen anything like it on a real road. (The nursery is on hospital premises, which I like to park near as I drop my daughter off before work, and it means I can just park there, take her in and go straight to work, instead of going to the drop off, taking her in, and then having to find another space.) People park in these yellow hash areas every day, and I have to say I have parked there once or twice before without a bit of paper appearing stuck to my car. Even today, there was a car at the other end of the yellow box and several cars on some of the double yellow lines, and up on the curb. It is the same every single day at the hospital, which makes it even more weird that this one day I seem to have been singled out..... when I wasn't causing any kind of obstruction, and at least i had attempted to be in a proper parking bay, but just had a part of my car in the yellow box. ( I wouldn't think anything in any part of the yellow box in question would cause an obstruction - it just seems to be there because they had some extra paint or something) So - I have a template letter ready to email them, thanks to the parking cowboys website... Is it indeed best to send/email this straight away? Should I "sign" it? As I have also read admitting who the driver was could be a mistake. In this case- my wife also works at the hospital, and sometimes one of us will take our daughter to nursery, and the other will pick her up and take the car. Is it possible to still send the letter and leave it unsigned, but leaving enough details like car reg etc, and the charge notice ref number? Any other advice on what's best to do would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks
  2. I have had a Parking Charge Notice put on my car. I am going to appeal but do I appeal to Vinci now or wait until Vinci contact the DVLA and then write to me?
  3. parked in a vinci parks multi storey free car park in brighton in a parent and toddler bay.i had a baby seat in the back of my car but no baby as had dropped the mother and child of at asda opposite before I parked.when I returned to my car within the time allowed blam there was a parking charge notice on my screen..i spoke to a security fellow lurking around who told me that cctv must have seen me get out without a child,so then the ticket was given. any advice here appreciated as obviously I was parked without a child and they may have cctv footage. should I appeal or ignore or pay the £35?
  4. Hi, I parked overnight from Sat-Sun in UWIC's Hall Carpark, stupidly, I had no change and friend advised that 'no one pays fines so its all ok' And I got a ticket on 4/5/14 This was from VINCI Park Services UK Ltd; £40 - £16 if paid within 14 days Am I right to believe, from what i have read in another post on here, that all they can claim from me - if i refuse to pay - is the £1 they have lost from me using a space in their almost empty carpark?
  5. They issued a ticket on a car parked on private land without including any appeals procedure. The driver took them to Court and when they failed to turn up the Judge awarded the driver damages of £770 plus £60 costs. I guess Vinci could appeal the decision especially as it might encourage others who have received one of their invalid tickets. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/thousands-parking-fines-could-overturned-2367275
  6. Hi everyone, this is my first ever post in any forum. I have tried to read everything to make sure i am doing it right, forgive any errors and sorry if I have placed in the wrong section. I found this forum because i was reading someone's story concerning Vinci Park (and flashpark) and I really do not want to give money to what appears to be nothing more than a [problem]! Last Sunday I parked my car on a verge beside the road so as to take the dogs for a walk in the local forest. There is a large indent (almost a lay by) off the main tarmac of the road and a gate there giving access to the forest (I did not obstruct the gate in any way) the surface on the ground is probably scalpings. I did look for signs to prohibit parking; but there were only two relating to other matters. On the road itself there was a double yellow line but as I was on the verge and at least 2 metres from the side of the road I assumed I was OK. I returned to the car after about an hour and a half walk with the dogs (they like their weekend walks ) to find a "penalty charge notice" and although it has the Bracknell Forest Council logo on the top, it is issued by Vinci Park Services. I wrote to object that there was no signs prohibiting parking and got a response this morning It reads... "Where there are parking restrictions in place the parking rules apply from the boundary line of the public highway to the centre of the carriageway. The vehicle was parked on the verge and not on private property, therefore the contravention occurred. Please be advised that double yellow lines are nationally recognised and indicate that there is no waiting permitted at any time and that time plates are not required" Should I go ahead and pay the fine which is currently £35.00? I do not like being [problem]med, but if I made a mistake I would rather pay this smaller amount - the alternative is £70 if I delay and then receive a "notice to owner" (possibly from the council) which then gives me right of an independent appeals procedure. From reading past forums I note that they are not able to prove who was driving. Up to now I have been careful not to admit to me being the driver, my wife is the owner of the car. Thank you in advance for any advice.
  7. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?366308-Vinci-Car-Park-Roxburgh-Graham-White&p=3991005#post3991005 dx
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